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Cuccinelli Working Hard, T-Mac Hardly Working

One of the many bipartisan knocks on Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe — aside from his many scandals — is that being a non-Virginian, he doesn't know Virginia, its traditions, its history or how its government works. Apparently, he doesn't know what Virginians expect from candidates, either. Despite the closing in the polls, McAuliffe has cooled off his campaign schedule — no media interviews, a canceled press conference, a skipped event with college students and no campaign events the last few days except for his Obamacare celebration rally with President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Republican Ken Cuccinelli has round-the-clock events up to election day on Tuesday with national conservative stars such as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, capped by a Monday night rally with former Congressman from Texas and libertarian Republican icon Ron Paul, the former presidential candidate at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Here's Ben Pershing from The Washington Post:

Ken Cuccinelli II is planning a frenetic schedule with a handful of big-name Republican surrogates as the race for Virginia governor draws to a close. Terry McAuliffe, by contrast, is mostly staying out of sight aside from a pair of high-profile events.

The differing strategies illustrate the pecking order as the hard-fought contest nears its end. Cuccinelli (R) is consistently trailing in the polls and can’t afford much of an advertising presence on the airwaves, so he’s counting on word-of-mouth and media coverage from live appearances to stay afloat.

McAuliffe (D) is nursing a lead and has the cash to keep up a steady drumbeat of ads, giving him little incentive to expose himself to the press more than necessary. Cuccinelli is planning to do multiple daily events around the state from Friday through Tuesday. His itinerary includes events Saturday in Spotsylvania and Prince William counties with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and appearances in Warrenton and Culpeper Monday with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). And former representative Ron Paul (R-Tex.) will join Cuccinelli in Richmond on Monday evening.

McAuliffe’s campaign has said that he will appear at a rally with President Obama on Sunday afternoon at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, and he will join forces with Vice President Biden on Monday morning in Annandale to kick off a day of canvassing.

McAuliffe has announced no public events for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. His campaign has not responded to requests for comment about his schedule.

On Wednesday, McAuliffe wrapped up a four-day campaign swing with former president Bill Clinton, but he did not take questions from the media at those appearances. McAuliffe has done a handful of individual interviews, but aside from a brief gaggle following last Thursday’s debate in Blacksburg, he has done no other media availabilities in the past three weeks.

Is McAuliffe taking Virginians for granted? Has he started measuring the Governor's Mansion's drapes and called the moving trucks? Virginians don't appreciate that, something McAuliffe would know if he knew Virginia.


Primary Day Is Tomorrow: What To Do?

Tomorrow is primary day in Virginia. But there was a little problem on the way to Super Tuesday: Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul qualified for the ballot via Virginia's petition process. Write-ins are not allowed, which means no Newt or Rick. With all that as backdrop, who are you voting for — and why? Let us know. Is it because you like one of the candidates, resigned that one will be the nominee, or will you vote for one to stop another in lieu of your preferred candidate not making it on the ballot? Or, will you not vote at all, either out of protest or disinterest? Or will you go to the booth and not pull the lever, which will record a voter on the registrar's rolls, but not a vote — a protest vote of none of the above.

Even with a limited field, then, there are choices. There have been lots of rumors of subterranean voter plots, although we haven't heard of any organized movement. Disinterest, if anything, seems to lead the unofficial polls. The remaining field of four has inspired only modest interest in primaries where all were on the ballot. So with only two of them on the ballot in Virginia, and almost no campaigning or advertising here to excite the base, activity has been almost non-existent. Some voters, who previously expressed disappointment in the field and intention not to vote, now say with so many delegates at stake to nominate someone to run in the most important election in our lifetime, will vote.

It may not be the most exciting times in Virginia presidential political history — the biggest splash may have been an appearance last week by a non candidate, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who drew a record crowd of 1,800 people at House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's annual breakfast (see Richmond Times-Dispatch and — but the ironic permutations of tomorrow's vote make it no less interesting.

Let us know what you intend to do. Leave your comments here or join the conversation on our Facebook page. 

Why Did Herman Cain Win Florida’s GOP Presidential Straw Poll Vote?

