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Look Who's Joined The Pro-Life Movement

Thanks to the Internet and the tools of the Digital Age, the Secular Left no longer controls messaging. The era of the 6:30 national network broadcast news and the New York Times and Washington Post framing the national discussion are over — in fact, has been for a while. That means the Secular Left's dishonesty, inconsistency and hypocrisy get exposed daily, and done so in ways more illustrative and vivid as to make the point 1,000 times more powerful than a 1,000 words ever could. It's provided the hall in which the pro-life message could resonate and educate, especially with America's youth, who are increasingly pro-life. Please see this as one shining example that demonstrates the Secular Left's love of trees more than unborn babies. Here, thanks to our friends at, is another clever and insightful play of how the Secular Left values "the environment" at the expense of innocent human life:

Photo: Look who else is pro-life!

Save who? This image must confuse the heck out of the pro-abortion side. 

If there's any doubt about the nature of nature, read how a dog befriended a toddler with Down Syndrome (LiveAction Blog). Maybe the Secular Left is on to something. Maybe the animals are smarter than the humans.

"Tebow Bill" In Senate Committee Tomorrow: Urge Support Of Fairness For Homeschoolers

Facing its biggest legislative challenge, not unlike the last-minute, game-on-the-line-drive some young athlete who would benefit from the bill may one day lead, HB 1442, the often-called "Tebow Bill," will be considered tomorrow in the Senate Education and Health Committee. The bill would assist home school students in participating in public school sports and is a top priority for The Family Foundation.

Please click here to see if your senator is on the committee and urge him or her, or other committee members, to vote in favor of HB 1442!

The legislation, patroned by Delegate Rob Bell (R-58, Charlottesville), would break down barriers that prevent home school students from playing public high school sports by prohibiting localities from joining the Virginia High School League, a pseudo-state/private entity that regulates public school sports. Under the provisions of the measure, localities would not be able to contract with VHSL if they don't allow home school students to participate. Half the states in the nation have some type of measure that provides opportunities to home school students to participate in public school sports.

Remarkably, yesterday, even the liberal Washington Post editorial board came out in favor of the "Tebow Bill"! Last year, the New York Times reported on the bill, and quoted school officials in other states who expressed the same fears the VHSL now mimics when their legislatures debated similar legislation. But after the law took affect, they found their fears misplaced. Polling done earlier this session by VCU's Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute showed that nearly two-thirds of Virginians support fairness for home school students in participating in public school sports. This mirrored our own poll, one year ago, done by Mason-Dixon.

Last year, a similar proposal was defeated in Ed and Health by one vote. If you can attend the meeting to show support, please be there promptly at 8:00 a.m. Though the bill could be heard anytime that morning, seating is limited so you want to be there on time! A crowd of supporters, particularly home school families, can make a big difference!

In essence, all we are asking for is a chance for home school kids to try out. This bill doesn't force any home school student to participate in any activity. It simply requires that the Virginia High School League allow home school students to try out for sports teams or public schools can't contract with VHSL. The bill also requires home school students who participate to meet the disciplinary requirements and allows for families to be charged any fees associated with participation. Local school systems could also add requirements.

The children of families who pay taxes that support the local public schools and are part of our communities, continue to be denied the ability to try out for an activity that they are funding for the simple reason that they are home schooled. This discriminatory practice must end.

Opponents such as the VHSL, the Virginia Education Association and the Parent Teacher Association, are doing all that they can to prevent this bill from passing. It's late in the game and your help is needed. Your voice is critical to the success of this bill.

The Pro Choice Crisis?

It's been interesting to watch the pro-choice movement over the years. Admittedly, I wasn't around to do much watching in the 1970s right after Roe v. Wade. However, it appears that the general perspective was that the unborn child, as I would refer to him or her, was considered little more than a blob of tissue pretty much until it was born and wanted. That belief has been shown to be fiction over time as science has proved what I've always known as a matter of my faith — that it's a human being much earlier than that, as in from conception. The first shift in discussing abortion that I recall started with the concept of viability. The earlier a baby could be born and survive, the more folks on all sides had to acknowledge that it must be more than a blob at some point, though defining that particular point was difficult for pro-aborts. Currently, this once-called blob can survive outside the womb at 21 weeks.

To make matters worse for the abortion movement, Time magazine and others started reporting on fetal surgery and how the unborn child would react to stimuli doctors used in the womb. Then GE launched the 4D ultrasound. Now, the non-biased viewer saw things a lot clearer than the black and white skeletal image to which people had grown accustomed.

These scientific advances have caused a change in dialogue (and a change in opinion?). Of late, one mostly hears groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL talk not in terms of who's in the womb, but in terms of the circumstances the woman faces that merit her taking of human life: the pregnant mom is in poverty, a victim of rape, wouldn't be able to complete her education, "health care." These are real situations and not ones to make light of. However, recent news is bringing to light other circumstances that result in abortion — sex selection and extra embryos.

