Roe v- Wade

At 12 Weeks Babies Have . . .

I met a woman during last fall's campaign who, upon overhearing me and a self-styled libertarian friend of mine talking about abortion, interjected with the trite, "It's better to have legal abortion than have to pay taxes to care for all of the babies whose mothers can't provide for them." Sure — and with that logic, why not kill anyone who lives in poverty? We're paying taxes to support them, too, are we not? Where do you draw the line? Another woman once told me she didn't approve of abortion, but thought it should be legal during the first trimester. What, I asked her, is significantly different about an unborn baby at two months and 29 days than at three months? Isn't that an arbitrary time frame conceived by seven men (of all people) who decided to overturn abortion bans in Roe v. Wade? She admitted she had to rethink her position.

That made sense to her (another self-styled libertarian). But neither logic nor science matter to the Left. It subsists on shallow talking points that are designed to make them feel smart and which, once they ride them to the limited depth of their capacity, resort to name calling, raw emotion, fear and straw men. Thus, the contrived "War On Women," which really is a War On Babies.

They try to depict Christians as uneducated rubes who deny science, yet they fight with all vigor to prohibit ultrasound tests; they clamor for "choice" but deny women the opportunity to make an informed decision. Which brings me to the latest controversy, which should shed light on the bankruptcy of the abortion industry's arguments.

Planned Parenthood and NARAL both jumped down the throat of a pro-life politician who sarcastically referred to pregnant women with a term they use. They said his language was degrading and said mothers should be treated with respect — making a point they don't even agree with which, most telling, admitted what they always deny:

That pregnant women are mothers!

Brilliant! Thank you abortion industry! Maybe it will learn logic soon enough.

Photo: Every child deserves a chance to sing! LIKE and SHARE!

End the silencing of not only their voices, but their lives. (H/T National Pro-Life Alliance.)

Correcting The Left's Vocabulary: It's Really A War On Babies

The so-called "War On Women," as most contrivances from the Left, is more aversion to the truth than reality. That is to say, when it finds itself losing an issue among the public, it resorts to straw men, fallacy, fantasy, demonization and redefinition. As the great Walter Williams would say, let's look at. First, what war? Are women being killed, beaten or even imprisoned? To call a policy difference a war disrespects all those who wear the uniform, many of whom are women. Straw men, fallacy and demonization: Check.

Second, it degrades the very people they say they represent (as if all women think the same way): Fallacy: Double check; fantasy, check.

Third, and most important, it redefines the issue. Just as the Left has redefined the 6,000-year-old meaning of marriage, it has redefined war. War, of course, implies death. Yet, who dies during an abortion? The baby! Redefinition: Checkmate!

Surely, a bit of a woman's soul dies as well, as women who have come to regret their abortions universally testify. That is undeniable, but a different story, and one the abortion industry won't ever tell or address. Ignore rather than redefine. Ignore: add to the list.

How about irony? This really comes under fallacy, but let's be charitable. One statement you hear at pro-abortion rallies or during testimony at General Assembly committees is that "we need to follow the science," implying that conservatives are rubes who don't understand or believe in scientific evidence. Huh? Then why exactly is the Left against ultrasound bills? Oh . . . wait . . . oh! It's because the science proves that it is a living baby! Irony: Game, set and match.

Speaking of science, here's the truth about who this war is being waged on. To them — the unborn babies, some 16 million in the U.S. alone since the deplorable early 1970s Roe v Wade decision — there really is death and destruction, and the truth is spoken by a doctor of all people, someone who knows science:

BenCarson War On Babies


The real war is on babies. #WarOnBabies!


General Assembly Blog Pause: Instead, A Look At Today's March For Life

The pace of the Virginia General Assembly session is quickening. It's a grueling pace — full steam for 60 days, akin to the 400 meter sprint. It may be short, but it's an all out sprint with no chance to gasp for air. Still, today, annually, is a bittersweet day for us. We have to be in Richmond bringing all we have to bare on the General Assembly, while hundreds of thousands of loving, caring people from across the country made their voices heard for life in Washington, D.C. on the 41st anniversary of the deplorable Roe v. Wade decision. With that in mind, we taking a blogging break from the sausage making at Mr. Jefferson's Capitol, to commemorate the millions of lost lives in this country alone to the heinous crime against nature, abortion. We also salute our spiritual brothers and sisters who braved the frigid climate to march, hear speakers and energize the pro-life movement.

