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Hundreds Of Reasons Abortion Centers Are Unsafe

The following opinion column by Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb appeared in the June 1 edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. More about unsafe abortion centers in Virginia, click here to read about TFF's call for the closing of one particularly nefarious abortion center in Virginia Beach, and here for the transcript of Victoria's statement at a news conference yesterday in Virginia Beach. The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot has more about yesterday's news conference, here.

Hundreds Of Reasons Abortion Centers Are Unsafe

When Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced a review of Virginia’s abortion center health and safety standards, he said, "I am concerned that the . . . regulations adopted last year jeopardize the ability of most women's health centers to keep their doors open and place in jeopardy the health and reproductive rights of Virginia women."

Note what was missing: He wasn’t concerned with the actual health of women, just their "rights" and the "ability of" abortion centers to stay open. In the three years since the General Assembly passed a law requiring abortion centers in Virginia to meet minimal health and safety standards, public health inspectors have uncovered more than 300 reasons why it is concern for the health of women, and not well-being of the $1 billion abortion industry, that begs to keep the standards in place. Included in those 300 reasons:

♦ At the A Capital Women's Clinic in Richmond, among dozens of citations, the facility didn’t "change the [sterilizing] solution in the sink every time dirty instruments are brought in (instructions for [sterilizing] say to change solution every time)" and "the sponge used to clean instruments is only changed once per week."

 At the Richmond Medical Center for Women, "Staff re-used sponges for cleaning blood and body fluid spills post procedures."

 At the Roanoke Medical Center for Women, "observation revealed one of the vacutainer needle holders had visible dark red splatter within the hub, which attached to the needle to draw the patient’s blood." There was also dried blood splatter on patient tables and patient room walls.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The abortion industry tries to distract by criticizing the requirement that abortion centers have wide enough doorways and hallways for emergency responders to meet the needs of patients in dangerous situations, but it never mentions bloody and unsterilized medical equipment, untrained staff, violations of state law and federal drug policies, and lack of policies for the reporting of possible cases of child sexual abuse that are rampant in their abortion centers.

The abortion industry continues to pronounce itself safe, but official inspection reports are indisputable evidence that its idea of safe is far different than any reasonable person could claim.

Perhaps more frightening, many of the inspections were pre-announced, meaning operators of these facilities had time to prepare for inspections and believed their facilities were clean and safe. What other medical practice sees blood-splattered equipment as safe?

Some industry representatives claim they support regulations but that Virginia’s standards "go too far." In fact, for several years they adamantly opposed legislation before the Virginia General Assembly that would have required only licensing, inspections and emergency equipment. The discovery of widespread violations of health and safety in the inspections the industry fought so hard to stop reveals that it has no credibility when it comes to which regulations are necessary and which are not. An industry that has covered up for two decades the kinds of problems found in the inspection reports does not deserve to be taken seriously when it comes to how it should be regulated.

Despite the hysterical claims of some, nothing in the health and safety standards forces an abortion center to stop providing other health care services should they refuse to meet the standards for performing abortions. Such rhetoric exposes the reality that they are in the business of abortion and not health care. Clearly, they have not been in the business of clean facilities and trained staff.

McAuliffe’s decision to ask for a review of abortion center standards is a political act motivated by $2 million of hush money the abortion industry poured into his election. The women of Virginia deserve better than to be pawns in his political aspirations.

Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation, speaks at a news conference on June 3, 2014. The group is calling for the closure of the clinic behind Cobb, Virginia Women's Wellness, in Virginia Beach. <span class='credit'>(L. Todd Spencer | The Virginian-Pilot)</span>

Victoria Cobb briefs the media at a news conference yesterday outside a Steven Brigham abortion center in Virginia Beach. (Photo, courtesy Norfolk Virginian-Pilot.)

Budget Games End Tuesday

Tomorrow, lawmakers will be back in Richmond to hold a public hearing on Obamacare expansion. Your presence and voice will make the difference. The Senate Finance Committee — controlled by the same senators who have held the commonwealth's budget hostage to force Obamacare on Virginians, at the expense of funding schools, public safety and everything else — will hear public comments on whether or not to pass a clean budget without expansion. The Family Foundation will join a large coalition of conservative organizations offering testimony tomorrow to oppose the expansion. We need to deliver a clear message to these lawmakers that our emergency service personnel and schools are not pawns for their political games.

While the hearing begins at 2:00, sign-up for those interested in speaking starts at 1:00. Please arrive early enough to help us stop the Obama OFA group and other leftist organizations, such as Moveon.org, from blocking our voice by taking all the speaking slots. It wouldn't surprise us if those groups were given a heads up on this maneuver precisely so it can pack the room with left wing activists.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that conservatives take a public stand in support of a clean budget. Trying to force Obamacare expansion into the budget is wrong for many reasons, not to mention that is highly questionable whether or not it belongs in the budget: It is not an appropriation of state tax dollars, it wasn't passed as stand alone legislation that needs to be funded and it would contravene a law last year that mandated the Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission do its work and recommend the commonwealth's next move. Furthermore, a program notoriously rife with abuse and never subject to an independent audit should most certainly not be included in the Virginia budget.

There will be free bus rides available for those in Southwest Virginia (as far as Bristol) and Northern Virginia. Sign-up here for a ride from a bus stop near you.

If you cannot make it to the event (and even if you are attending), please take two  convenient actions: Contact members of the Senate Finance Committee by phone or e-mail. Click here for committee members and their contact information. Then, if you haven't done so already, please sign the Pass A Clean Budget Terry Petition to make your voice heard to Governor McAuliffe to pass a clean budget.