Not long ago we reported on sex selective abortions. While most associate this problem with India or China's one-child policy (something Joe Biden "understands," see Lisa Graas at LiveAction Blog), the use of sex selection is alive and well in the U.S (see New York Times). Unlike the UK and other places where such a practice has been banned, here it is perfectly legal. It can be done through abortion or one can simply fly to Las Vegas and pay $20,000 to choose an embryo by gender to implant through in vitro fertilization. Even if one doesn't choose to implant a specific sex but implants multiple embryos, one can engage in "twin reduction." This is the process whereby IVF clients implant multiple embryos and when they thrive in the womb, the “parents” then choose one embryo to eliminate through abortion. Given two healthy babies, sex selection can be the basis for that decision. After all, according to Gallup, 45 percent of respondents would choose a boy if they could have only one child, a number nearly double those choosing a girl (27 percent cited no preference).

Couple this practice with recent news of a 95-percent-plus accurate blood test that determines the sex of an unborn child at seven weeks (at least seven-13 weeks earlier than the oft-used ultrasound method, see, and you see where this is leading. Much like the 4D ultrasound, used only for high-risk pregnancies but available commercially, some in the medical community use this blood test to detect sex-related genetic disorders, but it also is available for purchase by customers of all stripes. In a largely meaningless gesture, the primary seller of the kit, Consumer Genetics, Inc., does require an agreement from purchasers stating that the purpose of testing is not sex selection before it processes the results.

Both "twin reduction" and "sex selection" do appear to be causing some heartburn among "pro-choicers (see William Saletan at the movement was focused on a blob of tissue, no discussion of motivation was necessary. Since scientific advances have forced proponents of abortion to turn the discussion into a balance between the needs of the mother and the value of the unborn child, motivation becomes relevant. Is abortion acceptable under any and all circumstances? Should someone be able to create a child, implant it and then choose to extinguish its perfectly healthy life as a result of it being one more than was intended? Doesn't the fact that they consciously attempt to create a child prove it is a life? Is it acceptable to society that a woman may choose to get pregnant as frequently as she chooses and abort any number of times to get the desired "boy" result on the seven week blood test?

Interestingly enough, we may have discovered a point where feminism contradicts itself. Can feminism hold onto the view that a woman has a "right to choose" in all circumstances, even if it results in legalized inequality between sexes in the womb?

While this blood test tragically may increase abortion, it has potential fatal ramification for the "pro-choice" movement: This once-called blob of tissue now not only has a discernable heartbeat at six weeks, its sex can be determined at seven. Those defending abortion on demand continue to run headlong into the great words of Dr. Suess: "A person's a person, no matter how small."

What’s Next for Same-Sex Marriage Advocates?

Proponents of same-sex marriage are quick to claim that all they want is "marriage equality." Nothing more. They’ll be content if they can just have "equality." But we all know that reality doesn't end there. In recent weeks, same-sex advocates have finally begun to admit it themselves. Published only days ago in a New York Times piece, Stanford Law Professor Ralph Banks, asks:

What now of the two remaining criminal prohibitions of intimate relationships: incest and polygamy? Even as same sex ... relationships are accepted, Americans are now imprisoned for incest and polygamy. ... Over time, our moral assessments of these practices will shift. … Should a state be permitted to imprison two cousins because they have sex or attempt to marry? Should a man and two wives be permitted to live together as a family when they assert that their religious convictions lead them to do so?

Just the rantings of a left-wing professor? No. Professor Banks' words actually have proven to be prophetic (see ADF's Jordan Lorence at the Christian Post blog, here). Just days after the governor of New York signed its same-sex marriage bill into law, a man in Utah, along with his four wives, were inspired to file a lawsuit challenging Utah's polygamy ban, stating, "We only wish to live our private lives according to our beliefs."

Just equality, right?

Homosexual rights advocate Dan Savage goes even further and continues the marriage muddling, arguing, "We aren’t wired for monogamy." He tells the New York Times magazine that America needs a more "realistic" view of marriage and that it's the LGBT community's responsibility to bring "open relationships" to the definition of marriage — to create an environment that's "more forgiving of the occasional affair." Savage's "It Gets Better" homosexuality campaign targets children and teenagers and is promoted by homosexual groups as an "anti-bullying" project to be used by public schools.

John Corvine, professor at Wayne State University, is heading in the same direction as Professor Banks and Mr. Savage. Reflecting on the same-sex marriage debate in New York, Professor Corvine writes:

It’s worth remembering that polygamy is quite "traditional," even biblical. It is no more logically connected to one side of this debate than the other. The truth is that New York granted same-sex couples marriage rights not because of a radical idea, but because of an old-fashioned one: when two individuals commit to a lifetime of mutual love and care, it's good to support them — or at least get out of their way.

When we stray from the God-given confines of marriage, where do we draw the line? How is it fair to term one meandering relationship "recognized" without validating the other variations? Where does it end?

