Good Riddance To Unlucky '13, But At Its Close Of Business, Conservatism Still Calls

2013 was a tough year for conservatives in Virginia. Good riddance to unlucky '13. It followed an equally unlucky 2012 here and across the country. But as long as there are people who articulate conservatism clearly, who distinguish its tenets, who delineate its truths, conservatism and proper governance will revive and flourish. That means all of us — not only a few on the radio, certain pundits, selected politicians or academic or think tank thinkers. It is our job to connect those with whom we come into contact to the core principles of conservatism and how it best reflects their every day way of life, how they live their lives, how — in fact — conservatism is the natural state of their thinking; their default instinct. Pry them away from the clutter, confusion and disarray the Left has sewn over the last several years so as to make clear their vision.

Conservatism actually is centrist. It's how America was founded. Conservatives haven't changed. We still believe in what the constitution says.

A good way to start is to share this video, posted recently by Steve Straub at More than a year old, it has more than 1 million aggregate views. It  won't convince liberals, but it will get "middle of the road" types and independents who have been bombarded with distortions of conservatism and straw men issues and candidates by the Left and, quite frankly, left of center policies by politicians elected as "conservatives," thinking again.

Conservatism. It's who we are. Let everyone know.

Good night, good luck and Happy New Year. 2014 surely will be better. See you then.