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Pictures Of The Day: DNC Learns Plane Banners Don't Have Spell Check

Activists, pundits, academics, media and elitists on the Left (redundant, I know), and their favorite politicians have no hesitation to smugly and condescendingly caricature Christians and conservatives as ignorant, uneducated, mind-numbed, simple, unable to comprehend complex issues, and generally unwashed. The rich irony: so many of these types willingly admit they get their information from Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. So quick to blow up headlines over a simply mis-phrased clause in a sentence by a conservative while ignoring the president's claim that "The private sector is doing fine" or that small business owners "didn't build that," the media and other left-wing institutions abound in hypocrisy. Which makes the mistakes by the Left even funnier. Take, for example, President Obama's campaign in Ohio (or supporters thereof). While the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned in Ohio a few days before the GOP convention, Democrat operatives rented a plane to fly over the Romney-Ryan rally with a tail banner. The operatives proudly professed it to the media as a snarky counter attack.

The problem? Simple grammar. See the picture below. Instead of the word "than" they used "then" and still considered their tactic nothing less than brilliant (see The Blaze).

 If at first you have no message and your grammar is incorrect . . .

Undeterred, the Democrat National Committee decided to rent another plane and make another banner to fly over Tampa during the Republican National Convention. A DNC spokesman proudly tweeted about it. Yet, he found out the hard way, again, that plane banners don't have spell checkers: instead of the appropriate plural "women" it used the singular "woman" (The Blaze has more).

Make another grammar mistake for millions to see while still belittling conservatives as dim.

What Can You Say?

Mitt Romney offered the following praise for the late American astronaut and hero Neil Armstrong during his nomination acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention:

The soles of Neil Armstrong's boots on the moon made permanent impressions on our souls. ... God bless Neil Armstrong! Tonight that American flag is still there on the moon and I don't doubt for a second that Neil Armstrong's spirit is still with us, that unique blend of optimism, humility — and the utter confidence that when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff you need an American.

Pretty stirring. Very patriotic. Absolutely bipartisan.

Not exactly. Not according to the permanently paranoid class of angry, offended, leftist, speech code hacks who have staged a complete coup at NBC News. After his speech concluded, one of the "pundits" on its advocacy network, msnbc, offered this summation of that one paragraph: That Mitt Romney was sending a "dog whistle" — speaking "birther code" — to racists everywhere, implying that Barack Obama is not an American. Presidency = Big Job. Only an American can be president. Therefore, Romney is saying Obama is not an American. Get it? It can only make sense to a leftist.

Every time I think the Left can't sink any lower, any time I think it can't be any more void of ability to critically think, it gets lower, more vacuous and more shrill. It remains to be seen if these types of accusations are born of a true case of lost marbles, incapable intellect or a desperately contrived offense in order to stimulate its shrinking base into action.

So, what can you say that a leftist won't take offense at? The list of available phrases is shrinking so fast that soon even innocuous greetings will be speech code violations. Last night's forensic language diatribe is not the first instance of leftist heartburn over the English language. Not even remotely so. Michelle Malkin today, coincidentally, documents the use of 12 words and phrases that recently have given  left-wing commentators episodes of hysterics for the plain use of plain language. Among the offensive words and phrases:

» Constitution.

» Professor.

» Angry.

» Golf.

» Privileged.

» Kitchen Cabinet.

I'd name the rest, but I want you to read the others and the circumstances in which they were used and why the Left think they are racist terms. At once they are hysterically humorous and just simply hysterical. Now, apparently, add to the list, "American" and "big job." What can you say?

A Bit Of Breaking News: Saxman To Close RNC Tonight

Look for Delegate Chris Saxman (R-20, Staunton) tonight at the Republican National Convention. He just announced via e-mail that he has been asked by RNC officials to make the Sine Die motion to adjourn the convention after Republican Presidential nominee John McCain's acceptance speech. Delegate Saxman also doubles as chairman of School Choice Virginia, a coalition of groups interested in bringing options in education to families across Virginia, to which The Family Foundation is a part. However small his role tonight may seem, it is a traditional part of any convention, and the nod to Virginia may signal yet another sign of how serious the McCain-Palin campaign is taking the Democrats' challenge to end Virginia's red state presidential voting streak, which has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1964.

Just How Influential Are We?

No sooner had we mentioned earlier today that Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama has avoided an interview he promised Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly back in January, than O'Reilly announced tonight that Obama will be his guest tomorrow night. No question that Obama is craftily trying to steal some of Republican candidate John McCain's thunder on the night he makes his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. On the other hand, his appearance already is irritating his far-left fringe base who view FNC as the propaganda arm of the vast right wing conspiracy. Remember, it was that fringe which vetoed the Democrat presidential candidates from debating on FNC during the primaries, even though the co-sponsor was the Congressional Black Caucus. This is a very interesting twist of the tale. Will Obama use the opportunity to win over some independents? Will he steal any of the McCain-Palin spotlight or squash their bounce? Or, will Obama trip over his tongue on a pointed O'Reilly question? Will he say anything of substance? Will he be "present"? Does he still think unplanned children are mistakes worthy of killing? Although he favors health care for infants, why does that not include babies who survive botched abortions? (He voted in the Illinois Senate to allow babies who survive abortions to die.) Of most intrigue, however, is whether he will say anything that doesn't include the words "hope" and "change."