Media Ignores "Tolerant" Democrat Congressional Candidate's Hateful Twitter Attack On TFF

Democrat Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson today went off the rails and attacked us and TFF President Victoria Cobb via Twitter. There was no rhyme or reason. He didn't cite any specific bill or policy we're working on at this year's General Assembly, only a trite, false, hateful, demonizing, inflammatory attack — and not even a good one. The incoherent rant is full of punctuation mistakes. In the first one (the second one below) he omitted the apostrophe in "Virginias" but included one in "it's" when he meant "its." He could've used the saved character for a period at the sentence. But perhaps most offensive is that Dickenson, who's is in the strip club business — nothing spells out respect for women more than exploiting them as strippers — calls Victoria a "grand wizard." Again, if you're going to insult someone, do it right: titles before names are capitalized. Besides, what's he insinuating by using the masculine form of the word? Shouldn't it be "Wizardess"?


Seriously, though, isn't a man of, and on, the Left, supposed to be tolerant? Then what's with the attack? Not even his audience was amused. Of the 10 people who replied to his two tweets, at least eight chastised the 7th district candidate for his hateful tirades against people who simply disagree with him. More than that, this "tolerant" liberal proposes to use the force of the federal government, if elected to Congress, to restrict the free speech rights of people with whom he disagrees by arbitrarily designating them as "haters." He also went on unrestrained tirades against the NRA and Fox News.

But we just report. You decide:

According to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, in a recent campaign speech, Dickinson said that Democrats "don't judge," that the party is "open," and added . . .

judging people by outdated stereotypes is exactly what Democrats are supposed to be against.

Nothing like a good bit of hypocrisy and double-standard to go with your foot-in-mouth. The same article noted that 7th district Democrats were ready to vote for "no candidate" rather than nominate Dickinson if no one else entered the race. That speaks volumes.

Another question: Where's the media? It went bonkers on the orders of — excuse me, a "news release" by — Planned Parenthood over a pro-life politician's Facebook posting, which did nothing but sarcastically use a term for pregnant women the abortion industry frequently uses.  The lack of understanding of irony is beyond belief — Planned Parenthood was making a point it doesn't even agree with, i.e., that pregnant women are mothers, yet the media tried to excoriate the lawmaker.

Now, we have a left wing politician using social media to attack a woman and we issued a press release. But no phone calls, no interviews. "War On Women" anyone? Here's the news release:

Democrat Candidate Attacks Family Foundation on Twitter

- Organization Demands Democrat Leaders Distance Themselves from Statement -

RICHMOND – The Family Foundation of Virginia today called on Democrat leaders Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe to distance themselves from inflammatory statements by Mike Dickinson, a Democrat running for Congress against Representative Eric Cantor.

"As the Democratic party continues to seek to silence any opinion in America that they oppose through the IRS, bullying the news media and threatening free speech, we now have yet another Democrat candidate for office who clearly has not read the First Amendment of the Constitution or has no intention of applying it to all Americans," said Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia. "Regardless of one’s position on controversial issues, the idea of candidates for office threatening American citizens with the awesome power of the federal government for simply exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to speak out on controversial issues is chilling. We call on Virginia Democrat leaders like Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Terry McAuliffe to distance themselves from this candidate and his inflammatory, hateful rhetoric."

A lot has been made by Democrats this session, from the governor on down, of the "Virginia Way." We're wondering if this is what they mean. Meanwhile, we'll wait for their statements — and their explanation of "tolerance" — as well as the media's coverage of it all.

Governor McAuliffe Has Kept One Promise: He's NOT Reading The Bills!

As we've previously noted, and other media as well, Governor Terry McAuliffe hasn't rushed out to stake a claim on too many issues — unless it's to support the abortion industry or promote Medicaid expansion. Today, though, out of the blue (or, gray, as dark tornado-warning clouds enveloped Richmond), he spoke — kinda. His spokesman did. Of all things and of all bills, the spokesman said that the governor will veto SB 236 — a "prayer bill" — which passed the Senate early in session and now is in the House of Delegates, if it  reaches his desk. The bill's patron is Senator Charles Carrico (R-40, Galax).

There's a problem. The man who infamously said during the campaign that he wouldn't read bills because he would hire people to do it for him (see Washington Post), apparently hasn't read this bill or doesn't want to — because it's not a prayer bill! It's a freedom of speech bill. But according to the Post today, the governor has his sights set on the "Prayer Bill."

We don't know why. We hope he takes a break long enough from his 60 parties in 60 days to actually read the bill. Then he might find it's not offensive at all — as if prayer is offensive — and that he would be doing a good thing by strengthening students' rights of freedom of speech, expression and association on campus.

T-Mac drinking

Read more, party less. Sign the students' rights bill.

House Budget Advances Life; Senate Version, Not So Much

The budget (HB 30) advanced by the House Appropriations Committee Sunday included several limitations on taxpayer funding of abortion, abortion providers and, maybe most importantly, on the governor's office. For good reason. When he campaigned for governor, Terry McAuliffe infamously proclaimed that he would issue a "guidance opinion" to stop the enforcement and implementation of Virginia's abortion center health and safety standards (see video here). Never mind that no one has ever heard of a "guidance opinion" (another rookie mistake) and the fact that a Virginia governor cannot unilaterally overturn a regulatory board's decisions, McAuliffe's statement revealed his desire to undermine the abortion center safety standards.

No wonder. He received nearly $2 million in reported campaign contributions from the abortion industry, which has fought against basic health standards for its $1 billion industry for years.

