Quotes of the Day

Quotes Of The Day

That's not a typo. We have multiple Quotes of the Day today. One, this morning, occurred in the House Education Sub-committee on Standards of Quality. It was considering a bill from Delegate John O'Bannon (R-73, Henrico) on childhood obesity that would require additional physical education for students K-8. Pat Lacey, the ever present spokesman for the umbrella Educrat coalition, which can't seem to approve of anything except more taxpayer money for any and all problems, and which makes nothing but excuses and obstacles for why education reforms can't happen, extended the never say yes philosophy even to phys ed reform! When he addressed the committee to say some elementary schools may not have the gyms to accommodate inclement weather, sub-committee chairman Scott Lingamfelter (R-31, Woodbridge) said:

At VMI we didn't have that problem!

Later in the morning, in the Senate Privileges and Elections Sub-committee on Constitutional Amendments, a government lobbyist for Fairfax County, which used the hard-earned tax' money of its own citizens to lobby against them, testified against Senator Mark Obenshain's (R-26, Harrisonburg) proposed constitutional amendment to protect private property rights. She gave an example regarding the difficulty the amendment would create in taking land for certain municipal projects, which led to this exchange between her and Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25, Bath), the sub-committee's chairman, who was preparing to lead a party line vote to defeat property rights protection:

Senator Deeds: But that's the part of the bill I like!

Fairfax lobbyist: Okay . . . I'll sit down now. 

Also from that committee: VACO and VML lobbyist Randy Cook — VACO and VML are the lobbying arms of Virginia's counties and cities, respectively, which pay people like him with your hard earned tax money to lobby against your rights — said that a constitutional amendment isn't necessary because they haven't challenged the condemnation powers of the 2007  property rights statute . . . yet. To which Senator Obenshain later replied:

VACO said, 'Stop me before I condemn (property) again.'

Three Quotes of the Day. All humorous. All pointing, however, to something much more serious.

Moment Of The Day

We've had Quotes of the Day. We've had Bills of the Day. Now, for the first time ever, we have a Moment of the Day! Here's what happened:

In the House Courts of Justice Civil Sub-Committee a couple hours ago Delegates David Toscano (D-57, Charlottesville) and Rob Bell (R-58, Charlottesville) each had a bill dealing with mortgage re-financing, HB 1682 and HB 2061, respectively, each in the exact same language. Delegate Bell was not in the room to present his bill, but Delegate Toscano, a sub-committee member, was. So he introduced his bill and had witnesses as well. Delegate Bell then arrived and pitched in the conversation as well. When the sub-committee seemed inclined to report the bill, the question remained — whose version would get "rolled" into whose version?

Pride of authorship was at stake. Sometimes the more senior member gets the honor, or the lawmaker who filed the bill first. If a committee chair is involved, he or she is given deference. Many times, it is a matter of partisanship: the member of the majority is going to get the credit. That simple. But in a rare General Assembly moment, when humility reigned supreme . . .

They decision was decided by a . . . coin flip! Delegate Toscano called heads and won. A great moment for our very first Moment of the Day!