Same-sex advocates have no intention of declaring victory in New York and calling it quits. The goal is not to advance "equality." The goal is to redefine marriage until existing sexual norms are no longer in existence. Counterfeit forms of marriage cheapen and undermine real marriage. The union of a man and a woman in a committed marriage is the foundation of a stable society. Traditional marriage and family are too important for society to experiment with to advance a political agenda.

Social science and history concur: men, women and children are more likely to succeed emotionally, financially, and educationally within a two-parent, mother-father, married family. Marriage, properly defined, matters. Regardless of the agenda of left-wing advocates, The Family Foundation will continue to fight to protect the definitions and institutions of marriage and family in our Commonwealth.

What's Natural? NFL Great David Tyree Trips Up Elitist CNN Anchor On Marriage

New York is in the throes of an intense political battle over same-sex marriage. A bill that would legalize it is in that state's senate and it is close to having the votes to pass. Perhaps its biggest hurdle is time — the legislative session is close to over and lawmakers from the Democrat-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo are negotiating ways to end on time. One report suggests the end-of-session agenda does not include the same-sex marriage vote (see the New York Times' City Room blog). While the homosexual lobby is pressing the Senate to redefine marriage (it passed the lower chamber), pro-marriage advocates are asking for a different type of vote — a statewide referendum, which the homosexual lobby adamantly opposes. Why wouldn't they? More than 30 states have put the question to their citizens and all have voted to protect traditional marriage. Even California.

A wild card in the New York debate is David Tyree, a former New York Giants Super Bowl hero and star wide receiver. He taped an interview with the National Organization for Marriage voicing his support for marriage as between a man and a woman. The video has gone viral in a big way, which hasn't pleased the radical left. In it, he articulated an instinctive common sense, grounded in elemental and eternal truth: That marriage is neither a government, nor a man-made creation. That before there were countries or governments, men and women instinctively united to create families and nowhere was anything other than nature's union considered equal. It is a Godly institution ordained on Earth, through nature, a manifestation of the Holy Trinity.

Of course, Mr. Tyree's defense of marriage has upset many of New York's elites and the media who once adored him for a spectacular Super Bowl saving catch for the Giants. (Funny how athletes in favor of same-sex marriage get a pass. See Jemele Hill at Here's how CNN's Kyra Phillips treated him, for example. Odd how she, who can't understand "natural," tried to put words in his mouth then make him out to be Bozo. After Mr. Tyree explained that marriage was ordained for procreation and therefore natural, Ms. Phillips — as were the New England Patriot defenders who covered him on that unforgettable catch — was left dumbfounded, producing a couple of seconds of dead air. Then:

Phillips: I'm still, uhhh, I am still trying to understand what you mean by it (same-sex marriage) not being "natural."

Tyree: I don't understand what's difficult. A man and a woman come together to procreate. A man and a man will never procreate. ...

Phillips: What about infertile couples? Infertile couples have children all the time. Is that natural?

Tyree: How is that? What is that? That has no bearing. That makes no sense. A  man and a woman are still coming together to raise a child which actually paints a nuclear family.

Finally and thankfully! Someone called out an elitist for trying to make traditional values sound backwards when, in fact, those attempting to redefine an ageless institution are those who contrive arguments, believe nonsense and fall back on the non-sequitur. What's natural? Give us a break!

Here's the video that started the "controversy." Better than that is the one following, which took place a capitol news conference yesterday in Albany, where Mr. Tyree spoke with conviction, clarity, courage and grace (see NOM Blog).

A spectacular catch — for traditional marriage supporters in New York . . .

NFL great and Super Bowl hero David Tyree speaks the truth despite the elitist Leftists trying to belittle his adherence to Nature's Truth.

Valley Family Forum "Salute To The Family" Is Tomorrow Night With Keynote Speaker Bishop E.W. Jackson

If you haven’t reserved your seat for this Friday's Valley Family Forum "Salute to the Family," with special guest Bishop E. W. Jackson, time is running out. If you live or work in the Shenandoah Valleyare within driving range, or just want to make a night of it, we hope you will join us at this wonderful event. The program begins at 6:30 Friday, May 13, at the James Madison University Festival Conference and Student Center in Harrisonburg. This year's theme is "A Celebration of God and Country."

Bishop Jackson is founder and Chairman of S.T.A.N.D., a national organization dedicated to restoring America's Judeo-Christian heritage and to preserving our Christian faith and values, and Exodus Faith Ministries, based in Chesapeake. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker, combining immense intellect and passion, whom no one forgets after hearing. He is an ex-Marine, Harvard Law School educated attorney, and frequent guest on the national media programs, including those on ABC, FOX News and NPR. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post have covered him and he's even braved the liberals on MSNBC. Bishop Jackson also is the former chaplain at Boston Red Sox Services and for The Family Foundation.