Why did Herman Cain win the Florida Republican presidential straw poll vote? Come see for yourself in 12 days, when Herman Cain offers the keynote address at The Family Foundation Annual Gala, Saturday, October 8. In case you missed it over the weekend, coming off Thursday night's Florida GOP presidential candidate debate, Mr. Cain received 37 of the vote in the Republican straw poll, followed by Texas Governor Rick Perry (15 percent), former Governor Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (14 percent), former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (11 percent) and U.S. Representative Ron Paul (10 percent). All other candidates trailed in single digits. What makes this poll so telling is that the voters were delegates to a convention, and not activists who could be bussed in, fed for a couple of hours in a fun, tailgate atmosphere, and have their admission tickets paid for by a candidate — as was the case in the Iowa straw poll in August.

But it's not only Florida. Mr. Cain has been turning heads around the country for years, as a successful corporate CEO and a television and radio political and business news commentator — as well as a pastor and one with a compelling stage IV cancer survivor. So don't miss your opportunity to see what the buzz is all about. Although this is a non-political event, it's an opportunity to get to know Herman Cain* as an individual, and not as a candidate. Space is limited, so click here to purchase tickets to the gala. Better yet, not only can you hear him speak, you can have your picture taken with Herman Cain by signing up for a table sponsorship. Click here for details on this special opportunity.

Here is what people were saying about Mr. Cain this weekend:

» At a faith rally before the debate and a conservative forum after, Cain earned the loudest applause. By Friday night, he was so popular that his staff had to find a bigger room to accommodate admirers. But even then, in a room with a capacity of 700, a long line snaked out the door. (The Miami Herald)

» Cain was “not full of himself. He’s honest, he’s got a sense of humor, he’s got a plan.” (

» Cain, who charmed activists with a series of red meat speeches and a smooth debate performance, was mentioned frequently as a second choice among activists who came to Orlando ready to support Perry before changing their minds. ( blog)

More coverage can be found here:

» Human Events


» The Miami Herald


» Blog

Don't forget, visit our Gala Page today by clicking here to get ticket, sponsorship and all the gala information you need. For questions, please call 804-343-0010 or e-mail

2011 Family Foundation Annual Gala details

The Family Foundation Annual Gala featuring keynote speaker Herman Cain

Greater Richmond Convention Center, Grand Ballroom, corner of 5th and East Broad Streets

October 8: Private sponsors reception at 4:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:00

Business Attire

Register Online:

Register by Phone or Questions: Please call Dan Thompson or John Downer at (804) 343-0010



* DISCLAIMER: Mr. Cain’s appearance is in his personal capacity, not as a candidate, and does not imply any endorsement by The Family Foundation Action or The Family Foundation.

Paid for by The Family Foundation Action.

Gala Speaker Mike Pence Wins Presidential Straw Poll At Values Voter Summit!

We've been making the case that our 25th Anniversary Gala speaker, Congressman Mike Pence (R-Ind.), is one of the leading conservatives in America. Well respected by his colleagues and those in the conservative media, his star is shining brightly among the grassroots now, too, as Saturday he won the closely watched Values Voter Summit Presidential Straw Poll with 24 percent of the vote over 17 potential candidates (see The 2,000 summit attendees voted (see Outside The Beltway's Doug Mataconis) last year's gala speaker, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, second. The others who received votes in the straw poll, in alphabetical order, were Haley Barbour, Jan Brewer, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Jim DeMint, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Bob McDonnell, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and John Thune.

This year's gala not only will be a chance to hear one of the leaders and intellectual forces behind the conservative movement, but also to share in the celebration of 25 years of fighting the good fight for traditional and family values. Already, more than 900 people have bought tickets to the event (nearing last year's record), and you will want to see for yourself why Congressman Pence is so respected by thousands of conservative grassroots leaders and activists from around the nation.

This very special Family Foundation event, one that will be remembered long after it is over, is Saturday, October 9, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center at 6:30 (5:15 sponsors reception with Congressman Pence). To order your tickets or for sponsorship information, get complete details here, e-mail us at, or call The Family Foundation at (804) 343-0010.