While many of us could not go to Washington because of work, family or the weather, we at least can bring you a taste of what went on today — a virtual March For Life. The Family Foundation urges you not only to view at least some of these great resources (and to read and view at still more sites), but to share these resources. The Walk For Life is nothing if not an educational vehicle to change hearts and minds. We have the opportunity to continue that in our own, less visible, quiet, yet no less effective way.

1. Share this graphic!

Photo: The reality is really striking, isn't it?</p><br /> <p>Pass it on!

Abortion kills, by the numbers. What say those who think we must care for the least among us, yet think abortion is an acceptable "choice"?

2. Click the image below and watch and share the terrific ProLifeCon conference from FRC about the pro-life movement, held earlier today in conjunction with the March For Life. It features some of the most prominent pro-life speakers, writers and activists, including two who have spoken at Family Foundation events at the capitol during recent General Assemblies: Ryan Bomberger and Jill Stanek.

 Cover Photo

3. Watch and share the video below from EWTN. It is the entire March For Life coverage from today. It features brilliant studio guests as well as full coverage from Washington and the podium speakers at the rally itself.

Join #VAStands4Life14 Tweet Fest!

Today is the first day of the 2014 Virginia General Assembly session and our 2nd Annual Prayer Walk and Virginia Stands for Life Gathering. We are excited that hundreds of pro-life Virginians will gather at Capitol Square to pray and stand for the unborn. If you aren't able to come to Richmond today, you can still participate. We are working with more than a dozen state and national groups to conduct our first ever Pro-life Tweetfest. Simply send out each of the following tweets on the hour and the half hour throughout the day. As more people participate, our message is amplified and the twitter universe will be abuzz with the message of hope, healing and life. Also, follow us on Twitter throughout the day as we will be posting additional live tweets as events unfold. Please send this to your pro-life friends to expand our presence on Twitter even more.

To make things easy, if you don't already, please follow us on Twitter (click for our Twitter page) and simply retweet our tweets throughout the day. Our Twitter handle is @TFFVA.

Here are the Twitter "Feed Phrases" to tweet throughout the day today, with the hashtag #VAStands4Life14:

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VA abortion clinics cited 4 violating informed consent. #VAStands4Life14

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Ultrasound requirement in informed consent means more info, less regret # VAStands4Life14

Abortion center standards need to be enforced to prevent #Gosnell incident in VA. #VAStands4Life14 #don'twanttobePAinVA

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Abortion down 16% in VA in 4 years, pro-life policies save lives #VAStands4Life14

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VA pro-life laws save lives #VAStands4Life14

Abortion stops a beating heart #VAStands4Life14

A voice must be given to the voiceless #VAStands4Life14

Virginians of conscience have come to Richmond to stand for live #VAStands4Life14

I will continue to fight to protect the right to #life of the most vulnerable among us #VAStands4Life14

In 40 years after Roe v Wade more than 50 million unborn children have been denied the right to life #VAStands4Life14

Abortion center standards protect mothers' health #industrycan'tselfregulate #VAStands4Life14

Adoption not abortion #VAStands4Life14

Virginia Pregnancy Resource Centers are life-affirming #VAStands4Life14

I stand with thousands of Virginians at the VA State Capitol #VAStands4Life14

Delaware: Surgically Abortion Free (For Now)!

There was more good pro-life news this week. As more and more states pass laws and add abortion center safety standards, Planned Parenthood of Delaware actually closed that state's only two abortion centers, making it the first state since the deplorable 1973 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v Wade to cease offering surgical abortions. There's one catch. It promises to be a temporary situation (see  One center, located in Dover, apparently remains open but has temporarily suspended surgical abortions while the one in Wilmington has closed so it can reorganize, re-staff and clean — it has come under increasing scrutiny and three employees have quit or been fired since dangerous conditions there were exposed. It's also the place where an infamous attack on a pro-life grandmother took place earlier this year (see video).