The evening will include special music by The Faithful Men, plus the annual Wilberforce Award presentation. Tickets are $25 per person or $200 for a table of eight. For reservations, e-mail or call 540-438-8966. The Valley Family Forum is a grassroots chapter of The Family Foundation.

* This event is to benefit The Valley Family Forum and The Family Foundation and is not a campaign fundraiser for Bishop Jackson. Titles, party affiliations and references to elected offices sought are listed for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by The Family Foundation.

Bishop E.W. Jackson To Headline Valley Family Forum’s 10th Annual “Salute To The Family”

Here's another reminder of the Valley Family Forum's 10th annual Shenandoah Valley "Salute to the Family," with special guest Bishop E. W. Jackson. If you live in the Valley, or even outside of it, this is a terrific event that has gained a prominent spot on the political calendar each year. So, we hope you can join us in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, on Friday, May 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the outstanding James Madison University Festival Conference and Student Center in Harrisonburg. This year's theme is "A Celebration of God and Country." Bishop Jackson is founder and Chairman of S.T.A.N.D., a national organization dedicated to restoring America's Judeo-Christian heritage and to preserving our Christian faith and values, and Exodus Faith Ministries, based in Chesapeake. He is an ex-Marine, Harvard Law School graduate, acclaimed speaker, and frequent guest on national television and radio, including ABC, MSNBC, FOX News and NPR. He has been written about in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Bishop Jackson also is the former chaplain of the Boston Red Sox and for The Family Foundation.

The evening will include special music is by The Faithful Men, plus the annual Wilberforce Award presentation. Tickets are $25 per person, or $200 for a table of eight. For reservations, write to or call (540) 438-8966. The Valley Family Forum is a grassroots chapter of The Family Foundation.

Note: This event is to benefit The Valley Family Forum and is not a campaign fundraiser for Bishop Jackson. Titles, party affiliations and references to elected offices sought are listed for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by The Valley Family Forum or The Family Foundation.

Left Wing Economist Guru Krugman Admits To Death Panels In Obamacare; Amanpour's Reaction Sustains His Truth!

When conservatives, such as Sarah Palin, first brought up the fact that the health care legislation in Congress at the time, and eventually passed, included death panels, the Left threw a hissy fit (see Saul Relative at Yahoo! as an example). Her statement was called, "Lie of the Year," among many other unflattering things. So, where's the Left's outrage at economist Paul Krugman?  Mr. Krugman is the leading voice in America for government intervention in the economy. Liberals revere him and has won a Nobel Prize for economics. He writes frequently in the New York Times, where he deviates from economics to thrash conservatives, adding to his prominence among the ruling class elites who think they know everything and that they must control your decisions through an increasingly larger government. We he speaks and writes, the Left — activists and those in government — take heed.

Last weekend, on ABC's This Week, Mr. Krugman went well beyond what Governor Palin said about Obamacare — and it wasn't the first time either. Not only did he adamantly claim there were death panels, he was proud of it! He said the "death panels" — his term — will save the government money (see by denying and choosing which treatments will be funded (not to mention his call for a behemoth new national sales, or "VAT," tax). So, the hyper left should be furious at Mr. Krugman. Either he let the cat out of the bag, exposing Obamacare advocates as the real liars, or, if they truly believe there are no death panels, they should impale his intelligence as they did (and still do) to Governor Palin (see Ethel Fenig at American Thinker). 

Hear it all for yourself. The first video is from last weekend. But, remarkably, without much notice, he said the same thing in the spring without much attention paid to it. But don't believe me: Check the shock on liberal host Christiane Amanpour's face in the first video. A facial expression is worth more than a 1,000 blog posts.

 Krugman: Endorse the "Death Panels!" Amanpour: Darn it Paul, you're giving it away!

 Krugman: "Death Panels" will save money and make "binding judgements" on treatment!

Historic Elections: But Why?

The results of yesterday's elections are historic in many obvious ways. Unlike 1994, Virginians participated in making that history by turning over three liberal incumbent members of the House of Representatives (see Washington Post), including a 28-year veteran previoulsy thought unbeatable, someone who hadn't had a competitive race in years. So we congratulate three friends of The Family Foundation who won their races yesterday and are on their way to Congress:

» Congressman-elect Morgan Griffith (Newsweek's The Gaggle blog), a 100 percent TFF voter as a member of the House of Delegates;

» Congressman-elect Robert Hurt (Danville Register & Bee), a 91 percent TFF voter as a member of the Virginia Senate; and

» Congressman-elect Scott Rigell (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot), a donor to our organization.

In the 11th district, liberal incumbent Gerry Connolly has a narrow lead over conservative challenger Keith Fimian, a vote likely to be recounted (Wall Street Journal Washington Wire blog). Pending that outcome, eight of Virginia's 11 Representatives are Republican. We were pleased to participate in the voter education and get-out-the-vote efforts in these districts. Some of you may have received our GOTV phone calls over the weekend.

