Peter Knickerbocker

One Group's Mission: Improve Constitutional Literacy

Taking a page out of the 40 Days For Life playbook — by its own admission — WeReadThe, a project of Let Freedom Ring, is advancing the constitutional literacy of Americans one neighborhood, one community, one city and county at a time. The organization is promoting the reading of the U.S. Constitution in groups large and small, in public places and private homes, throughout the nation on September 18, the first Saturday after Constitution Day (September 17). Its Web page includes an interactive map which locates areas where such gatherings are taking place and for people to make known their own events. The idea is to increase its presence throughout the country each year on Constitution Day to encourage further understanding of the constitution and the limits on federal power it contains. In fact, just reading the constitution in one sitting — it takes about an hour, including all 27 amendments — makes it clear that the founding document was written to protect individual liberty by strictly limiting the authority of the national government. 

If We Read The Constitution can replicate the growth and effectiveness of what 40 Days For Life has had on the pro-life movement, where the numbers of people who silently pray in front of abortion centers for 40 days have grown exponentially over the last three years, the day will be soon when Americans will have a full understanding of the our blue print of self-governance. That, in turn, may finally lead to a Congress, courts and president that understand such limits.

Right now, there are 96 such events registered at, including six in Virginia: Alexandria, Arlington, Centreville, Gainesville, Locust Grove and Purcellville. That's a good start, but we wish there were more and encourage Virginians to, as we did in framing the constitution, and as we are in defending it now, to lead in a rebirth of its understanding. So, if at all interested, please get involved and organize an event. With the Internet and a week still to go, it doesn't take much to get one started — and an important movement rolling.

People interested in learning more or who want to get involved may, in addition to visiting its Web site, contact Peter Knickerbocker at 540-775-2332 or at for more information.