Saturday Night Live

Any More Proof Needed?

Is there any more proof needed that Christianity is the last "safe" institution to mock, belittle, ridicule or offend than this bilge from last weekend's Saturday Night Live?  Imagine if it produced a segment that similarly demeaned Islam — or even a so-called "civil rights" movement, such as homosexual marriage. Of course, SNL produced this piece precisely because it is foundational Christian principles that are the bulwark against the cultural decay of abortion, redefinition of marriage, the infringement of parental rights and the like. Warning: This video contains foul language and very offensive scenes.

Cultural rot celebrated: Saturday Night Live takes glee in offending millions of Christians in this heinous, sacrilegious video  

It is particularly mean in its intentional timing — the first weekend of Lent. One wonders where are those who preach tolerance? Or the people who never hesitate to lecture Christians for "forcing their views on everyone." Is this not a mammoth in-your-face-secularist-mud-pie, launched from the secular culture's most influential weapon — the mass (mainstream) media? Not only is no more proof necessary that Christianity is safe to offend (in fact, secularists believe it is good to offend Christians), there is no more proof needed on their double standard, either.

Pictures Of The Day: DNC Learns Plane Banners Don't Have Spell Check

Activists, pundits, academics, media and elitists on the Left (redundant, I know), and their favorite politicians have no hesitation to smugly and condescendingly caricature Christians and conservatives as ignorant, uneducated, mind-numbed, simple, unable to comprehend complex issues, and generally unwashed. The rich irony: so many of these types willingly admit they get their information from Jon Stewart and Saturday Night Live. So quick to blow up headlines over a simply mis-phrased clause in a sentence by a conservative while ignoring the president's claim that "The private sector is doing fine" or that small business owners "didn't build that," the media and other left-wing institutions abound in hypocrisy. Which makes the mistakes by the Left even funnier. Take, for example, President Obama's campaign in Ohio (or supporters thereof). While the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned in Ohio a few days before the GOP convention, Democrat operatives rented a plane to fly over the Romney-Ryan rally with a tail banner. The operatives proudly professed it to the media as a snarky counter attack.

The problem? Simple grammar. See the picture below. Instead of the word "than" they used "then" and still considered their tactic nothing less than brilliant (see The Blaze).

 If at first you have no message and your grammar is incorrect . . .

Undeterred, the Democrat National Committee decided to rent another plane and make another banner to fly over Tampa during the Republican National Convention. A DNC spokesman proudly tweeted about it. Yet, he found out the hard way, again, that plane banners don't have spell checkers: instead of the appropriate plural "women" it used the singular "woman" (The Blaze has more).

Make another grammar mistake for millions to see while still belittling conservatives as dim.

Time And Money

During the recently completed session of the General Assembly, we heard a lot of complaints about the emphasis on certain types of bills — "social issues" — and how they were sucking the oxygen out of "the issues that matter," even though "social issues" were less than 2 percent of bills that were introduced in the House. Combined with the Senate, that percentage probably dropped to less than 1 percent. Pro-life bills were less than .2 percent. Of course, none of that includes "social issues" brought up by the left, such as the bizarre introduction in the Senate (for the second consecutive session) of the long-deceased, so-called "Equal Rights Amendment" for ratification the U.S. Constitution (SJ 130, which actually passed that radically right-wing chamber 24-15, before "wasting" the House's time, where it died, again). Of course, the session really isn't "completed." Technically, it is, because the members agreed to adjourn. It adjourned only to go into special session later this month because the budget ("The most important thing we do," according to General Assembly liberals) wasn't adopted. In the Senate, it was hardly even started. Talk about "wasting time and money" as the liberals in the capitol, mainstream media, and The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live (the new sources of information for the intellectual elite) told us we were doing in debating "social issues" — anyone cost out a special session of the General Assembly? How about the time? It will already be at least two weeks late before a budget is adopted, and "social issues" have nothing to do with the delay since bills beside the budget are done on a totally separate track. The "most important thing we do," "wasting time and money," "work on the issues that matter". ...