One of the employees thought to be fired is abortionist Eric Schaff whose record includes a reprimand and fine for falsifying medical records. He also botched four abortions between February 8 and March 13, all of which led to the affected women receiving hospital emergency room, life-saving treatments (read more and see video here). According to Operation Rescue's Cheryl Sullenger:

Schaff is an outspoken advocate of abortion who feels "empowered" by doing them.

Right now, Delaware does not do routine inspections of abortion centers. Incredibly, an official told a television reporter they "don't have the manpower for routine inspections." Really? For only two facilities? More incredibly, in the vacuum, the state has ceded inspections to . . . you guessed it . . . Planned Parenthood. Delaware television station WPVI investigated the situation and former employees of the Wilmington abortion center went on camera to describe "Gosnell-like conditions" (see video). Now, there are more investigations and legal actions pending. Quite frankly, there is a lot to look into and this post only scratches the surface. What is known is every bit as disgusting as the Gosnell case.

As grisly as it all is, at least there is a shutdown of surgical abortions in one of the 50 states. Although the duration of the suspension is undetermined, we can take heart that it is the first state in 40 years to, for at least a time, officially end surgical abortions. A small victory, but any victory leads to saved lives. Saved lives lead to people realizing abortion is not a viable answer to any problem or fear. The more people who come to understand that, the quicker abortion will end.


The Utter Tone Deafness Of The Pro-Abortion Crowd

This is what we're fighting against:

If you think the secular left can't get any lower, think again. First it was the "your first time"  video from the Obama campaign, which likened a woman's first sexual experience with voting for Barack Obama. Now it's the Center for Reproductive Rights with this video celebrating Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand. Glenn Stanton is spot on with his analysis, especially with the observation of the creepily ironic and multiple use of the word "baby."

Also sad is the use of a black man, when the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood, was founded to reduce the black population in America. It still locates a vast number of its abortion centers in minority neighborhoods. Stanton cites this quote:

Everything that was gained in the Civil Rights Movement means nothing to a dead black child.

The vulgarity of this sleazy video and the idea behind it, not to mention what it says about what pro-abortion leaders think of women, speaks more profoundly than any critical words. Stanton, again, sums it up: Kyrie elesison. (Lord have mercy.)

Join Us Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, January 22, from 10:00-11:30 a.m., abortion advocates are rallying at the Capitol to "protect reproductive rights in Virginia and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade." Many of these people, young and old, have bought into the lie that has been propagated by abortion industry advocates with the help of the media. Spurred on by Paul's words in 2 Timothy 2:24-26, we are planning a Life Outreach and Compassionate Response event tomorrow at the Capitol in Richmond, during the pro-abortion rally:

And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. Opponents must be gently instructed, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth. ...

We are planning to be there as a beacon of light, compassion, grace and truth. Please feel free to bring your own sign to hold up and let everybody see the love of God for them and for all human life.

We will meet in House Room 2 inside the Capitol at 9:00 a.m for coffee, prayer and a short briefing; then we will proceed as instructed. Thank you for caring and lending your voice to those who have no voice. To RSVP, please send an e-mail to with a "YES" in the subject line. We look forward to seeing you!

The Pro Choice Crisis?

It's been interesting to watch the pro-choice movement over the years. Admittedly, I wasn't around to do much watching in the 1970s right after Roe v. Wade. However, it appears that the general perspective was that the unborn child, as I would refer to him or her, was considered little more than a blob of tissue pretty much until it was born and wanted. That belief has been shown to be fiction over time as science has proved what I've always known as a matter of my faith — that it's a human being much earlier than that, as in from conception. The first shift in discussing abortion that I recall started with the concept of viability. The earlier a baby could be born and survive, the more folks on all sides had to acknowledge that it must be more than a blob at some point, though defining that particular point was difficult for pro-aborts. Currently, this once-called blob can survive outside the womb at 21 weeks.

To make matters worse for the abortion movement, Time magazine and others started reporting on fetal surgery and how the unborn child would react to stimuli doctors used in the womb. Then GE launched the 4D ultrasound. Now, the non-biased viewer saw things a lot clearer than the black and white skeletal image to which people had grown accustomed.

These scientific advances have caused a change in dialogue (and a change in opinion?). Of late, one mostly hears groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL talk not in terms of who's in the womb, but in terms of the circumstances the woman faces that merit her taking of human life: the pregnant mom is in poverty, a victim of rape, wouldn't be able to complete her education, "health care." These are real situations and not ones to make light of. However, recent news is bringing to light other circumstances that result in abortion — sex selection and extra embryos.

Not long ago we reported on sex selective abortions. While most associate this problem with India or China's one-child policy (something Joe Biden "understands," see Lisa Graas at LiveAction Blog), the use of sex selection is alive and well in the U.S (see New York Times). Unlike the UK and other places where such a practice has been banned, here it is perfectly legal. It can be done through abortion or one can simply fly to Las Vegas and pay $20,000 to choose an embryo by gender to implant through in vitro fertilization. Even if one doesn't choose to implant a specific sex but implants multiple embryos, one can engage in "twin reduction." This is the process whereby IVF clients implant multiple embryos and when they thrive in the womb, the “parents” then choose one embryo to eliminate through abortion. Given two healthy babies, sex selection can be the basis for that decision. After all, according to Gallup, 45 percent of respondents would choose a boy if they could have only one child, a number nearly double those choosing a girl (27 percent cited no preference).

Couple this practice with recent news of a 95-percent-plus accurate blood test that determines the sex of an unborn child at seven weeks (at least seven-13 weeks earlier than the oft-used ultrasound method, see, and you see where this is leading. Much like the 4D ultrasound, used only for high-risk pregnancies but available commercially, some in the medical community use this blood test to detect sex-related genetic disorders, but it also is available for purchase by customers of all stripes. In a largely meaningless gesture, the primary seller of the kit, Consumer Genetics, Inc., does require an agreement from purchasers stating that the purpose of testing is not sex selection before it processes the results.

Both "twin reduction" and "sex selection" do appear to be causing some heartburn among "pro-choicers (see William Saletan at the movement was focused on a blob of tissue, no discussion of motivation was necessary. Since scientific advances have forced proponents of abortion to turn the discussion into a balance between the needs of the mother and the value of the unborn child, motivation becomes relevant. Is abortion acceptable under any and all circumstances? Should someone be able to create a child, implant it and then choose to extinguish its perfectly healthy life as a result of it being one more than was intended? Doesn't the fact that they consciously attempt to create a child prove it is a life? Is it acceptable to society that a woman may choose to get pregnant as frequently as she chooses and abort any number of times to get the desired "boy" result on the seven week blood test?

Interestingly enough, we may have discovered a point where feminism contradicts itself. Can feminism hold onto the view that a woman has a "right to choose" in all circumstances, even if it results in legalized inequality between sexes in the womb?

While this blood test tragically may increase abortion, it has potential fatal ramification for the "pro-choice" movement: This once-called blob of tissue now not only has a discernable heartbeat at six weeks, its sex can be determined at seven. Those defending abortion on demand continue to run headlong into the great words of Dr. Suess: "A person's a person, no matter how small."

The "Living" Constitution And Supreme Court Precedent

The U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearings of Elena Kagen brought up the same old issues. One, especially dear to pro-abortion liberals, is the legal principle of stare decisis, which is the idea that court precedent is engraved in steel and cannot be overturned by anyone or any body — even the very court that made the ruling. Of course this is absurd. We'd still have separate but equal if courts followed this line of thinking. What stare decisis really means is that the fleeting decision of five people must rule over the entire lifetime of a nation. Stare decisis is precious to liberals because they view Roe v. Wade as sacrosanct. By no means can it ever be re-examined. But while this old principle wasgladly glossed over by both sides during Ms. Kagan's hearing last week, no one thought to broach a new argument to expose the liberal hypocrisy: It is liberals who claim that the constitution is a "living" document, flexible enough to be interpreted any way the government wants it to be. No powers to mandate rules to the states? So what? No powers to take over industries? No problem. No powers to force you to buy something? Too bad. We do what we want. Live with it.

So, where there are defined rules for governing on paper — the U.S. Constitution — ratified and practiced for two centuries, government does what it wants anyway. But where five mortals decide something, no matter how faulty their reasoning or evidence provided, we must do forever what the decision says.

This Just In . . . Planned Parenthood Celebrates Roe V. Wade With Lies About Abortion Center Safety Bill

We just received an e-mail from Planned Parenthood. It's oh, so heartwarming (not!) to see the abortion industry celebrate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as millions of people in Washington, D.C., today, and elsewhere, mourn the deplorable decision. This is how they celebrate: They send an e-mail alert that lies about the content of HB 393, a bill passed on a bipartisan 16-6 vote yesterday in the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee. It would add three simple, common sense provisions to unregulated abortion centers. The bill, patroned by Delegate Matt Lohr (R-26, Harrisonburg) goes to the House floor for an up or down vote Monday (contact your delegate).

Just as during their committee testimony yesterday, the e-mail is full of lies about the bill. It's a standard liberal tactic: The truth is whatever you say it is, no matter if what you say is no where to be found in the bill. For example, PP makes claims about "the architectural, procedural, staffing and equipment requirements of ambulatory surgery centers" which are not in the bill.

The bill mandates three simple things: licensure, an annual inspection and keeping defibrillators on premises. (There are three defibrillators in the General Assembly Building!) Nothing about building codes or staffing. In fact, in 2008, when this same bill came before the Senate Education and Health Committee, and Delegate Lohr offered the committee a substitute in full view of the committee room that specifically limited the bill to those three elements, the PP lobbyist read from her script, not deviating one second, using rote talking points about a bill 10 years old. It was the same yesterday in committee.  

So, thank you PP, for putting lies ahead of women's safety. Below is the e-mail (apparently sent to non-Virginians as well) in which PP tells its followers how and what to say to lawmakers, word for word.

Dear xxxxx,

Today marks the 37th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States. Since this time, there have been numerous attempts to chip away at Roe on the local, state, and federal levels. One of the biggest threats to Roe today is decreased access to providers of first trimester abortions. In fact, 87% of counties in the United States do not have abortion providers.

Ironically, members of the Virginia House of Delegates will be voting on HB 393, Targeted Regulations for Abortion Providers, on Monday, January 25. This bill is a thinly disguised attempt to impose burdensome and unnecessary regulations on abortion providers so that the provision of services would become prohibitively expensive and thus out of reach for many women in Virginia. 

Please contact your legislator and ask him or her to OPPOSE HB 393.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):

Your Delegate (if you live in Virginia)

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Please OPPOSE HB 393, Targeted Regulations for Abortion Providers

Dear [decision maker],

I am writing to ask that you OPPOSE HB 393, Targeted Regulations for Abortion Providers. This legislation has little to do with patient safety and is instead intended to decrease access to safe abortion services in Virginia. Abortion care is already provided safely in accordance with state and federal regulatory agencies. Furthermore, the architectural, procedural, staffing and equipment requirements of ambulatory surgery centers are unrelated to the safety of first trimester abortion procedures provided in medical offices.

Compliance with these unnecessary requirements would make abortion services prohibitively expensive to provide and thus unavailable for many women in Virginia.

Please protect women's access to reproductive health care and OPPOSE HB 393.

No Choice At Planned Parenthood: An "Abortion First Mentality"

Planned Parenthood talks a lot about "choice." However, undercover video after undercover video has exposed the nation's leading abortion provider as anything but an organization concerned with providing options, women's health or even upholding the law, covering up potential sexual abuse (see video here) and statutory rape cases (see video here) rather than notify law enforcement, all to procure paying customers. Now, another shocking undercover video recently released by Live Action shows — as if we didn't already know — that Planned Parenthood personnel will lie about health and medical issues, straight to a woman's face, in order to suck in another check. To do that, Planned Parenthood "counselors" and abortionists attempt to dehumanize babies through manipulative word play. It's an attempt to sever all cognitive, rational and loving connection between the mother and her baby, specifically by refusing to use the word "baby," even correcting the "patient" (i.e., victim) when she says "baby." Instead, they euphemistically call the baby a "pregnancy" or "fetus" and say it's not a baby "until it's born."

Planned Parenthood even lies about heart beats, instead saying the the unborn baby has "heart tones" up to a certain point, whatever that might mean. But perhaps the most apalling lies come from the abortionist himself, when he tells the "patient" that abortions are "very safe. Safer than having a baby, actually." Which doesn't exactly explain why a New Jersey woman went into a coma after a botched abortion and recently won $1.9 million in a settlement (see  

Perhaps more disturbing, and something to look into for an enterprising Wisconsin attorney (where the undercover video was taken), is that the abortionist admits to performing abortions for 40 years, which means he started four years before Roe v. Wade legalized it. Jeremy Wiggins adds his comments on the video and the New Jersey case at Rightly Concerned. (You can see all of Live Action's Planned Parenthood undercover videos at its YouTube channel, here.) 

