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Conservative Counter Rally Today In Charlottesville While Obama Brings His Act For Perriello

While many Virginians are worried about the economy, their jobs, the country's third-world-like debt, and the mountainous problems facing the country, Barack Obama is going on Comedy Central's Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Now, he's bringing his routine to the stage . . . in Charlottesville today to tell the good people of the fifth Congressional district  to re-elect one of his biggest enablers, Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello. (It's not the first time he's brought his brand of humor to Virginia in recent weeks, either.) But if you are in the area or want to break for an early weekend, you can go to Mr. Jefferson's hometown for another reason: At 4:00 at Charlottesville's Lee Park, located downtown at the intersection of 2nd Street NE and Market Street, there will be a counter rally sponsored by Americans For Prosperity's Virginia chapter. AFP national President Tim Phillips and other noteworthies will speak.

Mr. Obama repeatedly has disparaged political opponents since taking office, recently asking Hispanic voters to "punish enemies." He has accused organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce of illegal activities, with no evidence, and said others, such as AFP, are bought and paid for by foreign campaign contributions (see Jake Tapper's ABC News Political Punch blog) .

Desperation, indeed. Here's an opportunity for Virginians to show the president and Mr. Periello that Virginians have an honest and profound difference with them on their massive government intrusion into private enterprise, and their incomprehensible government spending, taxing and debt. We hope, but are not expecting, an honest discussion from the president and the congressman.

Make Up Call

You hear sports commentators talk about it all the time, although referees deny it: The Make Up Call. When a ref thinks he missed a foul or made a bad call, he will even it up later in the game on an unsuspecting player on the opposite team. Once, in a rare moment of candor, when I coached travel soccer, a ref told me as I complained about a bad call he made against my team: "You got a call down there, we're making it up here!" Nevermind that he made the right call earlier. Thus, President Barack Obama's reaction today to the homosexual lobby's outcry over his decision to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in federal lawsuit (see yesterday's post): He's going to grant the extension of employee benefits to "partners" of homosexual federal workers. However, this is pyrrhic at best to many homosexual activists and may have steamed them off at the POTUS plenty more, as Ben Smith reports at The Politico. You see, while it at first the Mainstream Media reported it as a great win for the homosexual lobby, the fact is that DOMA prohibits the extension of health insurance and retirement benefits to same-sex partners. There's that DOMA, again, which the president is defending. According to an update on Smith's post at The Politico:

"Are they kidding us? Domestic Partnership benefits WITHOUT health insurance because of DOMA? What kind of reality do they live in?" gay fundraiser and activist David Mixner emailed me this morning. "It is like rubbing salt in the wound. I am glad that some barriers will be lifted for Federal Employees but what is the most important benefit needed....health insurance! Good god."   

The anger isn't limited to e-mails to bloggers, either. Prominent homosexual lobbyists are boycotting a big time fundraiser by Vice President Joe Biden, as Jake Tapper of ABC News reports on his Political Punch blog (here).

Also, see the Obama "Fraud" and "Fail" posters in the photo at this Politico post (here). In the end, this make up call is about as worthy as one in an athletic contest, which is to say it is not worthy at all. One doesn't make up an alleged grievance by intentionally harming an innocent party, especially when your original stand is just. As we noted yesterday, surprising as it is, the Obama administration simply is defending the Constitutional powers of the legislative branch, as well as the several states. Whatever his reasons, cynical or otherwise, it is the correct call and requires no make up.

All this proves a point: When the most liberal, "progressive" president in history isn't moving on the homosexual agenda at the pace its advocates want, how mainstream is their movement? 

Not So Slick Talking Bishop Biden

Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden earned the nickname "Bishop" for all the whoppers he's told trying to re-write the Catholic faith. Perhaps because of that, his gaffes on the more mundane political and policy issues seem to have escaped any serious scrutiny by the Mainstream Media. On the other hand, he makes so many gaffes, it's quite difficult to keep up and sort out. Jake Tapper of ABC News has a blog called Political Punch, surprisingly somewhat fair. About two weeks ago he tallied up Biden's gaffes at 29 (click here),although that may have been an undercount. A post by Tapper yesterday (click here) had Biden up to 32 gaffes (still low by our count). Yet all the media can focus on is Governor Sarah Palin's clothes. However, today, Tapper has a post about how much more accessible Governor Palin is to the media than the bishop.

We've wanted to document the bishop's gaffes but they fly out of his mouth faster than we can write and post the video. Thankfully, Michelle Malkin came along. Today, she published a column on Biden's gaffes, recounting some of his biggest hits, all the more relevant because Biden has been known to brag about his allegedly high IQ.

Some of our favorite Biden blusters:

» Telling Katie Couric Franklin Roosevelt was president in 1929 and addressed the nation on television about the Great Depression;

» Telling a crippled state senator to "stand up, Chuck!";

» Telling Kate Snow of ABC News that paying higher taxes is patriotic;

» Admitting that Hillary Clinton would have been a VP better choice than he;

» Just recently telling a crowd that the major issue in the campaign comes down to a "three-letter word: J-O-B-S;"

» Ridiculing Joe "The Plumber" by saying "no plumbers or cops live in my neighborhood," perhaps because Biden lives in a $3 million house (which misstated Joe's complaint anyway — Joe's not rich now, but he wants to buy a business one day and be real successful, which apparently Biden and Barack Obama think only the elites can do);

» Telling an environmentalist in Ohio that he and his running mate are against clean coal technology, while Obama told a crowd in Virginia that they are for it; and

» Admitting that if elected, "five or six" rogue regimes would start international incidents to "test" Barack Obama. Very reassuring.

This is on top of his documented 14 lies during his debate with Governor Palin.

By the way, with all the dislike the Mainstream Media says Americans have for Governor Palin, why has she set records for viewership for her convention acceptance speech (although fewer networks carried it), for the vice presidential debate and for last weekend's Saturday Night Live? All blew away any number that Senator Obama received. So, to be fair: Since we posted a video of Barack Obama's gaffes last week, here's a video of Bishop Biden's: