Pastors Lobby Day

Family Foundation Pastors' Day At The Capitol

This Thursday is the official lobby day for Planned Parenthood. If history repeats itself, this leading provider of abortion will bring hundreds of people to the capitol to ask our law makers to turn a blind eye to the abortion industry. They will say the following:      

» Abortion is a birth control option that should be exercised as one sees fit.

» Drugs, such as emergency contraception, that have the potential to take a human life from conception, should be made more readily available — even to teenage girls.

» Legislation to encourage women to have the opportunity to see an ultrasound prior to making their decision regarding abortion, parenting or adoption is a form of coercion.

The Family Foundation counters these untruths with truth. We do this through a number of ways, especially by engaging grassroots citizen activists — for example, through our Lobby Day at the Capitol and our new Virtual Lobby Day. Now, we also are engaging pastors, encouraging them to counter untruth with prayer and presence. Thus, we are countering Planned Parenthood's lobby day not only with our virtual lobby day (click here to learn how to participate), but with a Pastors Lobby Day. These dozens of pastors will make a big impact and be a significant contrast to the pro-abortion types patrolling the General Assembly Building's halls on February 5.

Here's some of the pastors' agenda Thursday:

Nicknamed the "Committee of Death," they will attend the Senate Education and Health Committee, which reviews all bills relating to pregnancy and abortion. Nearly every time a pro-life bill has been brought to this committee in the last decade has been defeated, refusing to recognize the sanctity of human life.

Pastors also will get an update from the patrons of positive life restoring measures introduced this session of the Virginia General Assembly. 

In addition, Bill Haywood, of Abingdon Church of Christ, also will speak. He has taken it upon himself to organize pastors in his region to defeat the Freedom of Choice Act, a federal measure that will undo nearly all laws in Virginia that protect children who seek abortions and women who might be taken advantage of in a difficult situation.  

One of the six state police chaplains who resigned when he was ordered by the Kaine administration to not pray "in Jesus name" also will speak. Pastors and lay people have rallied behind these brave chaplains and we want  everyone to continue to be engaged on this issue as we challenge the administration's decision through corrective legislation. To cap off the day, the pastors will meet with legislators in the afternoon.

If you are a pastor who is interested, or if you think your pastor is interested, it is not too late to register. Call Suzanne at (804) 343-0010 or e-mail John Smith at