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Virginians To Rally For Marriage Tuesday Outside Federal Court Of Appeals, Prominent Marriage Defenders To Speak At Bell Tower

Several national marriage leaders will be featured at The Family Foundation’s Stand and Pray for Marriage Rally, Tuesday, May 13 at 9:30 a.m. at the Bell Tower in Capitol Square. There also will be marriage supporters rallying outside the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals building beginning at 9:00 a.m., during the time the case regarding Virginia's Marriage Amendment will be heard by the court. Click here to see the new promotional video for the rally and then please share it. There will be an impressive array of speakers at the Bell Tower rally. They include:

Brian Brown, National Organization for Marriage: Brown has been president of the National Organization for Marriage, the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to the protection of marriage and the faith communities that sustain it, since 2011. Brown is widely regarded as one of the nation's foremost advocates for preserving marriage. Brown led NOM's work in California helping lead that state's marriage amendment passage.

Eric Teetsel, Manhattan Declaration: Teetsel is executive director of the Manhattan Declaration, a "call of Christian conscience" on life, marriage and religious liberty. Founded by Charles W. Colson in 2009, the Manhattan Declaration has been signed by hundreds of prominent Catholic, Orthodox and Evangelical leaders, and more than 540,000 others. Teetsel is responsible for ensuring that the movement continues to inform the public debate over life, marriage, and religious freedom and serve the broader coalition of organizations working on these fundamental issues.

Josh Dugger, Family Research Council Action: Dugger, the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is the executive director of the Family Research Council Action. He was homeschooled and graduated from high school at the age of 16. In 1998, his father was elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives where he served two terms. Following his father's unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate, national media coverage focused on the Duggars' extraordinary family. A decade later the reality series, now called 19 Kids & Counting!, is the longest running reality show on the TLC network.

Dean Nelson, Frederick Douglass Foundation: Nelson is the executive director for the Network of Politically Active Christians and an ordained minister with Wellington Boone Ministries. He is the chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, the former vice president of CareNet, and the former national director of Global Outreach Campus Ministries. He serves on the board of directors for the Providence Foundation and the Virginia Christian Alliance, and is a graduate of the Coverdell Leadership Institute.

Jeff Caruso, Virginia Catholic Conference: Caruso is the founding director of the Virginia Catholic Conference, established by Diocese of Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde and Diocese of Richmond Bishop Francis DiLorenzo, to advance the mutual public policy interests of the commonwealth’s two Catholic dioceses. Originally from Maryland, Mr. Caruso spent two years practicing law in his native state and then more than six years as one of three associate directors at the Maryland Catholic Conference. In January 2005, he became the first executive director of the Virginia Catholic Conference.

Victoria Cobb, The Family Foundation of Virginia: As president of The Family Foundation of Virginia, Cobb is responsible for the leadership and direction of the commonwealth's largest, oldest and most influential pro-family organization. In her role she maintains the vision and mission of the organization while managing all areas of operations. She also serves as the organization's spokesperson and is regularly in demand by the media as a speaker and commentator on family issues. She has been with the pro-family organization since 2000 and has served as president since 2004.

The Family Foundation of Virginia is a non-profit organization whose mission is to apply faith and founding principles to politics and culture. The Family Foundation researches the issues being debated in Richmond and provides analysis and ideas to both citizens and elected officials. The Family Foundation is Virginia’s oldest and largest pro-family public policy organization.

New Video: Stand For Marriage Rally Gaining Momentum

The Stand and Pray for Marriage Rally is right around the corner (click here for details). Watch our new promotional video, please share it, and plan to be in downtown Richmond this Tuesday, May 13, at 8:30 a.m. The appeal for the Virginia Marriage Amendment will be heard that day and we need you to be there to stand with us for God's design for marriage.

 The Stand for Marriage Rally will send an important message the Virginians believe marriage is ordained to be between one man and one woman. 

To make things easier for those outside of Richmond interested in attending, we are providing bus transportation to the rally. If you live in one of the following areas and want a bus ride to the capital for the Stand and Pray for Marriage Rally, click here to reserve a seat.

♦ Winchester (with stops in Warrenton and Fredericksburg)

♦ Harrisonburg (with stops in Staunton and Charlottesville)

♦ Norfolk (with a stop in Newport News/York)

There are also vans leaving from several churches around the state. Here is a partial list with contact information:

♦ Leaving from Bethel Baptist Church in Yorktown at 1004 Yorktown Road and stopping at York River Baptist Church in James City County. Contact: Ann Robeson at 757-719-6787.

♦ Leaving from Lighthouse Free Will Baptist Church, 942 Burks Hill Road in Bedford. Contact: Pastor E. Larry Ross at 540-587-8962.

♦ Leaving from Brookhill Wesleyan Church in Goode. Contact: Janet Robey at 434-401-8852. There is a $10 charge that includes the van ride and breakfast.

If you are driving to Richmond yourself, click here for a map of downtown Richmond parking lots.

A terrific lineup of speakers will address the rally. You don't want to miss this exciting day as we proclaim to Virginia and beyond that marriage matters and God's design of one man and one woman for life is the definition of marriage and cannot be changed. Our speakers include:

Join Brian S. Brown, President of The National Organization for Marriage; Dean Nelson, Chairman of The Frederick Douglass Foundation; Eric Teetsel, Executive Director of The Manhattan Declaration; Josh Duggar, Executive Director of The Family Research Council Action; Jeff Caruso, Executive Director, Virginia Catholic Conference; The Family Foundation's own President, Victoria Cobb; and others as we Stand and Pray for the union of one man and one woman as the definition of marriage. If you are interested in volunteering to help with logistics on the day of the event, please e-mail Marie at

♦ What: Stand and Pray for Marriage Rally

♦ When: Tuesday, May 13, 8:30 a.m.

