Sarah Palin rally

True Story: Angry Left Logic Admits Abortion Is Murder

This is a true story. This guy I know of, but not formally met, saw me at the Richmond Folk Music Festival yesterday. A mutual friend mentioned that I was attending the Sarah Palin rally today. His first response was, "Oh, good. Are you going to shoot her?" He repeated it as I ignored him. The hate speech is bad enough, but believe me, that's not the point. Read on. After another repetition of his question, I told him that I liked her. He spat out that he could never like someone like her, said something about hating her, then gave his reason: She shoots and "kills moose" but is against abortion. I'm not making this up, but this isn't news anyway. We hear this type of twisted ideology all the time. 

Of course it's ridiculously sad — more concern for animals than babies. But that's still not the point.

Here's the point: He admitted by inference and equation something pro-abortionists  never admit — abortion is murder! To be clear, when I said we ought not to talk about it because I support protecting innocent life, he raged on about the killing in Iraq. So, he meant what he said: in his mind, and those of pro-abortionists, abortion is murder and it is okay by them and always should be legal.

In a peculiar way, I wanted to thank him for revealing the true sentiments of the pro-abortionist movement. I only wish he would testify for us at the General Assembly.