In some ways, though, the elections went beyond politics. While the national and state media focus on Congressional outcomes, something happened a bit below the surface that is even more historic — and perhaps longer term.

For example, at least 19 state legislative bodies, including those in Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio flipped partisan control to Republicans (John Hood at National Review's The Corner blog and Ryan Beckwith at CQ Politics' The Eye blog). In fact, the North Carolina Legislature is Republican for the first time since 1870. The Alabama legislature is Republican for the first time since 1876.

I don't tell you that to trumpet Republicans, but because our sister family policy council organizations inform us that many of those elected yesterday support pro-family policies. These organizations ran campaigns similar to our Winning Matters 2009 program and saw pro-life, pro-family candidates win across the board. More important than simply electing people of one particular party, citizens in these states elected pro-family conservatives.

Possibly more telling, voters in Iowa defeated three Supreme Court judges instrumental in imposing homosexual marriage on that state against the will of the people via judicial fiat (New York Times). It is the first time since judges have been on the ballot in Iowa (1962) that they have been defeated on Election Day. Once again, when the issue of marriage is put to the people, traditional marriage wins.

Now, the question is, will the message sent by the voters yesterday carry over into next year's crucial Virginia Senate elections? Will party leaders get the message that motivates voters and give us candidates that are unapologetically pro-life and pro-family? Will Virginia follow the lead of other states that brought wholesale change to their legislatures? Will party leaders endorse incumbents for the sake of "party unity" or listen to the voters? Time will tell if they truly got the message.

Whistle Blowers Reveal Planned Parenthood's Fraud In California

Remember how Al Capone finally was convicted and sent to prison? It wasn't for the numerous murders and other crimes he committed. Shrewdly able to intimidate witnesses and otherwise cover-up and destroy evidence, he was the Teflon Don 1.0. But he finally went down when the feds stuck him on financial fraud, tax evasion and that sort of thing. Who would've thunk it . . . accountants brought down Big Al. Now, Planned Parenthood in California is under the microscope, not for covering up statutory rape, unsafe abortion center conditions, unethical counseling, skirting parental consent laws and mis-dating the unborn child so as to perform an abortion in its center rather than in a hospital, among other illegal and unethical practices — but, rather, for financial fraud. Two former employees, including the California affiliates' former chief financial officer, have come forward, alleging millions of dollars of overbilling the California government.

The state government has launched audits of 10 of the California Planned Parenthood affiliates, although only one seems to be cooperating. That one, in San Diego, overbilled state government more than $5.2 million. The former CFO, Victor Gonzalez, claims the other audits were stopped cold when powerful Planned Parenthood lobbyists blocked them. Can't let but so much of the truth get out, of course.

One example of the malfeasance: Gonzalez says PP paid $225,695.65 for Ortho Tri-Cyclen birth control pills, yet billed the government $918,084 — a profit of $692,388.35.

Mr. Gonzalez says he was fired after he revealed the over billing internally and has taken legal action. Planned Parenthood tried to get the case dismissed, but the nation's most liberal court of appeal, the Ninth U.S. Circuit, refused to go along. The lawyer for Mr. Gonzalez says the case may take years to unwind and that there is "ACORN-like corruption" and advises federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to de-fund Planned Parenthood of any taxpayer money. The most recent figures estimate that Planned Parenthood received $349.6 million dollars in federal government grants and contracts for fiscal year 2008.

But that's not all. According to Shannon Bream of Fox News:

Government audits of Planned Parenthood affiliates in New Jersey and have uncovered similar billing discrepancies. In addition, a second California whistleblower claim alleging improper ties between Planned Parenthood and its political arm has reportedly launched an investigation by the criminal division of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the New York Times.

We all know what happened to ACORN. It met a Capone-like fate itself. Could this be the first tug of the support beam that holds up Planned Parenthood? Sound impossible? Capone thought he was untouchable, too.

The New Abortion Providers

Who knew abortion was such a pleasant experience? From the July 12 New York Times, a feature on "The New Abortion Providers" glows as if these people are modern versions of Florence Nightingale:

After Roe, the shadow of the greedy, butchering "abortionist" continued to hover, and many doctors didn't want to stand in it. As mainstream medicine backed away, feminist activists stepped in. They set up stand-alone clinics to care for women in their moments of crisis. In many ways, the clinics were a rebel-sister success story. Instead of a sterile and expensive hospital operating room, patients could go to a low-cost clinic with pastel walls and sympathetic staff members. At a Planned Parenthood I visited recently in Rochester, while women were having abortions, they could look at photos of a Caribbean beach, taped above them on the ceiling.

I guess when an organization constantly gets exposed (see latest video from for unethical behavior and horrible conditions, it needs a little puffery from the liberal media. There is an interesting sentence in the article, though:

The American Medical Association did not maintain standards of care for the procedure.

This is something we come up against every year during the General Assembly in our work to get abortion centers regulated just as every other medical facility must be. This past session, the pro-abortion lobby finally came up with standards it says its abortion centers follow, based on recommendations from its own association of abortionists. New, indeed.

