Stephen Walsh

Tired of Presidential Politics? Do This.

by Stephen Walsh
Student Privacy Project Manager

Now that we are a month away from Election Day, America’s eyes and thoughts are on who our leader will be at the highest level. It’s an important decision, no doubt. The next President will choose the Supreme Court, employ a new generation of bureaucrats, and deal with the most serious issues our nation has ever faced.

Unfortunately, the issues are lost in the din of political gamesmanship, advertisement, and propaganda battles between partisan media outlets. A once very important decision among many has turned into something all-consuming and all-distracting. Vital issues that require civic vigilance are used for scoring political points in the cacophony and are then tossed out of the conversation like an abandoned soda bottle on the highway.

The most important abandoned news item is “bathroom issue” as we have come to call it. It was the flavor of early 2016, but rarely makes its way to the major news outlets because the presidential candidates have left the subject untouched.

But, the forces of progressivism are always on the march. Two weeks ago, the Prince William County School board voted to table a decision on whether transgender students and staff should be allowed in the bathrooms of the opposite sex.

Were it not for the intervention of brave and bold Prince William citizens, parents, and educators, it’s likely one of the most influential districts in the country would have voted for and set precedence in the confusion and endangerment of students.

Hundreds came ready to defend their children. Many on the basis of eternal standards.

I was there to see this unfold. After sitting and being at once elated, entertained, and edified I was left with an overriding question:

What if this didn’t happen during a presidential cycle? How many more people would have spoken? How much more powerful would this display have been if people were not dwelling on what Miss Universe said or did in the late nineties?

What we are facing in the transgender issue is a question over the nature, origin, and destiny of mankind itself and whether the government, in its petty and debased state, has the authority to not only say something on the matter, but force others to act on it in a manner that violates their liberty of conscience.

This transcends the electoral process and the progressives in their tenacity will focus on it before, during, and after the election.  They attempt to build the illusion of consensus in the broader sense, and score points where they can on the local level.

We cannot afford this to slide by undetected and undeterred. That is precisely why The Family Foundation is doing what the citizens of Prince William County are doing only at the statewide level- Among other measures, we are circulating a petition supporting Del. Mark Cole’s“Bathroom Bill”, a piece of legislation that will keep all bathrooms in Commonwealth buildings separate based on biological sex.

The goal is to lay it on the desks of legislative leaders in January to show that the real consensus of Virginia voters is against the progressive line and lay the groundwork for future endeavors on this issue and others.  

What’s more, we will have volunteers at polling precincts across the Commonwealth who will spread this message to voters and show political observers in our state that those who affirm the Godly foundations of our country will not be silenced.

Don’t be distracted by the media. Join our team! If you are interested in circulating our petition or volunteering in any way, email the author of this piece, Stephen Walsh at