The Speech

Reagan Confronts Today's Left Wing Thirst For Control Over Our Freedoms

One of our avid readers sent this to me. It's a fantastic reminder of how relevant Ronald Reagan remains. It's as if he's calling out today's Far Left. The video is a mash-up of RR's 1964 "The Speech" with some of the most notorious quotes from within the last year by Washington's liberal leaders — Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Frank, Durbin; they're all here, with a supporting cast every bit as fanatical about control. That's a thirst for control over your health care, your earnings, over how you spend your earnings, over the economy, over how your children learn, over the legal process . . . you name it, they want control over it. U.S. Representatives Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and John Dingell (D-Mich.), respectively, say it most pointedly:

give us more authority and more ability. ...  


. . . put the legislation together to control the people.

Hear it for yourselves:

Ronald Reagan calls out today's Far Left just as he did in 1964.

October 28, 1964: Ronald Reagan Gives "The Speech"

Forty-five years ago tonight, a call was sounded that lives on and is as true today as it was then. More so. Ronald Reagan: Great president. Better prophet? Here is what is simply known as The Speech in its entirety (29:33). Enjoy.

The Great One gives the Great One. Perhaps the most memorable political speech in modern American history, it launched the career of America's greatest modern president on values and policies that resonate now more than then because they are the enduring principles of a constitutional, limited, God fearing government . . . the simple principles upon which the country was founded.