Northern Virginia political support

Virginia News Stand: November 14, 2008

Wouldn't you know it? One day into this great new feature, which depends on our crack communications staff, said staff decides to take the day off. Something about teaching a class at VCU and then eye surgery or something. Sure. Just leave the blogging staff to hang out to dry after only one day. Not to be! Your friendly admin quickly found some articles of interest from today's Richmond Times-Dispatch and an editorial cartoon to boot. It's not the sampling from around the state we normally have, but the articles concern statewide issues, except one, which has statewide implications.   News:

Governor hopefuls give views on offshore drilling

Climate panel agrees on more than 100 recommendations

Moran shows support from N. Va.

Richmond-area leaders won't request regional road authority

Editorial Comic:

"Circuit City" (Gary Brookins)