Campbell Brown, Baby, Exposes Herself

We're sure most of you do not believe there's a left-wing media bias in Mainstream Media. Uh-huh, right! Did anyone catch former Richmonder Campbell Brown on CNN last night? (See transcript and video here.) She grilled John McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's foreign policy credentials and asked him to name one instance in which she commanded the Alaska National Guard. It turned out to be quite the donnybrook. It wasn't Bush 41 vs. Dan Rather all over again, but it was pretty intense. Bad enough, in the McCain camp's view, that the senator cancelled a live, previously scheduled interview for last night with Larry King. To be fair, it didn't help that Mr. Bounds was not all that competent.

But for those who do not think the mainstream media is biased, please explain this quote from Ms. Brown to Mr. Bounds as she ended the interview:

I appreciate you coming on and taking the time to have this debate (emphasis added). I think it's important. ... We're not beating you up here. We're not trying to.

Debate? Debate? Since when is a journalist supposed to debate a guest? Journalists are supposed to get information, not advance an opposing view. While it was clear Mr. Bounds did not have the answer to her question, he should have said he would research it and get back to her. In lieu of that, she should have prompted that from him and moved on to the next question. (Eventually, a writer confirmed Governor Palin's command experience and Brown announced it later during a panel discussion.) Instead, Ms. Brown was intent — repeating the question, in one form or another, six times with increasing agitation in her voice and body language — on nothing more than making political points as if she was the opposing camp's PR hack. 

If she wasn't trying to "beat him up" she certainly was trying to belittle him with this quote, sarcastic facial expressions and body language included:

All right. Tucker, I'm just going to give it to you, baby. We'll end it there. (Emphasis not added.)

"Baby"? Are you kidding me? "Baby"? Imagine if Bill O'Reilly called a Democrat spokeswoman that — there would be shrieks for his head by leftist feminists, sort of like when Barack Obama called a reporter "sweetie." Actually, that's not a good comparison since the hypocrites said nothing about it.

Speaking of Senator Obama and Ms. Brown: Does anyone credibly think she would press him, or one of his aides, with the same intensity in asking him to name just one significant accomplishment? The double standard is pretty clear. He's been running for president for two years and he can't name one and the media isn't interested. (By the way, speaking of Senator Obama and Fox News: How is Barack Obama going to negotiate with Iranian and Russian despots when he won't even talk to Fox News, despite his promise to O'Reilly?)

Some commentators are saying this is the year journalism ended. Some of us have considered it long gone. But if there was any doubt, last night at least one in the mainstream media — Campbell baby — exposed her true colors.

Did Fowler Really Apologize? Did The Devil Make Him Do It?

As we mentioned Saturday, former Democrat National Committee Chairman Don Fowler, who headed the DNC from 1995-96, was caught on video laughing at the prospect of Hurricane Gustav slamming into New Orleans because it would, in his opinion, distract from the Republican National Convention. He said it meant God was with the Democrats.  Not to be outdone, leftist propagandist Michael Moore said much the same thing, saying that Gustav's arrival at the time of the RNC was "proof there is a God."

Fowler and Moore have reluctantly apologized. Moore basically sloughed it off, saying, "I mean I certainly hope nobody gets hurt. I hope everybody's taking cover." Real heartfelt, you can tell.

Fowler was combative. He said he was sending up controversial remarks after 9/11 by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. However, in the video, he did not mention Rev. Falwell. Then, Fowler blames what he said on the fact that there was a conservative blogger sitting behind him (the person who taped Fowler's insensitive comments), calling him a "right-wing nutcase."

Say what you want about omnipresent videographers, but they don't cause people to say stupid things. Furthermore, we don't recall Fowler complaining about videos liberals have stealthily taken of conservatives. In fact, Fowler's "apology" is nothing more than typical liberal victimization politics. He didn't do it, you see, he was forced into it. Someone made him claim God was punishing Republicans. That evil "right-wing nutcase" who probably only wanted to get into his plane seat and relax until he heard vile from Fowler's mouth. Should he not have gotten this baloney on the record? So Fowler wants to trivialize God, ridicule New Orleans and the GOP, and blame others for his words, including a dead man. Classy.

It all reminds us of the late comic Flip Wilson, one of whose classic lines was, "The devil made me do it!" It's a perfect fit since Fowler, who claims he's religious, demonizes someone simply for making known what he said. Real Christian of you, Don. Although we said the libs were getting religion, it certainly isn't one we recognize.  

BREAKING NEWS: See Video Of High Ranking Dems Laugh At New Orleans' Expense!

Two high ranking national Democrats, former Democrat National Committee Chairman Don Folwer and U.S. Representative John Spratt (D-S.C.), were caught on camera on board their airplane returning from the Democrat National Convention in Denver laughing at Hurricane Gustav and the impending peril in which in puts New Orleans — because they believe it will help Democrats politically!

In the video, Fowler is caught laughing at the prospect of Gustav hitting New Orleans at the start of the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis this coming week — and therefore God must be with the Democrats.

Fowler says in the tape, "Everything is cool," as both men laugh it up. Little did the two know that a contributor was sitting behind them and caught it all on tape (read the blog entry and see the video here). has just e-mailed this story within the last 15 minutes and was posted on its Web site at around 1:17 p.m.

We knew liberals were getting religion, but this goes a bit beyond the pale.

Poll: Rate Sarah Palin

Now that the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), has picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to run with him as the GOP's vice presidential candidate, and there's been a full 24 hour news cycle to digest it all, what do you think? Give us your impressions by voting in the poll below. We'd love to have your comments as well — let us know the reasons for your vote. Please post them in the blog's thread (not at polldaddy). The poll closes Friday, September 5, at noon (to give you a chance to size her up at the Republican National Convention. You can only vote once.