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Tony Perkins To Urge Conservatives To Stop Giving To RNC

The Politico has learned that influential Christian conservative Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, will urge conservatives in his next e-mail newsletter to stop donating money to the Republican National Committee. An episode in which RNC staffers spent $2,000 at a "lesbian bondage club" was the last straw. Mr. Perkins will write:

I've hinted at this before, but now I am saying it: Don't give money to the RNC. If you want to put money into the political process, and I encourage you to do so, give directly to candidates who you know reflect your values.

This latest incident is another indication to me the RNC is completely tone-deaf to the values and concerns of a large number of people they are seeking financial support from.

Another point of contention for Mr. Perkins, and perhaps much more serious, is that the RNC has hired attorney Ted Olson to represent it in a campaign finance case. Mr. Olson initiated a law suit of his own to overturn California's Marriage Amendment, a case that may have implications for the many state constitutional amendments and statutes that define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Also, not pleased with the tone deafness of the RNC and Chairman Michael Steele is major Republican donor and Christian conservative Mark DeMoss, who earlier announced that he no longer contributes to the RNC. The burgeoning boycott is bad news for the RNC, already reeling in irrelevancy from the independent conservative/libertarian Tea Party movement, and a lack of funds to funnel into targeted 2010 Congressional mid-term campaigns.

Make Up Call

You hear sports commentators talk about it all the time, although referees deny it: The Make Up Call. When a ref thinks he missed a foul or made a bad call, he will even it up later in the game on an unsuspecting player on the opposite team. Once, in a rare moment of candor, when I coached travel soccer, a ref told me as I complained about a bad call he made against my team: "You got a call down there, we're making it up here!" Nevermind that he made the right call earlier. Thus, President Barack Obama's reaction today to the homosexual lobby's outcry over his decision to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in federal lawsuit (see yesterday's post): He's going to grant the extension of employee benefits to "partners" of homosexual federal workers. However, this is pyrrhic at best to many homosexual activists and may have steamed them off at the POTUS plenty more, as Ben Smith reports at The Politico. You see, while it at first the Mainstream Media reported it as a great win for the homosexual lobby, the fact is that DOMA prohibits the extension of health insurance and retirement benefits to same-sex partners. There's that DOMA, again, which the president is defending. According to an update on Smith's post at The Politico:

"Are they kidding us? Domestic Partnership benefits WITHOUT health insurance because of DOMA? What kind of reality do they live in?" gay fundraiser and activist David Mixner emailed me this morning. "It is like rubbing salt in the wound. I am glad that some barriers will be lifted for Federal Employees but what is the most important benefit insurance! Good god."   

The anger isn't limited to e-mails to bloggers, either. Prominent homosexual lobbyists are boycotting a big time fundraiser by Vice President Joe Biden, as Jake Tapper of ABC News reports on his Political Punch blog (here).

Also, see the Obama "Fraud" and "Fail" posters in the photo at this Politico post (here). In the end, this make up call is about as worthy as one in an athletic contest, which is to say it is not worthy at all. One doesn't make up an alleged grievance by intentionally harming an innocent party, especially when your original stand is just. As we noted yesterday, surprising as it is, the Obama administration simply is defending the Constitutional powers of the legislative branch, as well as the several states. Whatever his reasons, cynical or otherwise, it is the correct call and requires no make up.

All this proves a point: When the most liberal, "progressive" president in history isn't moving on the homosexual agenda at the pace its advocates want, how mainstream is their movement? 

Video: Jindal Endorses McDonnell For Governor

Below is a short clip courtesy of the McDonnell campaign/YouTube from today's news conference at Richmond's historic Jefferson Hotel, where Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell in his campaign for Virginia governor. (It was fun to hear them call each other "Bob" and "Bobby" repeatedly in close succession. They tried early on to stay business like — "Governor" and "Attorney General" — but their friendship is genuine.) Fellow Republican Jindal also was the draw for a McDonnell fundraiser later in the day. We were at the news conference and took extensive notes but might not elaborate on the news conference today. We've had a lot of events around here lately and we will get to as much of them as possible. After all, it is a busy time of year for work and otherwise.

One interesting statistic noted by the AG: Despite the big Democrat wins for the presidency and in the House and Senate, no incumbent Republican governor or attorney general lost in 2008. Just goes to show that if you govern soundly and live up to your campaign promises and principles, people tend to re-elect you.

By the way, in a Google search, the first post about Governor Jindal declaring against a 2012 presidential run was posted an hour ago by The Politico (click here). So that makes us the first to break the story (see here) — and we didn't even post it as fast as we could of! Congrats to us! (Also, check out the Virginian-Pilot article, here).

In the meantime, here's Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal endorsing Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell to be the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Laugh Of The Day

The last sentence on the second page of The Politico piece about Terry McAuliffe's  campaign for governor was a hoot. Not about him. But about our current Excellency:

And McAuliffe's opponents are already painting him as a rowdy Democratic partisan in a state that has elected reassuring, purple-tinged Democratic governors like Sen.-elect Mark Warner and the state's current chief executive, Tim Kaine, an abortion opponent.

The article's author, Glenn Thrush, apparently has as much experience covering Virginia politics as McAuliffe has running in Virginia. That, or he knew some of us needed a big laugh out loud.

How Much Is The Governor's Mansion Worth? To McAuliffe, Perhaps $75 Million

We know real estate assessments are dropping and that industry is tanking right now, but Terry McAuliffe is trying his best to re-inflate the Richmond housing market (more here). Or at least one house in particular. You see, it was reported today that liberal Democrat McAuliffe — of Global Crossing scandal, Teamster corruption and Clinton fame (more here) — is willing to raise and spend $75 million for himself to win the governor's mansion as well as for a Democrat take-back of the House of Delegates in next year's statewide campaigns. Maybe it is the incredibly detailed historic restoration of the mansion and capitol that has him so interested in living there. Hmmm.

Whatever the reason (as if we have to wonder), the frequent guest on television shoutfests and former DNC chairman is dead serious about taking the governor's mansion at any price, and bringing his highly partisan, Northeastern liberal attack politics with him, and mirroring D.C.'s new total liberal control of government in Richmond. Anyway, the news on McAuliffe's $75 mil war chest comes courtesy of The Politico via our fellow Virginia bloggers at Too Conservative.

Leftist Worlds Collide, Part Two

Not only are extreme liberals cracking up over each other on issues of birth control vs. the environment, they are whacking at each other on the most biased "news" channel ever to hit a satellite dish. If the Clinton-Obama rivalry is as bad as manifested this week on the air, live, between their MSNBC leftist-talking-point-memorizing-hack-proxies, there may be untold problems on that side of the aisle that are well beyond anyone's comprehension. Talk about dysfunction. Laugh out loud as you read The Politico's account of it all, here.