The House Appropriations committee, in an effort to ensure that the governor cannot circumvent the law, has introduced a budget amendment that would prevent . . .

funding in this budget or any matching funds . . . provided to implement any Executive order, Executive directive, guidance opinion or other direction from the Office of the Governor to suspend the regulations surrounding the operation of abortion clinics.

Essentially, if the House gets its way, any efforts by the Governor McAuliffe to undermine the law that could cost taxpayers money will be unfunded.

The House appropriators also included budget language that would bring Virginia in line with the federal "Hyde Amendment," which prohibits Virginia from funding abortion beyond rape, incest and life of the mother. Virginia currently funds abortion beyond those cases to include abortions for the severely disabled.

The Appropriations Committee included another amendment to prohibit taxpayer subsidizing of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest and wealthiest abortion provider. Nearly half of Planned Parenthood's funding comes from the taxpayers. Unfortunately, as expected, the Senate, controlled by pro-abortion legislators, included no amendments restricting abortion funding.

This week, the House and Senate will debate and amend their respective budgets, and vote on them Thursday. Later, each chamber will reject the other's budget, and a conference committee of select members of the House and Senate will work to create a final budget.

The battle over the budget is likely to last well into spring, but one thing is for sure: Thanks to the House Appropriations Committee, protecting unborn human life won't be missing from the discussion. We very much appreciate that it made protecting human life an important part of its budget.

Will "Old Terry" Or "New Terry" Govern Virginia?

There are two versions of Terry McAuliffe, old and new. Old Terry McAuliffe is a wheeler and dealer, fundraiser extraordinaire, political operative whose ability to capitalize on political connections for economic gain skirted close to the legal line. The new Terry McAuliffe we are supposed to believe is seeking "common ground for Virginia." He is no longer a partisan hack, but a statesman who will work with Republicans to achieve his policy goals. And let's not forget that ethics reform was one of the policy foundations of his campaign.

Which is why his appointment of Boyd Marcus to the ABC Board is so surprising. Not because a governor is seeking to reward a political supporter, but by doing so he is publicly highlighting that Old Terry is alive and kicking. Boyd Marcus is a longtime Republican operative who defected to Terry McAuliffe's campaign after his client, Bill Bolling, dropped out of the GOP gubernatorial nomination campaign and Ken Cuccinelli wouldn't pay Boyd's ransom to work for his campaign.

Appointing Marcus to the ABC Board has precedent. Governors of both parties have long appointed political allies to the ABC Board. And, as former chief of staff to Governor Jim Gilmore, Marcus has the experience to serve in the role. However, it is precisely because of the reputation of "Old Terry" that this appointment reeks of political patronage and everything that is wrong with politics. The citizens of Virginia have a right to know what promises were made when Marcus joined the governor's campaign.

There is no dispute that appointing Boyd Marcus raises the specter of a quid pro quo. He abandoned the party for which he long toiled for a $40,000 paycheck during the campaign and a plum position in the McAuliffe administration that will pay between $124,000-$136,000, or a cool $500,000 for four years. Good work if you can find it. Governor McAuliffe rejected the concerns of a quid pro quo by calling it "a little petty political whatever." That's exactly what it appears to be. A little petty political appointment that unfortunately signals business as usual for "Old Terry."

Less than 30 days into the office, our new governor is already showing remarkably poor judgment and partisan political stripes. It is already raising questions about his business as usual approach to governing. Such political patronage may be legal, but is certainly unseemly. The governor needs to be careful of creating the appearance of a quid pro quo, because if there is one thing we have learned in politics, it is that even the appearance of a quid pro quo is dangerous and can launch civil and criminal investigations. But then again, such investigations are not new to "Old Terry."

Because of "Old Terry's" history and "New Terry's" vocal championship of ethics reform, Governor McAuliffe should expect to be held to a higher ethical standard. He should go above and beyond ethical minimums to prove that his stripes have truly changed. To do anything less will require that every gubernatorial action be viewed through the lens of Old Terry.


On Saturday, Democrat Terry McAuliffe was sworn in as the 72nd Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and it didn't take long before he dove into the "social issues" liberals have always claimed are "distractions" from the "real issues," such as jobs and the economy. In his inaugural address, Governor McAuliffe said:

We must work . . . to ensure that someone can't lose a job simply because they are gay.

And to ensure that every woman has the right to make her own personal health care decisions. 

As expected, his first act of business had nothing to do with the economy, but was to issue Executive Order No. 1 that purports to provide special hiring protections in state government based on sexual behavior. Of course, what Governor McAuliffe failed to mention is that no evidence exists that discrimination based on "sexual orientation" is taking place. In fact, if discrimination in state hiring took place, you can be guaranteed that the ACLU, Equality Virginia and other groups would be parading that person around Virginia with the media hysterically telling everyone about it. Their silence on providing evidence is all we need to know about the needlessness of the executive order, while the evidence that elevating sexual behavior to special status is a threat to religious liberty is plentiful.

Of course, in his speech Governor McAuliffe wouldn't utter the word "abortion," instead using the liberal euphemism for taking the life of your unborn child, "health care decisions." The reality is that women in Virginia can have an abortion anytime they want and for just about any reason, and nothing interferes with their "personal health care decision" to do so. What is, interfering, however, is Obamacare, which has the full support of McAuliffe. Women in Virginia don't have the freedom to choose their own doctor. Women in Virginia don't have the freedom to choose their own insurance. But Governor McAuliffe seems perfectly content with the government taking those freedoms away. The hypocrisy is stunning.