See the speech that drove Values Voter Summit attendees to vote Mike Pence its 2012 presidential favorite:

Pence, commonsense and common values: "Those who would have us ignore the battle being fought over life, marriage and religious liberty, have forgotten the lessons of history. As in the days of a house divided, America's darkest moments have come when economic arguments trumped moral principles."

Virginia News Stand: April 19, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations The Mostly All Virginia Edition

Today's News Stand is all Virginia, for the most part. Even The Weekly Standard'sMary Katherine Ham's feature on the use of the Internet by GOP campaigns has a lengthy portion devoted to the expertise in which Governor Bob McDonnell's campaign used new technology to find and target voters. We have a round-up of Tea Party Day across the commonwealth. Commentary also has a Virginia ledger today, with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's opinion piece making National Review Online.


Va. public broadcasting funds in peril (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Roxann Robinson to run for Nixon’s delegate seat (

At UVa, Justice Scalia warns of scholars’ agendas, biases (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

How do LGBT people fare in the area? (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Think tank says Virginia budget raises taxes on poor (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Black Baptist pastors criticize McDonnell’s policies (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Tea-party supporters rally in Richmond (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Hundreds of Tea Party activists rally in downtown Norfolk (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Election plans brewing for Roanoke Tea Party (Roanoke Times)

Tea Party activists sh0w frustration at local rally (Charlottesville Daily Progress

Lynchburg tea partiers sound off on Tax Day (Lynchburg News & Advance)

Cuccinelli: I’m fighting for Constitution (Lynchburg News & Advance)

Cuccinelli opines that taxes and fees can be embedded in the state budget (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Will Marshall run for U.S. Senate in Va. again? (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

National News

Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays (Washington Post)

No hooking up, no sex for some coeds (


Tea-party influence could cut two ways (Tyler Whitley/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Tea partiers in two camps: Palin vs. Paul ( Virginian-Pilot)

Techno-GOP (Mary Katherine Ham/The Weekly Standard)


Unconstitutional Mandate: Virginia’s Obamacare lawsuit is about more than just health care(Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, III/National Review Online)

McDonnell is tarred by missteps (Jeff Schapiro/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Repeal It! Update

Last week we reported on a new Web site created by the Club for Growth called Repeal It!, a campaign to encourage citizens, candidates and lawmakers to pledge to their support not only to fight against government-run health care, but to pledge to actively work to repeal it if it  becomes law. Far from a surrender to the inevitable, it is helping fuel the resolve of people nationwide (ahem, see Massachusetts). The Club reports that in the first two days alone, the Repeal It! pledge was signed by 20 members of Congress, 57 House and Senate candidates; and more than 4,300 American citizens. As of this morning, those numbers were 31, 109 and 9,366, respectively.

Early signers included U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), U.S. Representative Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), and Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul (son of former presidential candidate Ron Paul). According to a Club e-mail:

Every major Republican primary candidate in at least five states has signed the pledge, guaranteeing voters in Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Kansas a Repeal It! option in November.

Perhaps most gratifying of all, support for the pledge among pro-growth conservative citizens, candidates, and lawmakers has led to an influx of moderate Republicans signing on. This is exactly how a principle organization like the Club for Growth can drive and define a political message. ...

Just like we do on the state level! It goes to show how important active and persistent engagement is and far it can go in affecting policy (and our lives) for the better. The Repeal It! pledge is a master stroke idea, not surprising from the Club for Growth. It is on the front lines and cutting edge of educating the electorate on free market principles and electing stalwart free market candidates.

Also of interest is Club President (and former Congressman) Chris Chocola's opinion piece on (read here). As we wrote last week, too many accept big government after it passes and are content only to trim around the edges, attempt some reform or make it work more efficiently, instead of sticking to the principle of ending and killing off government programs that are not constitutionally grounded. Don't get complacent by one election win (as stunning as it is). After all, Senator-elect Scott Brown isn't a full-fledged conservative. So, we hope you take the time to read Mr. Chocola's commentary and sign the Repeal It! pledge as well, to continue to keep the politicians' feet to the fire and instill in them backbone and vision.