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Now That "The Science Is In" . . .

Now that the NIH has finished its review of President Barack Obama's executive order lifting the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and set forth its expanded regulations and parameters for embryo destruction (see Time), I thought of a question. Political liberals, who dangerously think they know science, and use the false information to restrict freedoms, are fond of saying about "global warming" that "the science is in." Un-huh. Right. (In fact, the earth cooled last year and has been. See this column in the Norfolk Examiner.)

But if there was any area where the science is in, it's in stem cell research, and this is what it says: 

Hundreds of advances through adult stem cell research and none through embryonic stem cell research. 

Combine that with the fact that soon scientists will be able to make adult stem cells mimic embryonic stem cells, and there is no reason for embryonic stem cell research. 

So, here's the question: If the science is in, and it most definitely is in the case of stem cell research, why persist in destroying embryos for nothing? Granted, it's not a new question, but I'm still waiting for a liberal to answer it.

Besides, once liberal queen Oprah's favorite doctor says so, isn't it so?

Virginia News Stand: July 7, 2009

Leading the news today is the LG campaign as Jody Wagner attempts to counter the obvious — that she underestimated state tax revenue when times were good (laying the pretense for Virginia's largest tax increase) and overestimated them when times were bad, necessitating budget cuts. She's not having much luck so far. Thus, as The Daily Press reports, the commonwealth prepares for yet another round of budget cuts.

A lot of the news today is national: The Alliance Defense Fund is engaged in legal battle with the FDA over the "morning after pill," state budgets have gaping holes (wasn't the "stimulus" supposed to solve that?), D.C.'s recognition of out of state homosexual-marriage now is in effect, the Obama's remain churchless months after leaving Jerry Wright's flock, and there's another push for a personhood amendment in Colorado.

We have a number of commentaries and some analysis today, as well. David Limbaugh looks at the hypocrisy of liberals who thought George W. Bush was "seizing" power, but remain silent on the absolute power grabs and usurpations of freedom by Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Matt Barber notes that Mr. Obama's massive fiscal deficit pales to his moral clarity deficit. We also have an AFA blog post about the censoring of a seventh-grader's pro-life t-shirt. Finally, in analysis, Cliff Kincaid explores the philosophical relationship between the president and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, while Rebecca Grace and Elizabeth Delaney (of the Norfolk Examiner, which makes its News Stand debut) each debunk a myth — on homosexuality and "global warming," respectively.


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