Already, our policy team is working to defeat the nearly two dozen abortion or sex-related bills introduced by liberals in Richmond. While fewer Americans are working today than were when Jimmy Carter was president, secular liberals are obsessed with abortion and sex. Perhaps they think the "war on women" narrative will provide cover for them while the economy continues to sink? And you needn't worry about the media exposing them. At a Capitol Square press conference yesterday to unveil some of the 20-odd bills on the Democrats'  social issue agenda (see our reaction, here), Delegate Kay Kory (D-38, Falls Church) pleaded with reporters to "be there" when these bills are heard, even if the meetings are late at night. These legislators want the media there because they know the coverage given often is favorable to their agenda.

Last Thursday, we released some of our legislative agenda to the media. You can read our news release here. We look forward to advocating for these and other proposals in the coming weeks. Regardless of who sits in the Executive Mansion, we will work as hard as possible to advance and protect the principles and values we share.

Breaking News: Glenn Beck's The Blaze Reports Obama Money Man Funding "Libertarian" Sarvis!

Earlier today, Meredith Jessup of TheBlaze.com, conservative talk show host Glenn Beck's news and online television web site, reported that the source behind Robert Sarvis' "Libertarian" gubernatorial candidacy is Austin, Texas, software billionaire Joe Liemandt, a major fundraising "bundler" for President Barack Obama. According to Jessup:

Campaign finance records show the Libertarian Booster PAC has made the largest independent contribution to Sarvis’ campaign, helping to pay for professional petition circulators who collected signatures necessary to get Sarvis’ name on Tuesday’s statewide ballot.

Austin, Texas, software billionaire Joe Liemandt is the Libertarian Booster PAC’s major benefactor. He’s also a top bundler for President Barack Obama. This revelation comes as Virginia voters head to the polls Tuesday in an election where some observers say the third-party gubernatorial candidate could be a spoiler for Republican Ken Cuccinelli.

This confirms rumors circulating on the campaign trail that Sarvis had been put up to the task by Democrat operatives to thwart Cuccinelli's bid, especially given the major legal challenges he filed against the Obama administration, from Obamacare to EPA regulations. The connection would make sense since Democrat gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe is one of the most prodigious fundraisers in national Democrat Party circles.

Jessup also reported that:

According to Virginia election filings posted by the Virginia Public Access Project, Liemandt contributed $150,000 of the Texas-based Libertarian Booster PAC’s $229,000 revenue. The Libertarian Booster PAC reported providing $11,454 to pay for signature collection, yard signs and campaign materials for Sarvis and another $4,690 for four Libertarian candidates running for the Virginia state legislature. 

It also makes sense in that Sarvis' platform decidedly not libertarian, ranging from pro-abortion, to a mandatory GPS box in every car to track mileage to be taxed, opposition to tax cuts, and endorsing the Left's "climate change" hysteria, to favoring the expansion of Medicaid in Virginia as part of Obamacare. Some online publications have gone so far as to call him a "fraud," including RedState.com, driving speculation as to what his motivations really are. He once ran as a liberal Republican for the Virginia Senate against Democrat Senate Leader Dick Saslaw of Springfield, but has never been active in any liberty movement. With Cuccinelli's principled leadership in limited government and rights, it seemed odd that there would be "libertarian" dissatisfaction for his candidacy. In fact, Sarvis has launched his ammo at Cuccinelli from the left, calling him "intolerant," a Secular Left echo.

Beck himself commented on his radio show:

you got this libertarian . . . but he’s not really a libertarian. ... Do not be fooled… Libertarians, if you indeed are voting for this guy, you need to know who he is, at least what he's saying because he doesn't sound like any libertarian I have ever met.

See the complete article and video of Beck's discussion of the Virginia gubernatorial race, here.

Cuccinelli Working Hard, T-Mac Hardly Working

One of the many bipartisan knocks on Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe — aside from his many scandals — is that being a non-Virginian, he doesn't know Virginia, its traditions, its history or how its government works. Apparently, he doesn't know what Virginians expect from candidates, either. Despite the closing in the polls, McAuliffe has cooled off his campaign schedule — no media interviews, a canceled press conference, a skipped event with college students and no campaign events the last few days except for his Obamacare celebration rally with President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Republican Ken Cuccinelli has round-the-clock events up to election day on Tuesday with national conservative stars such as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, capped by a Monday night rally with former Congressman from Texas and libertarian Republican icon Ron Paul, the former presidential candidate at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Here's Ben Pershing from The Washington Post:

Ken Cuccinelli II is planning a frenetic schedule with a handful of big-name Republican surrogates as the race for Virginia governor draws to a close. Terry McAuliffe, by contrast, is mostly staying out of sight aside from a pair of high-profile events.

The differing strategies illustrate the pecking order as the hard-fought contest nears its end. Cuccinelli (R) is consistently trailing in the polls and can’t afford much of an advertising presence on the airwaves, so he’s counting on word-of-mouth and media coverage from live appearances to stay afloat.

McAuliffe (D) is nursing a lead and has the cash to keep up a steady drumbeat of ads, giving him little incentive to expose himself to the press more than necessary. Cuccinelli is planning to do multiple daily events around the state from Friday through Tuesday. His itinerary includes events Saturday in Spotsylvania and Prince William counties with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and appearances in Warrenton and Culpeper Monday with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). And former representative Ron Paul (R-Tex.) will join Cuccinelli in Richmond on Monday evening.

McAuliffe’s campaign has said that he will appear at a rally with President Obama on Sunday afternoon at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, and he will join forces with Vice President Biden on Monday morning in Annandale to kick off a day of canvassing.

McAuliffe has announced no public events for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. His campaign has not responded to requests for comment about his schedule.

On Wednesday, McAuliffe wrapped up a four-day campaign swing with former president Bill Clinton, but he did not take questions from the media at those appearances. McAuliffe has done a handful of individual interviews, but aside from a brief gaggle following last Thursday’s debate in Blacksburg, he has done no other media availabilities in the past three weeks.

