Mr. Jefferson's Capitol: One Of America's 10 Most Influential Buildings

As physically and mentally grueling as a session of the Virginia General Assembly is, as many heartaches and headaches as it produces, and despite the 12-hour days and ups-and-downs of seeing good bills advance only to see them watered down or even defeated, or bad bills pass, there is one thing that keeps us (or at least me) inspired and lobbying legislators with optimism: Mr. Jefferson's Capitol. It even (rightly) tempers the glow of victory with magnanimity. Knowing the momentous events that took place there (and take place there), the towering figures who have purposefully paced its marble floors and filled its stately chambers, as well as the man who designed it, gives perspective to passing good bills and killing bad ones — at once it's not saying a whole lot, yet still a significant contributor to the continuum of representative government, the oldest continuously meeting one in the Western Hemisphere, at that. Attempts at poetic prose and the mysticism and majesty of history aside, it's one cool workspace! After all, who gets to work in a 1788 building as modern as it is historic with some of the most interesting characters in the country?

It's hard to believe some people in the country, let alone Virginia, still don't realize what a treasure the capitol is, but that number will shrink early next year when a PBS special on the 10 of the most influential buildings in America airs. The production crew shot video in Capitol Square this week, as well as at U.Va. and Monticello as background to Jefferson's Temple of Democracy.

Jefferson's Temple to Democracy sits on Richmond's Shockoe Hill. Originally in the middle of nowhere for all to see and from which to take inspiration. Historians and architects agree. It's a treasure we never take for granted.

That's what it is, of course. Situated on Shockoe Hill and reminiscent of a Roman Greek classical temple in France, Jefferson built it as he did and where he did so that people far and wide would be reminded of, and respectful of, their freedom. High rise buildings now block the reach of the temple, but not its influence. Geoffrey Baer, the host of the documentary 10 Buildings That Changed America, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch today:

The Virginia State Capitol really started the tradition in this country of government buildings looking like Roman and Greek temples.

But its not only the outside that the show's producers keyed on. It will play up Jefferson's most fascinating architectural aspect, its interior rotunda, as well a skeleton look at the buildings walls. That's appropriate because as awesome as the outside is, the inside is nothing less than an office masked as a museum. Imagine talking over education reform with a senator next to the most valuable piece of marble in North America? That the old is always new and regenerative alone makes this Temple unique. As places of worship are supposed to do that, this secular temple refreshes us not with a worship of government, but a love of liberty.

The 10 buildings selected were judged by architectural historians and others to have had a powerful architecturally but also an influence "on the way we live," according to Baer. The capitol influenced the U.S. Capitol as well as banks across America, according to the show. If only it influenced the governance that comes out of the U.S. Capitol.

The Houdon statue of George Washington, done from life by a body cast, gives us the best impression of what he looked like and is considered the most valuable piece of marble in the continent. 

One Down, 39 To Go?

Republicans need to gain 40 seats in November's midterm elections to win control of the House of Representatives. Ten percent of that goal is in Virginia, where targeted incumbent Democrats Rick Boucher (VA-9), Gerry Connolly (VA-11), Glenn Nye (VA-2) and Tom Perriello (VA-5) are being challenged by House of Delegates Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, Keith Fimian, Scott Rigell and Virginia Senator Robert Hurt, respectively. Connolly, Nye and Perriello all are freshmen and Perriello may be the number one GOP target in the entire country given his razor thin victory in 2008 and the 5th's generally conservative leanings (Charlottesville Daily Progress). Perhaps no House win pleased liberals more. Now, according to a poll released yesterday by SurveyUSA for Roanoke television station WDBJ, Representative Perriello may be toast (see American Prospect's Tapped Blog and the Washington Post's Virginia Politics Blog). It shows the 5th to be a blowout already: Hurt up by a 58-35 margin (see National Review Online's Campaign Spot Blog).

While many GOP House candidates are polling well, few have the numbers that elicited a "WOW" from NRO's Jim Geraghty. Of course, polls this early can mean anything and the pros will say SurveyUSA is not a top tier pollster on the lines of Mason-Dixon or Rasmussen Reports. But, SurveyUSA was the first to poll Virginia last summer (51 weeks ago, to be exact) and it had all three statewide races right from the beginning to the very end, including double digit leads when all the more "reputable" polls showed it closer. In fact, one political pro told me the SurveyUSA results were "embarrassing," but the only people embarrassed last November were the doubters and the Democrats.

