Peoples Republic of China

Bills By Any Other Name . . .

Has anyone noticed something familiar about the names of the three priority bills the Democrat majority in Washington wants to push through as soon as possible?

» "The Freedom of Choice Act" which would take away states' authority to regulate abortion, including parental consent and notification laws, and prohibition of partial birth abortion and infanticide laws;

» "The Fairness Doctrine" which would limit what can be said on radio and other media; and

» "The Employee Free Choice Act" which would prohibit secret ballots in union elections, so that union bosses can inspect how employees vote, leading to intimidation to join unions.

All of the names explicitly talk about "freedom" or "fairness" when the exact opposite is true in all of them. Regardless of where you stand on the particular issues, it should be clear that the aim here is to limit freedom and choices. The ideas and policies should be able to win on their own merits, not dictated by laws restricting decision-making abilities of citizens and legislatures.

But back to the names .  .  . names that say one thing and mean another sound so very familiar. Hmmmmmm. Oh, I know. Sorta like Peoples Republic of China and Democratic Republic of Korea.