The Spectator

(A Real) Profile In Courage

Part of JFK's rise to prominence was the popularity of his book Profiles In Courage. The former journalist's book was a series of accounts about people throughout history who stood up for principle in the face of political opposition or other difficult obstacles. Ever since, the phrase has been cheapened, with strains of political theater masquerading for what supposedly is courage: In this age of instant and constant media, grandstanding is "courage." When there is true bravery to note, the Mainstream Media ignores it. So we gladly bring this to you: British European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan's evisceration of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his complete socialization of Great Britain (under the guise of saving its economy) while, in fact, destroying it and individualism in that country.

He said it to the PM's face at the EU Parliament yesterday (see Hannan's account on his blog here). He spoke the truth despite the prevailing pop cultural popularity of the countering point of view, ignoring potential hazardous consequences — and he didn't do it for the cameras. As The Spectator reports (here), the British networks hardly covered it.

Oh, were we to have a member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, who sees the same diminishing of America, have the courage to stand up to the "messiah" this way!