Is McAuliffe taking Virginians for granted? Has he started measuring the Governor's Mansion's drapes and called the moving trucks? Virginians don't appreciate that, something McAuliffe would know if he knew Virginia.


Delegate Bob Marshall Takes On Terry McAuliffe In New Television Ad

Delegate Bob Marshall (R-13, Manassas) is campaigning for another term in the House, where he has been a member since 1992. But he's also, in a just released television spot, decided to take on Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Interesting strategy and Delegate Marshall does it, as we are accustomed to, in his own way. The genesis of the spot is the false McAuliffe attack, echoed now by Democrats the state over, that a bill introduced by Marshall and supported by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, McAuliffe's Republican opponent, would ban birth control. The bill has nothing to do with birth control and, as Marshall points out, two U.S. Supreme Court rulings prohibit state legislatures from banning contraception. In a statement, Marshall said:

I should call my 30 second cable TV ad "McAuliffe’s Mendacity." Now my own opponent has joined in the craze and has huge mailers accusing me of the same nonsense which the Democrats know or should know is blatantly false. Several other races are being similarly targeted. Where is the responsible journalism?

Marshall adds two great kickers at the end. He reminds viewers that McAuliffe publicly stated earlier in the campaign that he won't read bills if elected governor (but would "hire people to do it for him") and says that his opponent apparently doesn't read bills either. Ouch! But then, only as Marshall would do, encourages people who don't belief him to call his cel phone! Brilliant!

The ad combines three elements conservative candidates rarely use (or are afraid to), characteristics Marshall contains in abundance for those who know him (and not the media caricature of him): confidence in knowledge of the issues, courage to take on those who would do your character or cause harm, and a sense of humor. Who else would jibe his opponent about not reading a bill he's criticizing and then challenge him or the public to call his phone to discuss it? Take that T-Mac!

Forget his opponent: Delegate Bob Marshall takes on "McAuliffe's Mendacity" to set the record straight.

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

The Ad Responsible For Tightening The Governor's Race? See It Here!

When Sean Hannity is impressed with a television ad in a gubernatorial campaign, the ad gets notoriety. When Rush Limbaugh talks about it, it skyrockets. That's the case with an ad by Fight For Tomorrow that absolutely nails it when explaining the destructive policies of liberalism. The two most listened to radio talk show hosts recently praised a particular ad running in the Virginia governor's race, "Don't Detroit Virginia," (see below) that illustrates what liberal policies have done to once great cities and states, such as Detroit and California. (Detroit, as abundantly documented, looks like a war zone, with high crime, gutted buildings, schools in name only, destroyed families, high welfare and double digit unemployment; and has filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. California, which recently passed a law to allow for more than two parents, has chronic high unemployment, out of control regulations, unaccountable public employee unions, and a debt larger than many countries.) It documents how everything from economic policy, excessive regulations, cronyism, social policies that fracture families, and failing and politically correct education, has led to rotting and bankrupt cities, dysfunctional schools, valueless culture, closed businesses and lost jobs, and high state debt from misguided and discredited programs, and the resulting family financial strain of higher taxes. In each case, these policies were enacted by liberal politicians who were elected and enabled by a "Gang of Five" — extremely liberal politicians, elitist media, smear groups and PACs, Wall Street liberals and Hollywood partisans.

If it sounds familiar, it's because these same groups are actively involved in Democrat Terry McAuliffe's campaign for governor and they all have weighed in by attacking Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli, as well as the GOP candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain, respectively. The ad exposes this by showing the ties they have to McAuliffe and in focus groups it produces as much as an 8-point swing in voters' candidate preferences.

It ran early on in the campaign but Fight For Tomorrow does not have pockets as deep as the wealth liberal groups, and was pulled. The gap between the candidates grew. After the nationwide PR (both hosts talked it up heavily and played the audio, and Hannity combined it with an interview of Cuccinelli, click here), donations picked up and it went back on the air. Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller also featured a story on an another Fight For Tomorrow ad that features McAuliffe's gaffes and newspaper accounts that label him "deeply unserious" (see here).

The polls are now closing. Coincidence? It's amazing what the truth can do when told boldly. Fight For Tomorrow, comprised of five people who pooled some limited resources to get involved in this crucial race, can't compete financially with the rich liberal elite who are pounding Virginia's airwaves. However, along with its recent surge in donations and online presence, the ads are reaching thousands. They are below for you to view and forward to friends, family and church members, and to share on your social media sites.

Don't Detroit Virginia! Stop McAuliffe and the Gang of Five from ruining the Commonwealth. 

The Great One, Rush Limbaugh, delves into the ad, its content and its campaign implications. 

Terry McAuliffe: This ad documents that even his media friends think he is "deeply unserious."

Dems "Vandalize" E.W. Jackson's Home With McAuliffe Signs

Yesterday, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor E.W. Jackson released a statement and picture (below) documenting the removal of yard signs from his own property and replaced with numerous signs for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Wrote Jackson:

Imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday morning to find every sign removed from my front yard and replaced with this: (Picture of McAuliffe yard signs).

I'm not alone. We're getting reports from across Virginia of yard signs and banners being stolen or defaced. Some people are going so far as to carve my face out of posters.

This isn't free speech. This is trespassing and vandalism. Ultimately, this is intimidation. And the Democratic Party of Virginia needs to put a stop to it today . . . .

We need to be able to work together if we're going to continue to make Virginia a place where people want to live and work. That starts by stopping these antics and by respecting the views of our neighbors. I would hope that the Democratic Party of Virginia would stand up for civil discourse.