♦ Where: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1100 East Main Street, Richmond

Board Votes To Delay Adoption Regulations 30 Days, But No Change Is Expected

The Virginia Board of Social Services yesterday voted to delay the implementation of recently approved adoption regulations under the threat of costly litigation from the ACLU and Equality Virginia (see The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot). In a not unexpected decision, the vote will allow for 30 days of additional comment, beginning September 12. As we noted yesterday, however, with Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli opposing the old proposed regulations on several grounds, opponents will only succeed in dragging out the process longer and perhaps set the stage for a legal action challenging Virginia law. In April, the VBSS voted 7-2 to adopt new regulations for Virginia's private adoption services. The regulations approved did not include a proposal that would have discriminated against faith-based adoption agencies by forcing them to adopt children to homosexuals. Despite having nearly two years to make their case through the regulatory process, organizations such as Equality Virginia and the ACLU claimed that the decision to not include the discriminatory language was done so without adequate information (see the AP via

After losing the vote in April, Equality Virginia and the ACLU threatened to sue if they did not get an additional public comment period (see The Richmond Times-Dispatch). During the initial public comment time, more than 1,000 Virginians commented on the proposed regulations, with only around 30 in favor. On average, proposed regulations receive less than two dozen comments.

At yesterday's meeting, a host of representatives from the homosexual lobby spoke in favor of the additional comment period (see Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog). Some of the speakers honestly stated that they believed allowing homosexuals to adopt should take precedence over the religious liberty rights of faith-based organizations.

When the comment period is opened we will encourage you to make your voice heard on this important issue. It is clear that homosexual groups intend to use the additional 30 days to get as much publicity as possible. We must make sure that the Board of Social Services hears from Virginians who believe in religious liberty.

Admin's notes: Family Foundation staff is quoted in every cited link in the post above. Please click those links to read further. In addition, we were cited on the National Organization For Marriage Blog (click here).

Also, Family Foundation Vice President for Policy and Communications Chris Freund was featured in coverage from WTVR/CBS6 in Richmond (immediately below) and on Charlottesville's WVIR/NBC29 (click this link)

30 days more. The homosexual lobby and ACLU couldn't wait to slow down the process. 

What's Natural? NFL Great David Tyree Trips Up Elitist CNN Anchor On Marriage

New York is in the throes of an intense political battle over same-sex marriage. A bill that would legalize it is in that state's senate and it is close to having the votes to pass. Perhaps its biggest hurdle is time — the legislative session is close to over and lawmakers from the Democrat-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo are negotiating ways to end on time. One report suggests the end-of-session agenda does not include the same-sex marriage vote (see the New York Times' City Room blog). While the homosexual lobby is pressing the Senate to redefine marriage (it passed the lower chamber), pro-marriage advocates are asking for a different type of vote — a statewide referendum, which the homosexual lobby adamantly opposes. Why wouldn't they? More than 30 states have put the question to their citizens and all have voted to protect traditional marriage. Even California.

A wild card in the New York debate is David Tyree, a former New York Giants Super Bowl hero and star wide receiver. He taped an interview with the National Organization for Marriage voicing his support for marriage as between a man and a woman. The video has gone viral in a big way, which hasn't pleased the radical left. In it, he articulated an instinctive common sense, grounded in elemental and eternal truth: That marriage is neither a government, nor a man-made creation. That before there were countries or governments, men and women instinctively united to create families and nowhere was anything other than nature's union considered equal. It is a Godly institution ordained on Earth, through nature, a manifestation of the Holy Trinity.

Of course, Mr. Tyree's defense of marriage has upset many of New York's elites and the media who once adored him for a spectacular Super Bowl saving catch for the Giants. (Funny how athletes in favor of same-sex marriage get a pass. See Jemele Hill at Here's how CNN's Kyra Phillips treated him, for example. Odd how she, who can't understand "natural," tried to put words in his mouth then make him out to be Bozo. After Mr. Tyree explained that marriage was ordained for procreation and therefore natural, Ms. Phillips — as were the New England Patriot defenders who covered him on that unforgettable catch — was left dumbfounded, producing a couple of seconds of dead air. Then:

Phillips: I'm still, uhhh, I am still trying to understand what you mean by it (same-sex marriage) not being "natural."

Tyree: I don't understand what's difficult. A man and a woman come together to procreate. A man and a man will never procreate. ...

Phillips: What about infertile couples? Infertile couples have children all the time. Is that natural?

Tyree: How is that? What is that? That has no bearing. That makes no sense. A  man and a woman are still coming together to raise a child which actually paints a nuclear family.

Finally and thankfully! Someone called out an elitist for trying to make traditional values sound backwards when, in fact, those attempting to redefine an ageless institution are those who contrive arguments, believe nonsense and fall back on the non-sequitur. What's natural? Give us a break!

Here's the video that started the "controversy." Better than that is the one following, which took place a capitol news conference yesterday in Albany, where Mr. Tyree spoke with conviction, clarity, courage and grace (see NOM Blog).

A spectacular catch — for traditional marriage supporters in New York . . .

NFL great and Super Bowl hero David Tyree speaks the truth despite the elitist Leftists trying to belittle his adherence to Nature's Truth.