There's much to take from the long article but here's the gist, as from this paragraph:

This abortion-rights campaign, led by physicians themselves, is trying to recast doctors, changing them from a weak link of abortion to a strong one. Its leaders have built residency programs and fellowships at university hospitals, with the hope that, eventually, more and more doctors will use their training to bring abortion into their practices. The bold idea at the heart of this effort is to integrate abortion so that it’s a seamless part of health care for women — embraced rather than shunned. (Emphasis added.) 

So much for "safe, legal and rare." The abortion movement is nothing short of a full-frontal effort to encourage abortions at all cost. Rather, than, as NARAL and Planned Parenthood proclaim, that they are for choice and aim to provide options and overall women's health care, their intentions are to create the acceptance of, and markets for, the killing of the innocent unborn for their own profit and other nefarious reasons.

Have We Found Him? (A New, Unapologetic Conservative Leader That Is)

As faithful readers of our blog know, I've been looking for an elected conservative with the courage of conservative European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan, who's public dress down of then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown became an international sensation (despite the  international Mainstream Media's inattention). It went viral in a big way and precipitated the fall of Brown's government last week to the Conservative Party (New York Times). Mr. Hannan  does not shy away from his conservative principles and proudly articulates them to anyone and everyone, here or there, in any situation.  Where is the American version? The one who won't cower when the media tries to belittle him (or her), who won't seek the David Brooks squishy center so he can be liked (see Michelle Malkin), who isn't afraid leftist attacks will hurt perceptions of him, who instead fires back with the truth? I like Colonel Allen West, who ran for Congress two years ago and lost and is trying again this year. But he's still not elected.

This week we may have found him. Although our own governor, Bob McDonnell, received most of the attention during the 2009 election cycle, it looks like it's the other new governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, who's taking the liberals to task and unapologetically sticking up for conservative values and principles. Faced with his predecessor's unimaginable fiscal mess, he's not placing blame (unlike President Obama), but is fixing the problems the way he was overwhelmingly elected to do. Fulfilling campaign promises. How refreshing.

The video below, much like Mr. Hannan's, was barely reported, but is a huge Internet splash. It — and his early budget cutting, government and education reforms, and unwillingness to absorb liberal mischaracterization — is propelling Governor Christie into the presidential contender ranks (Jakila The Hun Blog/Motley Fool). 

Here is Governor Christie's reply to an arrogant Mainstream Media type's question at a news conference earlier this week. He proudly draws the unfiltered distinction between himself and his opponents, illustrates liberal hypocrisy and media double-standards. Something to behold and enjoy!

Governor Christie: We're sent here to argue for our ideas and govern! That's what I'm doing.

Virginia News Stand: April 28, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Cultural Conservatism's Comeback (Or Was It Ever Really Dead?)

Who said cultural conservatism is dead? In Virginia last week, there was bipartisan support to end taxpayer funding of elective abortion and within the last 24 hours two major blows for traditional values — and constitutional law — occurred. Yesterday, the Oklahoma Senate joined with the House there in a bipartisan vote to override Democrat Governor Brad Henry's veto of an informed consent bill which would requires women seeking abortions to see an ultrasound of her baby and receive certain information, not terribly different than a bill we have advocated for in the General Assembly the last several years. (There is always hope!) Then, earlier today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a memorial Cross on federal land in the Mojave Desert can stay, reversing a lower court ruling.

But was cultural conservatism dead? Hard to believe that when each state that has voted on a Marriage Amendment has passed it. The truth is that there are certain truths in life and embedded in the constitution. Only when they are purposefully misinterpreted and laws misapplied to achieve agenda goals are they ever defeated. But defeat is not death. Values endure. We've seen that in the last 24 hours.


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The Return of 'Social Utility' (Tony Blankley/

The Left Is Nervous Post Health Care Vote

If the left is so pleased with its government takeover of the health care system, and if they are so confident the American people are falling all over themselves in unbridled joy over "free" health care, then why does President Obama feel the need to schedule a series of campaign style events around the country to drum up support for the new law? Who looks for support after the fact? Maybe because Caterpillar (Wall Street Journal) and John Deere ( have said this law will cost them more than $100 and $150 million, respectively, and cause layoffs? Or maybe because Walgreens ( said it will no longer accept new Medicaid customers? Unintended consequences? Not. Very much intended. Let the system go to pot, so the government will "need" to intervene yet more. Furthermore, if this law is sound constitutionally, why is there such a huff by the left — by lefty netroots types (blogs, Facebook, etc.) and by publicity seeking liberal pols (many who held a news conference at the capitol yesterday) — so upset at the legal challenges filed against the law by 14 attorneys general? (See the hysteria in the comments at the T-D article link.) If, as Delegate Jennifer McClellen (D-71, Richmond) says, that the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act (Richmond Times-Dispatch) is akin to Massive Resistance (New York Times); or, as Senator Donald McEachin (D-9, Henrico) says, not engaging in economic activity is actual commerce; or, as Delegate David Englin (D-45, Alexandria) says, the law suits are frivolous, then why all the angst, consternation and worry?