As I've traveled the Commonwealth, people are sick of politics as usual. This toxic environment stifles conversations that need to happen to find common ground on the issues that matter the most.

This seems to be a par-for-the-course leftist tactic. Four years ago, liberal activists undertook a large scale steal-and-replace operation in Buena Vista in the run-up to that year's annual Labor Day Parade. Earlier this campaign, pro-abortion activists did this to pro-life Delegate Kathy Byron's yard. It's as if the Left has nothing better to do than to show up at conservative and Christian events to scream their point, as they did during our Gala.

If this type of activity is any type of sign — and it usually is — then we can expect a dizzying last 10 days to the campaign. Whether perceived to be behind or ahead, in campaigns, the legislative process, the courts, the media or culture in general, the Left's tactics remain the same: bully, intimidate, harass, menace, strong arm until they get what they want, no matter what they want, and then some, no matter how they get it.

Buena Vista revisited. Democrat activists invade E.W. Jackson's front yard and conduct a steal-and-replace-yard-sign operation. 

The Family Foundation Action is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization and paid for this informational communication. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


It's Pretty Ugly

Imagine any business that had multiple cases of taxpayer fraud, Medicaid abuse, a history of health and safety violations, including violations of standard practices that put people at risk. Such a business, you would think, would be investigated by the mainstream media and be inviting left wing regulations to the point of nearly closing it down. But there are exceptions to every rule, and for the left, Planned Parenthood is the exception.

The general public's perception of Planned Parenthood is that of a caring non-profit that offers important health care to women. Polling indicates that a majority of Americans are unaware that Planned Parenthood does abortions, and they certainly aren't aware that abortion makes up one-third of their corporate income. They also aren't aware of the cases of Medicaid fraud that have taken place at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country.

Our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom are doing all they can to expose Planned Parenthood for what it is — a profit hungry corporation that puts children and women at risk. To expose Planned Parenthood, ADF has created www.itsprettyugly.org, a website that shows the kind of materials Planned Parenthood promotes to our children (warning, some are offensive), a list of current and past lawsuits against Planned Parenthood, and ways that you can help show your friends and neighbors exactly what Planned Parenthood is — a $1.5 billion corporation that hides its true agenda from the public and does all it can to separate parents from their children.

I hope you'll go to www.itsprettyugly.org and learn more about the real Planned Parenthood.

This organization has fought against every common sense bill in Virginia, from banning the gruesome procedure of partial birth abortion to parental involvement with their children to abortion center health and safety standards. They are never held accountable by the mainstream media when it comes to their rhetoric and they are spending millions in Virginia on elections this year alone (including underwriting the website of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe). It has had success simply because too many people don't really know its true agenda. It's time to uncover the truth.

An Outside Angle View Of The Gubernatorial Campaign

Often we can gain a perspective of something by taking a look at it from that of someone else's non-interested or, at least, limited-angle perspective. Michael Voris offers us that today in his daily video commentary, "The Vortex," about Virginia's gubernatorial candidates. Voris lives in Michigan and his interest here has nothing to do with campaigns, but rather a case study in how candidates who profess faith actually live up to what they say they believe.

A traditional Catholic, Voris draws the stark contrast between how Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe, both of whom are Catholic, practice their faith and how they realize it in the public square. (Along the way, he skewers some prominent, national liberal Catholic politicians for their distorted public practice of the Faith.) To some degree, the same contrast Voris draws between Cuccinelli and McAuliffe can be made between current Governor Bob McDonnell and his predecessor, Tim Kaine, both of whom also are Catholic.

What's interesting is that, even for non-Catholics who may view some of this as intramural squabbling, from the parameters of one aspect of their lives — granted, a significant one at that — parallels to their public policy objectives and even their deportment and manner  of execution of official duties become clear. In a broader context some would call it their "worldview." But it's more than that. Pun or not, it gets to their souls — one who upholds his faith and one who conveniently bends and breaks it, and if one breaks his faith with God, it's a rather minor step to break faith with mere mortals.

Virginia campaign for governor is being watched around the country — and from many different angles.

McAuliffe Opposes Abortion Center Safety Measures Supported By Gosnell's Lawyer!

Hand it to Terry McAuliffe. He won't back down. Not to the abortion industry. Not even to the point of being more pro-abortion than convicted baby murder Kermit Gosnell's lawyer. Even former President Bill Clinton, of whom McAuliffe is one of the biggest of FOBs (Friends of Bill) wants abortion "Safe, legal and rare." But McAuliffe has drawn a stark contrast between himself and a super majority of Virginians and Americans at large — even those who support abortion, but recognize the abomination it has become in abortion centers, such as the "Houses of Horrors" run by Gosnell and others. Last week, the Susan B. Anthony List released a statement describing the extreme position McAuliffe has taken on abortion center safety standards and how even Jack McMahon, the defense attorney for the recently convicted Gosnell, who said his client suffered from the "baby factor," supports oversight of abortion centers and certain restrictions on their procedures. Here is the entire news release:

Terry McAuliffe Opposes Abortion Clinic Regulations Supported by Gosnell Attorney

Jack McMahon Says He Supports Increased Regulation of Clinics, Late-Term Abortion Limit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week Jack McMahon, defense attorney for convicted murderer and late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, told FOX News' Megyn Kelly that he supports increased regulation of abortion clinics as well as a ban on abortion past 16-17 weeks in order to forestall crimes like those Gosnell committed. In light of McMahon's statements, Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) President Marjorie Dannenfelser blasted Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's opposition to increased health and safety standards for the Commonwealth's abortion facilities.