It all points to Planned Parenthood's reason for being, succinctly stated by Lila Rose, Live Action's president:

Planned Parenthood, while claiming to support patient self-determination, operates with an 'abortion-first mentality.'

Nothing proves it more shockingly and vividly than this video:

Disconnecting the mother from her baby rhetorically and emotionally by dehumanizing the baby: Remember, it's "heart tones," NOT "heart beats;" it's a "pregnancy," NOT a "baby." Not to mention an abortionist who says he's performed abortions longer than they've been legal.

Virginia News Stand: April 21, 2009

What's great about the Internet is even when it's a slow news day, you can always find something. We even have two News Stand firsts: A double feature video section and we cite ourselves. Today's state news is thin in number but meaty in content. On a subject we will comment on soon enough, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell takes a public stand on his Alma Mater conferring an honorary doctorate to the nation's most ardent pro-abortion on demand president, ever. As it turns out, his most pro-abortion-ever HHS secretary nominee was confirmed today in the midst of still more alleged impropriety. Meanwhile, Brian Moran's Democrat primary campaign got a boost from homosexual activists, Creigh Deeds' relationship with defense firms is reviewed, the Dems lose a N.Va. House challenger, and home-schooled college students make a film about Roe v. Wade

If that's not enough, when things even look slow, we can rely on OneNewsNow for a supply of national news the MSM gladly overlooks. For example, we have a must-see video of Planned Parenthood getting busted — again! — hiding a potential statutory rape, so as to procure an abortion "client." This is the fifth time a PP abortion center has been caught on tape doing this. Read about it and see it for yourself. It's all below.  


McDonnell opposes Notre Dame degree for Obama (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Gay and lesbian Democratic group backs Moran's bid for governor(Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Deeds Solicited Defense Firms (Washington Post)

Democrat Drops Out of Delegate Race (Washington Post)

Homeschoolers release 'Roe v. Wade' movie (

National News:

Sebelius has 'integrity issue' (

'Poor science' undergirds new stem cell regs (

Memphis abortion center exposed for hiding statutory rape (


Latest Planned Parenthood Cover-Up (

On Same-Sex Marriage: Deeds Flip-Flops, Moran Just Flops, And T-Mac Sounds Vaguely Sensible (

Interview With U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, Part 1

Welcome to part one of our exclusive interview with United States Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS). In this first part, we get the senator's thoughts on how to win "red" states, the financial crisis, the Supreme Court and his thoughts on Republican presidential candidate John McCain. We hope you enjoy reading through this and leave us your comments. Part two will appear tomorrow. Senator Brownback, thank you for taking our questions today. It is a real honor to have you appear on, as it were. We're not quite a year old, but already are one of the most read Virginia public policy and politics blogs, and we know thousands of voters are looking forward to reading this interview. You are the first federal office holder to do an interview with us and the first non-Virginia politician. Congratulations . . . a couple of career firsts you probably never expected. ; - )

Hope that doesn't add any pressure . . . are you ready for some questions?

Senator Brownback: I am ready for some questions, and I thank you for talking with me today. What is at stake for pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional values voters in this election?

Senator Brownback: Much is at stake for values voters in this election. For example, let's consider the courts. People need to look at each candidate and assess the type of judges he will appoint to the Supreme Court. John McCain will nominate conservative judges who will not legislate from the bench. I think values voters understand how important it is that the next president might nominate as many as 3-4 new justices to the Supreme Court. Who sits in the Oval Office may determine whether Roe v. Wade is finally overturned. Are the stakes higher than normal given other significant issues, including the economy and the Wall Street financial crisis? Can you give us an outline as to how you think the final legislation will look when eventually passed? (Note: This was asked before the final votes in the House and Senate.

