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Open Minded, Tolerant Liberals (Or, Virginia Is Not For Lovers)

We love it when we're accused of intolerance and closed mindedness, either as an organization or as conservatives in general. The accusations typically come from the left who actually are closed minded and intolerant who make the accusations as a way to shield themselves from that which they accuse others. Two recent blog postings illustrate the point. In one case, our friend Citizen Tom was banned from Vivian Page's Blog simply for disagreeing with an assertion she made in an op-ed piece. If you read the comment trail, neither Tom, nor the other conservative, Warren, posted anything inflammatory. They simply disagreed and made their points adamantly, but respectfully. 

While Tom was banned, we incured the wrath of a homosexual activist blogger simply for writing something about which he should agree. In this post, where we clearly make the case for strict enforcement of bullying bans in school, Michael In Norfolk uses vile and hate-filled rants. Of course, he must be exempted from "hate speech," I suppose, because he's a left-wing and homosexual activist. But, in addition to calling us a "Foul Odor," he wrote:

In a state that has more than its share of Bible beating fascists — Pat Robertson, Liberty University, Regent University, the Arlington Group, Chuck Colson's prison indoctrination "ministry," AG Ken Cuccinelli — The Family Foundation ("TFF"), an affiliate of Daddy Dobson's Focus on the Family, is nonetheless one of the most insidious. ...

Ms. Cobb is so anti-gay obsessed that she likely pats herself on the back telling herself "job well done" each time a story breaks of a gay teen committing suicide because he/she can no longer stand the abuse. How a supposed Christian can make a career out of causing misery. ...

Lies, character assassination, hateful language. Can you find those types of words here? One must have some serious pent up rage to go off on Chuck Colson, who helps criminals get their lives together. In fact, this particular blogger does exactly what he accuses us of: If you don't practice hisform of Christianity, he excoriates you. He, and the homosexual left, apparently are the arbiters of faith.

Imagine if we, or any conservative organization, ever issued a statement filled with such vitriol as the left does against us or if we banned a left-winger from our blog. We suppose it never occurs to such producers of vile that if every Virginian who disagrees with them is a hatemonger, about 58 percent of Virginians are hatemongers (about the vote for the Marriage Amendment and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli). Maybe they want to change Virginia's tourism slogan? We love the double standard.

Virginia News Stand: November 16, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations The Biggest Loser Strikes Again

The Washington Post is at it again . . . still! Forget Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner and Steve Shannon, election night's biggest loser was the Post. It created Deeds with its Democrat primary endorsement of him. His campaign slogan effectively became, "Endorsed by the Washington Post" and its influence over the liberal Northern Virginia base carried him to primary victory. It then became his de facto political consultant, telling him to come clean on his tax increase plans, which he did in a Post op-ed, and coaching him every step of the way. It even gave him his singular line of attack against his Republican opponent — a thesis Bob McDonnell wrote while earning his MBA at Regent University. Now, after a couple of weeks of silence, the Post can't contain itself and is back on the hunt, trying to tie the governor-elect to a comment Regent founder Pat Robertson made about Muslims. Lesson learned number one from the campaign: Don't hire the Washington Post as your campaign advisor. Lesson two: It's a real sore loser.

Elsewhere, we're mentioned in a piece about Governor-elect McDonnell's transition team. One of our board members, Dave Barrett, was named as a transition team senior advisor. Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Jeff Schapiro speculates on whom McDonnell will name as Secretary of Finance, his most important personnel decision, according to Mr. Schapiro. Is House Majority Whip Kirk Cox (R-66, Colonial Heights) a contender? The T-D also examines the online advertising aspect of the late campaign — it was among the best, it says. No wonder, there was a lot of material to work with. Also, policies are starting to emerge from the Team McDonnell. Finally, please check out Michael Ramirez's editorial comics at the links below. He's a hoot. Maybe the Post should look them over, laugh . . . and lighten up.


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