"Weeks of graphic testimony detailing the horrors and conditions inside Kermit Gosnell's Philadelphia abortion clinic was enough to sway even Gosnell's own attorney,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “If McMahon can agree that women going into abortion facilities must be treated with basic dignity and respect, why can't Terry McAuliffe? Virginia women are increasingly disturbed that a politician who seeks to represent women would oppose such elementary efforts to protect our health and safety.

“Kermit Gosnell isn't alone. More than 80 violations were discovered inside Virginia abortion facilities last year. Unsafe, unsanitary conditions — not to mention barbaric abortion practices — continue to be exposed nationwide. Shame on McAuliffe for refusing to join the General Assembly and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in standing up for Virginia women. Women deserve better than his extreme abortion ideology.”

Last month, McAuliffe's campaign was asked by the Washington Post to confirm or deny that he supports “a platform of abortion on-demand at any time, for any reason, paid for by Virginia taxpayers,” including “sex-selective abortion, late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion, and abortions on teenage girls without parental consent — all paid for by Virginia taxpayers.” McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin declined to comment to the Post.

The SBA List has compiled an ever-expanding fact sheet on abortion industry negligence and brutality toward women and children occurring nationwide.

Terry McAuliffe: Too extreme for Bill Clinton; too extreme even for convicted killer Kermit Gosnell's attorney!

Cuccinelli Campaign: McAuliffe's Program Is "A Show About Nothing"

You can tell when summer begins. No, not the Memorial Day weekend's picnics, fireworks, a long weekend (or longer) trip to the beach, graduations, festivals — not even an autoswitch-like activation to Virginia's notorious heat and humidity. None of that. It's when candidates trot out themes from classic television, movies, commercials, music and other entertainment to caricature their opponents. This week's installment comes from Republican Ken Cuccinelli's gubernatorial campaign. In order to break through the media noise (or make news during a slow cycle) or perhaps to grab voters' awareness when they are paying more attention to picnics, beach trips, graduations and festivals, it has diverted its approach to draw the public's scrutiny to Democrat Terry McAuliffe's lack of substantive policy proposals. From a release distributed today by Cuccinelli press secretary Anna Nix:

The Cuccinelli For Governor Campaign today uncovered brand new, top-secret video of senior McAuliffe campaign officials deliberating campaign strategy. The never-before seen video can be seen in its entirety here:

“After weeks of scratching our heads attempting to understand why Terry McAuliffe has been unwilling to discuss anything of substance or announce actual policy proposals, we finally got some clarity today,” said Chris LaCivita, Senior Strategist for the Cuccinelli for Governor Campaign. “Ken Cuccinelli has been busy traveling the state, talking about his economic plan that will ease tax burdens on families and job creators and his comprehensive energy plan for capitalizing on all of Virginia's resources. Instead of accepting Ken's debate challenge or laying out detailed policies of his own, McAuliffe appears content to run a campaign about nothing.”

Ah, yes. The famous Seinfeld "show about nothing" episode. It won't be long be long before the two campaigns take to the airwaves, digital media and who knows what else to make more serious charges and counter charges. Then we'll know it's fall.

Candidates In Crowded GOP Lt. Gov. Field Face Potential Game Changing Debate Tuesday Night

It may be unique in the long history of Virginia politics: Seven candidates standing for a party nomination for a statewide office. But that's the situation this year as seven Republicans seek to win the second spot on the GOP ticket at the party's May 18 convention. There hasn't been anything like this since 1985, when five ran for the number two spot at the GOP convention at Norfolk's Scope. But seven? There are similarities to the two campaigns aside from the large number, though not enough to draw many parallels. The one major common denominator is that both nominations were decided by convention instead of primary, drawing a lot of interest from people who would not have otherwise run.

Precisely because of that, the candidates are by and large unknown to many GOP activists going into the convention at the Richmond Coliseum. Not one has been able to cut through the clutter of an already hot gubernatorial general election campaign between Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe, as well as a more easy to sort through GOP campaign for attorney general between Delegate Rob Bell of Albemarle County and Senator Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg. Throwing seven candidates into the mix for a part-time position that has two official duties — preside over the Virginia Senate and fill the office in case of vacancy — makes deciding who is best a difficult task.

However, there may be a game changer in the LG race in the form of a late-in-the-process-debate Tuesday night in Richmond at Benedictine College Prep at 6:30. The Central Virginia GOP Lieutenant Governor Candidates Forum is sponsored by several of that area's GOP committees, including the Richmond City and Henrico County units. They selected the location in the middle of the city as a way to bring the conservative message to areas that don't always hear it, and reach young people and Catholic voters as well.

All seven candidates have agreed to attend and a buzz (see Norm Leahy at Bearing Drift) is building up over it primarily because its proximity to the convention could create a breakthrough wave for a candidate that impresses or sink one who doesn't. In addition, the host committee and moderator Scott Lee, a conservative talk show host on Richmond radio station WRVA and the host of the syndicated Score Radio Show (which previewed the debate with its organizers last weekend), have promised questions that won't lend themselves to campaign brochure blather. We'll see and we'll be there to report.

The event is free and, while elected convention delegates may take special interest to attend, is open to the public as well. Doors at the Benedictine College Prep gym open at 6:00. The school is located at 304 North Sheppard Street (23221). Click here for more information. The candidates are: former Senator Jeannemarie Davis, E.W. Jackson, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, Senator Steve Martin, Pete Snyder, Prince WIlliam County Board Chairman Corey Stewart, Stafford County Board Chairman Susan Stimpson.