Senator Brownback: Negotiations over legislation to help ease the credit crunch are still on-going so I won't speculate on what the final package may look like. I will say that the stakes are always high when electing a new president. Each voter must be informed about the issues and truly understand the power of his or her vote. Our nation is facing financial hard times, and John McCain has proven over the years that he has the leadership experience to lead America through such difficult times. Why do you think states such as Virginia, which normally are safe "red" states, are up for grabs this campaign?

Senator Brownback: I think we do ourselves a disservice when we think that any states are ‘safe.' Each election cycle, both parties need to actively demonstrate to the voters what they stand for and how they will help the county. I hope Virginians take a good look at the two candidates and recognize that John McCain really would best represent them, both in social policy and fiscal policy. You are recognized as a prominent national leader in the pro-life movement. When you ended your own presidential campaign earlier this year, you soon endorsed John McCain. What is it about Senator McCain that makes you think he is the best man to be our 44th president?

Senator Brownback: John McCain has proven time and again that he is a great leader who always puts country first. He is a brave war hero, who even as a young man demonstrated a very strong sense of patriotism. And during his tenure in the United States Senate, John McCain has shown that he is a man willing to reach across the aisle and work with is colleagues on the other side. I've seen first hand John McCain's willingness to lead and stand up for what he thinks is right. All of these are very important qualities for the next president. You are national co-chairman of Catholics For McCain. At one time, Senator McCain and some pro-life Christian leaders in Virginia didn't see eye-to-eye. Are pro-life Christians comfortable with Senator McCain now? Why should Catholics and other pro-traditional values voters vote for Senator McCain?

Senator Brownback: Pro-life voters should vote for John McCain because John McCain is pro-life. Unlike some who talk about promoting a culture of life, Senator McCain has the record to prove it. He has voted to confirm strong conservative judicial nominees like Justices Roberts and Alito.    

More On Life From Nat Hentoff

As we posted last week, liberal and pro-life columnist Nat Hentoff wrote an insightful column about liberal politicians' pro-abortion views. That column ("Democrats and abortion") is very well worth the read (click here). This week, he's followed up with another brilliant piece ("Abortion wars crescendo")  which we cannot  recommend highly enough for you to read as well (click here). In it, Hentoff highlights some astounding — and very unfortunate — shifts in the Democrats' national platform. In a telling sign of just how far left those who controlled the levers of power at its convention are, the party even eliminated the Bill Clinton abortion platform plank of "safe, legal and rare." (Wonder if Hillary would've left that in?)

It also is "strongly and unequivocally" supportive of Roe v. Wade and opposes  any attempts to "weaken or undermine it." (Which shows more than a sad policy position. It shows weakness and hypocrisy at best, and ignorance at worst. Most liberals think an overturn of Roe would ban abortions. It would not. It would return the decisions to the states. If the country is so supportive of abortion on demand, what are pro-aborts afraid of? A little democracy? Why so afraid of a little voting here and there?)

Here are some other jaw droppers from Hentoff: 

» Barack Obama is a co-sponsor of the "Freedom of Choice Act" that would make partial-birth abortion legal, contrary to a Supreme Court decision. (Why is it okay for pro-aborts to try to change a Supreme Court decision, but not for pro-lifers?)

» For you libertarians who don't think abortion is an issue, Obama is leading the way repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion. (Joe Biden also supports taxpayer funding of abortion despite what he said to Tom Brokow per his September 7 Meet The Press interview. Click here for the record. In fact, Hentoff notes from The Nation, that Biden has a perfect 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood.)

» Obama voted in the Illinois Senate to block a bill requiring the notification of at least one parent of a minor from another state seeking an abortion in Illinois.

» The well know fact, by now, that Obama voted to deny life-saving treatment to babies born despite surviving an abortion.

» Hentoff cites from an August 24 Washington Times editorial, "Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks," (read here) that one-third of all its abortions in 2007 were performed on blacks and a majority of its facilities are in minority neighborhoods.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood's apparent racial profiling, Hentoff ends by citing a black leader, a prominent Democrat, who once was fiercely eloquent in his defense of life. Until he, too, ran for president. Said this man several years ago:

"Don't let the pro-choicers convince you that a fetus isn't a human being. That's how the whites dehumanized us. ... The first step was to distort the image of us as human beings in order to justify that which they wanted to do and not even feel like they had done anything wrong."

That man is the Reverend Jesse Jackson.