Stupak Amendment

Make No Mistake: Abortion Coverage IS IN The Government Run Health Care Bill

Courtesy of our friends at the Family Research Council, below are eight documented facts about the inclusion of abortion funding or mandates in the so-called health care "reform" bill. You can click here, as well, to get them in a PDF document.

Eight Reasons Abortion Is in the Health Care Overhaul

1. The legislation specifically includes it. The President’s bill to amend the Senate bill leaves several abortion provisions in place. In Section 1303 it allows tax credit subsidies for plans that include abortion and leaves the abortion surcharge in place. It maintains the proposal to create a multi-state plan that includes abortion in Sec. 1334. Even worse, it would increase the Senate bill funding from $7 billion to $11 billion for community health centers in Sec. 10503 without any abortion funding restrictions. (H.R. 3590, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.)

2. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said it is. "And I would say that the Senate language, which was negotiated by Senators Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray, who are very strong defenders of women’s health services and choices for women, take a big step forward from where the House left it with the Stupak amendment, and I think do a good job making sure there are choices for women. ... That would be an accounting procedure, but everybody in the exchange would do the same thing, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re 75 or 25, you would all set aside a portion of your premium that would go into a fund." ( "Sebelius: Everyone will pay into abortion-coverage fund".)

3. Senate Democrats refused to ban it. Instead of allowing for an up or down vote on a Senate amendment similar to the Stupak Amendment in the House which bans federal funding of abortion, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) "tabled" the amendment, effectively killing it. This was the only amendment dealt with in this way. (Vote No. 369 S.Amdt. 2962 to S.Amdt. 2786 to H.R. 3590.)

4. House Pro-life Democrats, who support a government takeover, say it is. "The Senate language is a significant departure from current law and is unacceptable." (U.S. Representative Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), February 23, 2010, CBS News) … "I think abortion’s wrong. The problem is that I’ve lived too long. When they say they can keep this money separate, I just don’t believe it." (U.S. Representative Marion Berry (D-Ark.), March 6, 2010, Arkansas News.)

5. House Pro-abortion Democrats say it is. "The good news is that the Senate bill does allow [abortion coverage]," (Chairwoman of the House pro-abortion caucus, Dianne DeGette (D-Colo.), March 5, 2010, Washington Post.)

6. The Abortion industry has sent out alerts in favor of it. The abortion giant Planned Parenthood sent out alerts on March 6, 2010: "President Obama’s health care reform proposal would make a real difference for the women and families who rely on Planned Parenthood. . . . and [the bill] significantly increase access to reproductive health care." (Planned Parenthood alert, March 6, 2010.)

7. Candidate Obama said it would be included, and the Obama administration includes it in its definition of reproductive health care. Presidential candidate Barack Obama stated he "believes that reproductive health care is basic health care." ( questionnaire, 2008.) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed up on this in 2009: "Reproductive health care includes access to abortion." (The Cloakroom Blog: "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, April 22, House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing.")

8. House Democratic Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) has indicated he wants to "fix" the abortion coverage problem in the Senate bill. "House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Thursday that lawmakers could draft separate pieces of legislation with abortion language to earn the support of anti-abortion rights Democrats on healthcare reform legislation." (March 4, 2010: The Briefing Room, The Hill's blog.)

But if those eight facts aren't enough to convince your "pro-life" friends who are convinced that anything out of "the annointed one's" mouth is truth, or just can't bring themselves to doubt such "moderate" and "Blue Dog Democrats" such as U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) or our own Mark Warner, here's 12 more facts and reasons, courtesy of The Cloakroom.

Still not sure? Then check out FRC Action’s resource page: "Standing Against the Government Takeover of Health Care," as well as why the Hyde Amendment does not apply to the current bill: "Q and A: Government Health Care and Abortion." Please disseminate this information by using the share program, e-mailing this link to friends and/or posting it to your own social networking sites.

Developing Story: Obama, Congressional Liberals To Force Through "Health Care" Bill With Abortion Mandate

Looks like the arrogance in D.C. marches on unabated. Never mind three straight statewide defeats only a year after the president carried them, never mind the polls and massive rallies and town hall opposition, and certainly never mind the disinterest from "moderate" Democrats, but the Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika have figured out a way to ram through health care "reform" and, with it, an abortion mandate! That is, taxpayer funding of abortion and requiring insurance companies to offer abortion "coverage." The plan will be rolled out as early as February 21. Here's how it will work: The House will pass the Senate bill. The Senate will then take it back and add in the abortion changes it and the House couldn't put in originally. The Senate will avoid a filibuster by rerouting it through the budget reconciliation. Then Madam Speaker will attempt to ram it back through the House. But will pro-life Democrats, responsible for the Stupak Amendment prohibiting abortion mandates in the original House bill, go along? They can make the difference. Here's the story reported earlier this morning by Congressional Quarterly via


The Congressional Quarterly in Washington, D.C. is now reporting that the final health care proposal is expected to be released by the White House "as early as Feb. 21" — this weekend!

Abortion proponents are aggressively assembling a coalition to ram through a health care bill that is fully expected to mandate abortion coverage and government funding of abortion.

With a final version expected out as early as Sunday, it’s clear that abortion advocates know they’re on the verge of having the votes they need to force this bill through in a way that is filibuster-proof:

The most likely way forward is for the House to clear the Senate’s health care bill (HR 3590) and for the Senate to pass a package of changes to it, using the filibuster-proof budget reconciliation process. That set of changes would incorporate the deals struck with the House, which would then send the new package to the White House. Obama would first sign the original Senate bill, then the ‘corrections’ package. The last measure signed into law would be the one that dictates the final shape of the overhaul.

You see, the House passed the Stupak language that would save lives and protect taxpayers from funding abortion — but it was completely stripped from the Senate version.

With intense pressure mounting for the House to just roll over and pass the Senate version, millions of lives are at stake!

President Obama has refused to address the issue of abortion — and every indication is that he will keep abortion funding as a centerpiece of his proposal.

And with the immense amount of pressure that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been applying to pro-life members of their party, we must act NOW!

So, there you have it. With Washington liberals in control it's: Abortion now. Abortion always. Abortion the first option. Companies must offer it . . .  and we must foot the bill.