Planned Parenthood Targets Ken Cuccinelli

A Politico article today revealed that Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest and richest abortion business, is coordinating with Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to target Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in the article that

Cuccinelli's ongoing attacks on women's health and economic security should be a warning to us all: women's health will be on the Virginia ballot in 2013.

A website created by the coordinated campaign targets the Attorney General's positions on abortion, forced taxpayer subsidizing of contraception, abortion-causing drugs and President Obama's taxpayer-funded health insurance scheme. According to Politico, the website includes "a disclaimer at the bottom of the site [that] says it was authorized by the campaign of Terry McAuliffe."

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Planned Parenthood would coordinate with a liberal Democrat campaign. Its political entities have spent tens of millions of dollars on partisan activities while whining consistently that it doesn't have enough money to bring its abortion centers up to basic health and safety standards. It is, however, committed to forcing you, the taxpayer, to fund its operations to the tune of more than half a billion dollars annually!

I guess it's all about priorities.

The partisan political activity of Planned Parenthood and its targeting of Virginia should come as no surprise. But it should serve as a reminder of just how important this year's elections in Virginia are going to be. Because only Virginia has a potentially competitive statewide race, national interest groups are going to spend millions of dollars to influence the outcome.

It's also notice to pro-life Virginians that we have to communicate with everyone that we know the truth about the Attorney General's record, the truth about the fact that Virginia's abortion centers are the real threat to women's health and, speaking of threats to women, that the current federal administration's debt-ridden agenda is a horrendous threat to women's "economic security."

We are not going to have the resources of a billion dollar industry such as Planned Parenthood and we certainly aren't going to be able to rely on the "mainstream" media. But we will have the truth.

BREAKING NEWS: Politico Reports Bolling To Drop Out Of Race For Governor!

Politico is reporting that Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will announce later this morning that he will end his campaign for the 2013 Republican gubernatorial nomination, virtually assuring Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli the nomination and, most likely, a face off with Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the general election. The article cites two Virginia Republican sources who say the move is recognition that Bolling cannot win the nomination in a convention process, which is determined by the party's conservative grassroots activists, rather than a primary, which is open to any Virginia voter. Rather than showing up to vote as in a primary, conventions require a filing process and attending an all day event in Richmond in the spring, something in which only hardcore activists participate. Originally, the nomination was to be determined in a primary, but the GOP State Central Committee earlier this year switched to a convention after Cuccinelli supporters won a majority of seats on the party's governing body. Many observers, though, thought Cuccinelli was the favorite to win the nomination  in a primary as well.

This development changes the dynamics of the convention, which expected a huge draw of delegates (10,000-plus, rather than a few hundred thousand in a primary) to the Richmond Colisseum this coming May for the battle at the top of the card. Now, most likely, fewer delegates will attend, and the several candidates for lieutennent governor, and thee two for attorney general, who would've been campaigning amongst the delegates attending for either Bolling or Cuccinelli, must be able to mobilize delegates for their specific campaigns. Some of the seven candidates for lieutennent governor likely got into the race because of the relative cost effectiveness of such a campaign and multiple ballot dynamics at play which would make the nomination a crap shoot. Now, they must get their own people to the convention, which will favor the best organized candidate over the one who can make a pitch to a defined and limited universe of voters. The coalitions among LG and AG candidates also will be fascinating to watch. (Updated at 6:00 a.m. from original 5:20 a.m. post.)

A Shocking Day: Chief Justice Hassell's Untimely Death, Webb Won't Run For Re-election

I was in the Senate Finance Committee this morning watching, thankfully, two good bills, which may lead to some much needed tax reform, fly through. The committee agenda was short, normal right after "crossover," and only six bills were heard, all passing on unanimous voice votes. Can't be much simpler than that. At what should've been a quick bang of the gavel to dismiss, committee Chairman Chuck Colgan (D-29, Manassas) made the announcement, the first one in public as it turned out: Former Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leroy Hassell, Sr., died, unexpectedly, at age 55 (WTVR.com). He previously stepped aside as chief justice, but remained on the court.  Governor Bob McDonnell ordered that the flag of the commonwealth be flown at half-staff on all local, state, and federal buildings and grounds (WTVR.com). New Chief Justice Cynthia Kinser was scheduled to be sworn in officially this week. There is no word on the status of that ceremony at this point. She will be the first woman Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice.

(Updated 4:45 p.m.: The governor has ordered that flags be flown at half-staff until his burial on all local, state, and federal buildings and grounds in Virginia. Additionally, Justice Hassell will lie in state in the Virginia State Capitol prior to burial. See his official statement honoring Justice Hassell)

Chief Justice Hassell was the first black person to serve in that position. He was a native Virginian, and proudly so. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli included this 2003 quote in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in his statement honoring Mr. Hassell:

I do not wish to serve, however, because I happen to be black. Rather, I desire to serve because I am a Virginian by birth who has a strong affection and love for the commonwealth and its people.

He will be missed. He was a man of great faith, intellect, warmth, stature and humility.

Later in the morning, a bombshell e-mail from a political consultant friend: U.S. Senator Jim Webb will not run for re-election in 2012 (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog). Though not totally unexpected, the timing (through no fault of Senator Webb) was strange, so soon after the sad news about Justice Hassell. Mr. Webb had not actively engaged in fundraising and many thought from the beginning he would term limit himself, given the flukish nature of his election — and a possible Defense Secretary appointment in a potential Obama second term.

Now, the attention turns to who the Democrats will nominate. Early speculation ranges from everyone from former Governor Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe (if he can be pulled away from running for governor) to former Congressmen Rick Boucher and Tom Periello, to Krystal Ball, who unsuccessfully challenged Republican Rob Wittman in the first district last year.