So, who's wasting "time and money"? Here's a web ad from the Republican Party of Virginia that shows there are, at least, some sane voices from across political spectrum who understand who really is obstructing, who really is wasting "time and money."

Are you serious? The ERA and no budget?  Some sane voices, even on the left, recognize the folly: In an unprecedented inaction, Senate Democrats blocked approval of the Senate budget and two versions of a House budget, not even getting to the necessary conference committee process. 

Governor McDonnell Signs Ultrasound Bill!

Earlier today, Governor Bob McDonnell signed the ultrasound bill into law. After weeks of vicious rhetorical attacks by abortion industry apologists and multiple staged rallies at the capitol, a bill that simply updates the Commonwealth's popular informed consent law with modern medical practice and technology is set to become law on July 1.

Please click here to thank Governor McDonnell for signing the legislation.

Be prepared for what promises to be an extreme and hysterical reaction from those who have been instigated by the out-of-control rhetoric that has gripped the capitol recently. Knowing no boundaries, abortion apologists in the legislature and media have ridiculed law enforcement, mischaracterized the legislation, and stirred up frenzy among "Occupy Richmond" followers. The real embarrassment for Virginia is that people have actually believed what they've heard in the media and been influenced by ridiculous Saturday Night Live skits and pathetic so-called comedians posing as journalists.

As we said in our e-mail alert and documented on this blog yesterday, legislators are being attacked with hate-filled e-mails that are so vile and threatening, the Capitol Police have been notified. The "reasoned" and "thoughtful" veil has been torn off the abortion industry and its supporters.

In particular, Delegate Kathy Byron (R-22, Lynchburg), the patron of the ultrasound bill Governor McDonnell signed today, has been the focus of some of the most viscous attacks. We are particularly grateful for her perseverance and commitment to making sure this bill became law, despite the relentless attacks. She has stood strong during difficult floor speeches and questioning by abortion industry defenders, media attacks, hate mail and more.

Please click here to send an e-mail to Delegate Byron thanking her for her courageous stand for life! (If that link does not work, copy and paste her e-mail address into your own e-mail program:

More people are becoming pro-life every day because modern technology, such as ultrasounds, allow us to see what couldn't be seen 30 years ago when abortion was determined to be legal. The abortion industry fears that a woman might see the unborn for what they are and make a different choice, which means less money in the industry's coffers, and that is exactly what the opposition to this bill has always been about.

Today's action by Governor McDonnell is a victory for women's health and for the pro-life cause, which are not mutually exclusive. Protecting women from abortion "doctors" who take no time with their patients outside of doing the procedure, and who are more interested in the bottom line than the health of women, is pro-life! Providing women with all the information about their unborn child so they can make the most informed "choice" is pro-woman. We are pleased this important legislation now will become law.

Follow The Smart Money: Falling Obama Popularity And Political Rebuff Reflected In Stock Market Rise?

Kent Engelke is the chief economic strategist and managing director at Virginia-based Capitol Securities Management, and is one of the most quoted market experts in the country. His forecasts largely get it right. I get his daily Early Morning Commentary and today's had some compelling statistics that should alarm everyone. People, take heed. Using the stock market as the predictor it is, he asks why equities have experienced a rally of late. He posits a theory that investors think socialized medicine will not occur. He cites President Obama's own economic team's warnings of financial disaster if the deficit is not reduced substantially. (Of course, they always say that and spend and tax and print money anyway.)

But take this with more than a grain of salt:

The 2009 fiscal deficit was an astounding $1.4 trillion as spending increased from $3 trillion to $3.5 trillion while tax revenue fell from $2.5 trillion to $2.1 trillion. The debt is now at $12 trillion and is expected to grow by another $9 trillion over the next decade. [Dow Jones]

CBO is estimating spending on Medicaid and Medicare will grow over $700 billion over the next 10 years while health care legislation is conservatively estimated to add another $900 billion to the deficit. [Dow Jones]

But most alarming is this:

Incidentally and as per the Organization of Economic Corporation and Development today 42% of U.S. GDP is comprised of federal, state and local spending. Wow! We all know the efficiency of the government.

