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How Much Is The Governor's Mansion Worth? To McAuliffe, Perhaps $75 Million

We know real estate assessments are dropping and that industry is tanking right now, but Terry McAuliffe is trying his best to re-inflate the Richmond housing market (more here). Or at least one house in particular. You see, it was reported today that liberal Democrat McAuliffe — of Global Crossing scandal, Teamster corruption and Clinton fame (more here) — is willing to raise and spend $75 million for himself to win the governor's mansion as well as for a Democrat take-back of the House of Delegates in next year's statewide campaigns. Maybe it is the incredibly detailed historic restoration of the mansion and capitol that has him so interested in living there. Hmmm.

Whatever the reason (as if we have to wonder), the frequent guest on television shoutfests and former DNC chairman is dead serious about taking the governor's mansion at any price, and bringing his highly partisan, Northeastern liberal attack politics with him, and mirroring D.C.'s new total liberal control of government in Richmond. Anyway, the news on McAuliffe's $75 mil war chest comes courtesy of The Politico via our fellow Virginia bloggers at Too Conservative.

Leesburg Democrat Mayor For McCain-Palin?

Scanning the Virginia blogosphere this afternoon, we find this very interesting piece of citizen journalism from fellow blog Too Conservative. It appears the Democrat mayor of Leesburg, Kristen Umstattd, attended a recent Sarah Palin rally in Northern Virginia. Click here to see the picture. According to Too Conservative, her honor and daughter Kendrick are cheering to the right of the "H" in "SARAH."

The details, more links to picture evidence, links to video of the rally and several comments about the situation are at the Too Conservative thread (click here). Great job, TC!