(Make no mistake: The opposition to the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act is a fringe minority — at least five Democrat senators voted for it, more after amendments; and 55 percent of House Democrats voted for it, including several in the Legislative Black Caucus.) 

Apparently, American leftists, from the president on down, are a little nervous. In reality, for good reason. They are not accustomed to principled people fighting with vigor for the constitution, as sworn to do. Their response is a frenzy of complaint and falsity. Their actions belie their recent in-your-face celebratory confidence and giddiness.

Jim Gilmore To Lead Free Congress Foundation: Not the Breaking News People Thought, But Good Nonethesame

This is an interesting tidbit: Former Governor Jim Gilmore announced Monday that he had been elected the new president and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, the influential conservative think tank founded by the legendary conservative leader, strategist and grassroots activist Paul Weyrich (see New York Times), who died last December. Weyrich was one of the architects of the conservative renaissance that eventually brought about the Reagan and Gingrich Revolutions. When the announcement hit my inbox, I was eager to post it. This is big news — a Virginian taking the lead at a conservative hallmark, in the shoes of a true legend (Washington Times). But in his letter, the former governor included a link to a December 10 column by John Gizzi of Human Events in which he explains why he is taking the position and his goals, etc. That was more than two weeks prior to Monday's e-mailed letter. Figuring it was old news, I ignored it. Yet, the announcement still exploded in the media, new and mainstream. There's articles everywhere. Interesting how news can still trail real time, no matter how electronic and digital we become. It just goes to show that good reporting still beats all.

So, we join in the congratulations to former Governor Gilmore in his new position. He is a good, hard working, earnest man. He will have a national platform and a well schooled staff to put forth and advance conservative ideas and solutions to problems America faces in the economy, foreign policy and cultural and social issues, of which Weyrich was a determined traditionalist. In the age of Obama, there can be no shortage of limited government conservatives working in the vineyard.

Virginia News Stand: October 13, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  The Debate Review Edition

The headlines say it all about last night's gubernatorial debate. Or at least say what the individual reporters say is all. They range from Democrat Creigh Deeds' continued haranguing of the "the thesis" issue, to both he and Republican Bob McDonnell going after each other equally, to it was a snoozer. That's pretty much it today — lots and lots of debate coverage, but that's what happens when there are so few and so few televised this late in the game. It becomes a media focus. Even the New York Times weighs in, again, on the campaign, it's third article in short succession. In other news, The Daily Press takes a look at Senator Tommy Norment's (R-3, Williamsburg) arrangement with William & Mary, Liberty University does its part for representative democracy, ObamaCare isn't popular in Virginia, and some ministers have something to say on same-sex marriage. All that and more, below.


Deeds accuses McDonnell of 'lying' in Virginia Gov debate (Washington Times)

Deeds blasts McDonnell on thesis (The Daily Press)

Deeds sticks to his campaign script (

Candidates for governor clash on taxes, Obama (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Barbs Traded on Taxes, Traffic in Prime Time (Washington Post)

Televised debate generates a few sparks (Roanoke Times)

McDonnell and Deeds give personal takes on social issues (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Deeds, McDonnell tread softly in first televised debate (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Little new ground in debate (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

GOP Fervor Mounts As McDonnell Leads (Washington Post)

Gubernatorial candidate profile: Creigh Deeds shaped by rural roots (Roanoke Times)

McDonnell: A Razor-Sharp but Selective Memory (Washington Post)

Second Thoughts in Battle for Virginia (New York Times)

State employees appear in ad for McDonnell (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

In delegate race, incumbent Bell touts record as Neff presses reform (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

Get out the vote: Liberty U. cancels Election Day classes (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Sen. Norment part of unique legal setup at W&M (The Daily Press)

Poll: Nearly half in Virginia oppose Obama's plan for health-care reform (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Va. ministers protest ban on gay marriage (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Virginia News Stand: October 12, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  The Debate/Mason-Dixon Edition

The news is almost all campaign, with several national articles (including the New York Times, which has two pieces — one specifically on Virginia, in the News section, and one on Virginia and New Jersey and their national implications, in National News) continuing to shine the national flood lights on the commonwealth. Tonight is also debate night, the first live televised one. Will Democrat Creigh Deeds apologize for his negative campaign? Will he finally explain his transportation and tax increase plans (his last attempt at explaining the latter was called "embarrassing" today by his patron, the Washington Post, and now has been turned into a new ad, which will begin running tonight).

Now the Dems, including DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, are targeting Senator Ken Cuccinelli. He began an ad they say is unfair and misrepresents Democrat attorney general candidate Steve Shannon's position on the special session that remedied a Supreme Court decision that would ceased prosecutions on drunk drivers and drug offenders. Hmmm. How do you misrepresent Shannon's view? Calling it a "political stunt" is pretty hard to misinterpret.

