Harry Reid Is One Of The 9 Percent

Shocking, I know, but here is more from the Left Wing Honesty File — as thin as that is. In fact, two in one day pretty much blows open the the file and spills the contents to the ground. But here is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) (see Sharron Angle ad) telling an audience of left-wing "NetRoots" bloggers last week that the health care bill didn't go far enough and that he will ram through a public option (i.e., absolute government control of health care). That makes Harry one of the 9 percent (see Rasmussen Reports poll), along with Pete Stark, who believe the federal government has no limits on its power. Still, I'm not giving Harry too much credit for honesty. He also says in the video below that the public now supports the health care law. Not true, as the Rasmussen poll vividly demonstrates. But when you think the government can do anything, liberties with the truth are a small casualty.

Harry Reid believes in total government control of health care. He believes the public agrees. He probably believes he's in for a good November.  

Mike Pence Update

U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the keynote speaker at our 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala October 9, spoke Friday to the RightOnLine convention, the conservative counter punch to the leftist "NetRoots" online activists. Both conventions were held in Las Vegas over the weekend. Take the time to hear why he is considered one of the leading and most principled conservatives in America today, and a potential presidential candidate. Here is Representative Pence's speech:

A conservative comeback this November? Rep. Mike Pence at RightOnline thinks so. (From AFPhq on Vimeo.)