Rob Shuter

Burned Twice, Nice To Know Even CNN Has Standards

It took CNN a second year of her foul-mouth, but reports from entertainment circles today are that the cable news organization has banned so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin from its network after a series of lewd comments (see Rob Shuter of AOL's PopEater), including the dropping of the "f-bomb" while co-hosting the network's live New Year's Eve program (AC360 blog). According to reports, even the hip news reader Anderson Cooper, the program's host, has had enough of her. Of course, CNN didn't seem to mind Griffin's potty mouth last year. But better late than never, CNN proves even it has standards, however low they may be. On the other hand, not that too many people seemed to mind heard Griffin since the show got lousy ratings. Griffin's approach to "comedy" is pretty well established — shock and appall. She's had a history of blasphemous remarks, for example. Which, of course, begs the real question of CNN's motivation. Has it banned her because of her behavior or failure to deliver ratings? In this age, even a low, pragmatic standard from a major mainstream media cog is a positive sign.