But the big news was the release of Mason-Dixon's first poll this campaign season. Mason-Dixon is the gold standard in Virginia political polls. The last poll it conducts, the Sunday before each election day, has never predicted the wrong winner, so it is awaited with baited breath. Its 2009 debut has all three Republicans leading: Bob McDonnell up by eight for governor, Lt. Governor Bill Bollingup by 13, and Cuccinelli up by seven. Not to be outdone, however, is SurveyUSA, which conducted another poll last week for WDBJ-TV in Roanoke and WJLA-TV in Washington (its fourth consecutive weekly poll). It was mostly drowned out by the Washington Post poll results, which showed all three Republicans up by nine. SurveyUSA has the three Republicans up by 11, 17 and 10, respectively. Details on everything mentioned above, and more, are below.


Mason-Dixon Poll: McDonnell up by 8 points over Deeds (Richmond Times-Dispatch/Lynchburg News & Advance

Mason-Dixon Shows McDonnell by 8 (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Poll: GOP's Bolling, Cuccinelli lead (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Virginia: 4 Weeks Until Votes Are Counted, Republicans Remain Poised to Win 3 Top Statewide Contests (

Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll (

Va. Candidates Meet Tonight in First Live TV Debate (Washington Post)

Debate a major moment in Va. governor's race (AP/The Daily Press)

Two State Races May Put Lens on Obama (New York Times)

GOP Launches New Ad on Deeds and Taxes (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Cuccinelli Airs New Ad; Shannon, Kaine Protest (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog

Kaine says Obama supporters key for Deeds (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Biden calls Virginia race winnable for Deeds.... (The Shad Plank Blog)

Debate in House race heats up over transportation question (Lynchburg News & Advance)

8th District candidates debate in Roanoke Co. (Roanoke Times)

Sexually explicit novel pulled from Roanoke school libraries (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

National News:

Democrats May Lose Two Governors Races (Reuters/New York Times)

McDonnell Holds GOP Comeback Hopes in Virginia; Dems Hope Deeds Bet Pays Off  (

House Votes to Add Sexual Orientation to Law on Hate Crimes (Washington Post)


Republican sweep looking likely in Virginia (Josh Kraushaar/The Scorecard Blog

Virginia News Stand: September 25, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations  The Non-Endorsement Edition

The news is just as Doug Wilder likes it — about him. It's practically sucked out the news cycle any mention of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce endorsement of Bob McDonnell and the Virginia Fraternal of Police endorsement of the entire GOP ticket. The latter merited a picture and a sentence in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch, buried in an article all about Our Doug's announcement. Even the New York Times wrote about it! Elsewhere, Jody Wagner continues to miscalculate and delegate races are heating up. Oh, and surprise! The VEA is attacking Bob McDonnell.


Wilder on Deeds: That's not 'leadership' (Washington Times)

Wilder declines to endorse Deeds (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Former governor refrains from endorsing Deeds (Roanoke Times)

Wilder Declines to Endorse Anyone for Governor (Washington Post)

Governor candidates spar over economic plans (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Virginia Teachers Union Blasts McDonnell in TV Ads (Washington Post)

Bolling, Wagner clash over rules of debate, Va. Budget (Northern Virginia Daily)

Landes, Marrow Get Personal (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

Lesinski criticizes Gilbert for failing to create more jobs (Northern Virginia Daily

GOP Takes Page From Democrats in N.Va. House Races (Washington Post)

National News:

Wilder Balks at Endorsing Deeds in Va. Race (New York Times The Caucus Blogs)


Two Groups of Women Help Put the Race Into Focus (Jennifer Agiesta and Sandhya Somashekhar/Washington Post)

Virginia News Stand: September 2, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations The Big Game

Everyone knows the story du jour. The first two pieces have ample comment from our leadership. Meanwhile, President Obama is getting into the minds of our school children (You will worship me! You will worship me!) I wish I could go on, but I'm off to the Big Game tonight at RFK Stadium: D.C. United v. Seattle Sounders FC for the U.S. Open Cup championship! (See the great Jack Bell's New York Times "Goal" soccer blog.) Lots more tomorrow.


* Thesis Issue Builds, McDonnell Tries to Move On (Washington Post)

* Conservatives wary of McDonnell's changed views (AP/

McDonnell lead halved after '89 thesis surfaced (Washington Times)

McDonnell thesis shows his true colors, GOP foes say (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell defends writings from past (Roanoke Times)

McDonnell Tries to Salvage Women's Votes (Washington Post)

McDonnell plan prioritizes education spending (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

VEA derides McDonnell's plan to raise salaries (Roanoke Times)

National News:

Critics Decry Obama's 'Indoctrination' Plan for Students (


The Macaca Thesis (Ruth Marcus/Washington Post)