Mr. Engelke doesn't pontificate political often in his writings, so a letter devoted almost exclusively to our current situation is remarkable. He also notes that since the Obama administration, by general agreement (and even Saturday Night Live) "is steep in hype but low in accomplishments" and asks rhetorically whether the stock  market rally suggests "a backlash in government spending, perhaps even a reduction, because the President’s approval ratings are plummeting?"

According to the Rasmussen Report:

40% strongly disapprove of the president’s job performance. 27% strongly approve. Overall 47% approve of his actions while 53% disapprove, the second lowest ratings for this President. Fifty four percent oppose health care legislation while 42% approve it.

When a normally non-plussed and widely respected market strategist and economist goes to this length, something is up. The stock market often is an indicator of things not only financial, but societal, technological and political, among other trends. Looking at it strictly from a personal stock-holdings point of view doesn't paint the entire picture. You know what they say: Follow the money. Especially if it's smart money. Expect political changes shortly.

Funny Or Not?

Question: What's funnier than an Al Franken joke? Answer: Al Franken on the Senate Judiciary Committee!

Of course, it doesn't take much to be funnier than an Al Franken joke,  but a comedian instead of an attorney on the United States Senate Judiciary Committee? (See the Fort Worth Star-Telegram— "art" eventually imitated life as Franken once played a senator on that committee during a Saturday Night Live skit about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Justice Clarence Thomas.)

Come to think of it, the bizarre is the new normal in the Age of Obama.

(If you haven't, vote in our Al Franken poll by clicking here.)

Not So Slick Talking Bishop Biden

Democrat vice presidential candidate Joe Biden earned the nickname "Bishop" for all the whoppers he's told trying to re-write the Catholic faith. Perhaps because of that, his gaffes on the more mundane political and policy issues seem to have escaped any serious scrutiny by the Mainstream Media. On the other hand, he makes so many gaffes, it's quite difficult to keep up and sort out. Jake Tapper of ABC News has a blog called Political Punch, surprisingly somewhat fair. About two weeks ago he tallied up Biden's gaffes at 29 (click here),although that may have been an undercount. A post by Tapper yesterday (click here) had Biden up to 32 gaffes (still low by our count). Yet all the media can focus on is Governor Sarah Palin's clothes. However, today, Tapper has a post about how much more accessible Governor Palin is to the media than the bishop.

We've wanted to document the bishop's gaffes but they fly out of his mouth faster than we can write and post the video. Thankfully, Michelle Malkin came along. Today, she published a column on Biden's gaffes, recounting some of his biggest hits, all the more relevant because Biden has been known to brag about his allegedly high IQ.

Some of our favorite Biden blusters:

» Telling Katie Couric Franklin Roosevelt was president in 1929 and addressed the nation on television about the Great Depression;

» Telling a crippled state senator to "stand up, Chuck!";

» Telling Kate Snow of ABC News that paying higher taxes is patriotic;

» Admitting that Hillary Clinton would have been a VP better choice than he;

» Just recently telling a crowd that the major issue in the campaign comes down to a "three-letter word: J-O-B-S;"

» Ridiculing Joe "The Plumber" by saying "no plumbers or cops live in my neighborhood," perhaps because Biden lives in a $3 million house (which misstated Joe's complaint anyway — Joe's not rich now, but he wants to buy a business one day and be real successful, which apparently Biden and Barack Obama think only the elites can do);

» Telling an environmentalist in Ohio that he and his running mate are against clean coal technology, while Obama told a crowd in Virginia that they are for it; and

» Admitting that if elected, "five or six" rogue regimes would start international incidents to "test" Barack Obama. Very reassuring.

This is on top of his documented 14 lies during his debate with Governor Palin.

By the way, with all the dislike the Mainstream Media says Americans have for Governor Palin, why has she set records for viewership for her convention acceptance speech (although fewer networks carried it), for the vice presidential debate and for last weekend's Saturday Night Live? All blew away any number that Senator Obama received. So, to be fair: Since we posted a video of Barack Obama's gaffes last week, here's a video of Bishop Biden's: