Prime Minister Gordon Brown

He's Back! Conservative Brit Again Says What American Conservatives Should

In March, British EU Parliament Member Daniel Hannan became an instant international hero (see here) to millions of conservatives, a modern day Brit Patrick Henry, when he told the emperor — Prime Minister Gordon Brown — he had on no clothes, and told him publicly and to his face. Not only did he speak "Truth to Power" as the trite lefties say, he did it with courage, conviction and unapologetically. But what caught so many Americans' attention was that his theme was universal and how apt his message was for an America drifting toward European socialism. But not only socialism in economics, but socialism in the government mandating societal behavior codes and the extinguishing of freedom under the guise of stamping out hate or discrimination, most of which is perceived at best and contrived at worst, for the pretext of government usurpation of individual rights. 

It's the same model for government intervention in separating you from your hard-earned money and the shackles that creates — i.e., the economy can't work so we will take it over and make it work, for you, dear citizen. Never mind the new restrictions, it's all the good of the whole.

Now, watch this recent speech by Hannan, and substitute "Hate Crimes bill" or "FOCA" or "restrictions on medical professional conscience protections" in place of references to the proposed EU "anti-discrimination law" and you'll see Mr. Hannan is spot on. Again. Again, we ask, where is the American conservative who will say these things?

EU MP Daniel Hannan may be the world's leading voice for conservatism and human liberty. His words resonate regarding so many of Washington's newfound liberal initiatives. Will America heed Hannan's call not to follow European socialism? Does the reference to "leaving it up to judges" sound familiar? 

Obama's Decision Flies In Face Of Yet Another Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough

In what had to be the most full-of-chutzpah-statement from a president since we don't know when, Barack Obama yesterday said he wanted to "Take the politics out of science" in lifting the executive order banning federal funding on embryonic stem cell research. What a hoot!  He also said we have to pursue science, even when it's "inconvenient." Destruction of life? Doesn't get as inconvenient as that. But push on, he said. Keep destroying those embryos even though not one medical breakthrough, despite governments around the world pouring money into it, has ever come of from it.

Contrary to what he said, he had only one reason for lifting the ban: politics! We can't say it was a payoff to the abortion lobby because he's an abortion-on-demand true believer, but political it was, pure and simple. 

Maybe he was "tired" as his advisors always seem to say when he goofs —whether its when he says we have 57 states or in dissing Great Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown (see The Telegraph here) (but not tired enough to play basketball every day), but somehow the president didn't see the news of another stunning breakthrough with adult stem cells.

This time, researchers have reversed symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and, in some cases "people had complete disappearance of all symptoms," according to the researchers. It hits home to Virginia as one who experienced that complete reversal was Edwin McClure, a 24-year-old VCU graduate student. Ironically, this phenomenal discovery was made in Chicago, the president's home town, but perhaps he was too tired to notice.

Read more about this remarkable discovery from Bloomberg News (click here) as well as another major breakthrough we wrote about earlier where a woman had her windpipe reattached through adult stem cell therapy. But don't look for those three words — adult stem cells — because the Mainstream Media won't use them since it wants everyone to believe stem cells are stem cells. So does the president. But they aren't.

Except for one major exception: As we wrote last week, adult stem cells now can be manipulated into functioning as embryonic stem cells (here)and can be done so without destroying embryos. Guess the president slept through those those headlines, too. So embryonic stem cells don't work and if they do, there's another way to create them than to destroy embryos. If there's one thing people can unite behind, it's not wasting millions of dollars on something that doesn't work, much less something that can be done without causing controversy.

But that's not the path chosen by the president. Whether his excuse is fatigue or something more plausible, it doesn't excuse him from his irresponsible act yesterday. Instead of avoiding divisions, he, for political reasons, opened them up. Some move by someone who pledged to end such politics.