The numbers are even more astounding considering a hard fought Republican primary, a Libertarian candidate and some TEA Party dissatisfaction with Senator Hurt. (SurveyUSA breaks down its research here.) It admits it has factored Republican turnout to be much greater than Democrat turnout (not surprising since when comparing the U.Va. student drop-of from 2008, where Perriello benefited from a large Barack Obama student turnout, to 2009). However, SurveyUSA says even if it factors in a 50-50 Republican-Democrat turnout, Hurt still wins by 11 points. At this point. (Which would allow the GOP to focus on the other three seats.) But, if the trend holds, it's a remarkable sign for House Republicans — and one down and 39 to go.

T-Mac McAuliffe Jinxes U.S. Soccer Team?

Whoa! Is that defeated Democrat governor wannabe Terry McAuliffe with Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger at the U.S. game at the World Cup? It is! Forget the game. There really must be a party going on in South Africa! I'm as hardcore a soccer fan as you will find, yet even my mind was temporarily derailed from the intensity of the U.S. soccer team's second round World Cup match against Ghana Saturday when I saw the obligatory shot of the VIP box. I knew Bill Clinton was there — he was there at the Algeria game a a few days before. Seeing Jagger next to him was only a mild surprise. (Hillary, do you know where your husband is — and who he is hangin' with?) Bill is the honorary chairman of U.S. Soccer's bid committee to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, so it was actually expected of him to attend.

But McAuliffe? Why is T-Mac there? Other than in his longtime role as Clinton consigliere, why is the wannabe governor in South Africa? Is he a big soccer fan? Just wanted to party with Bill and Mick? That's not too gubernatorial looking. In fact, why be governor of Virginia when you can jet off with the international swank set at the drop of a taxpayer dollar (as being in the company of a former president entails security)?

McAuliffe World Cup

T-Mac (on the left, of course) jinxes the U.S. soccer team (along with Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger). Have you ever seen three completely different facial expressions of people watching the same thing?

But that's not the point. The point is T-Mac jinxed us! Four years of hard work, an exhilarating win over Algeria, winning our group and for what? So T-Mac, who wore Carolina blue to a U.Va. game during his 2009 Democrat primary campaign, could rub off his sports neophyte negative karma on us? (See the tweets about the T-Mac curse his sighting set off.) No doubt, this will be a big issue when he ramps up again in 2013. Not that Clinton and Jagger get off the hook either. Here is what former Germany superstar and national team coach (and possible future U.S. coach) Jurgen Klinsmann said on ESPN about Clinton and his coterie:


Clinton and company: A distraction for the U.S. team! Hey, if the libs can blame everything on George W, why not blame our loss on Clinton and McAuliffe?

So one of the game's greats says the U.S. team was distracted by its sudden fame and bandwaggon climbing by Clinton and McAuliffe! We won't forget Terry! We won't forget! Here is the evidence of the Clinton corruption of the U.S. team:

Fans want to use "video evidence" in soccer. We got it right here — Clinton breaking training with team captain Carlos Bocanegra.

Wah-Hoo-Wah For The AG!

I have been asked by several people — some liberal activist types, some of no political stripe whatsoever (okay, more like confronted by the liberal activist types) — why Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is investigating poor old U.Va. and a former professor there, Michael Mann, one of the world's (literally) leading so-called global warming scientists. I'm told that "he's imposing his agenda" and "wasting taxpayer money" and "infringing on academic freedom." Mr. Cuccinelli is seeking records, such as e-mails, of Dr. Mann's when he taught in Charlottesville. He now teaches at Penn State.  My answers are, respectively:

What politician doesn't have an agenda? After all, he ran on a very certain platform and received more votes for attorney general than any candidate in Virginia history;  

He's doing his job as the chief legal officer for state agencies and, in fact, there is a statute he's enforcing, and, by the way, it just may be U.Va. and Professor Mann who wasted tax dollars (the predicate for the investigation); and

Where were the protests of academic freedom when U.Va. gave out the contents of e-mails by another professor, Dr. Pat Michaels, the former state climatologist, who doesn't believe in man caused global warming, to private organizations trying to discredit Dr. Michaels? Furthermore, why did U.Va. at first say it would comply with the AG's request for the records under state law, but now truly is wasting taxpayer and student/parent/donor money on hiring very expensive Washington, D.C., outside legal counsel to contest the AG's investigation?

Okay, those are some detailed answers to some pretty lame questions, but I like to set the record straight, get the truth out and expose liberal double standards. Now, the truth is coming out from our good friends at Tertium Quids, we learn that that there was certain information that U.Va. had but was never disclosed in a previous investigation of Dr. Mann (see exerpt from AG's response and see response itself here).

Writes Norman Leahy:

So those other looks into Climategate and Mann's research, including one conducted by Mann's current employers at Penn State University that "cleared" Mann didn't have access to all the information . . . because UVA said it didn't exist.

Except that it did, and the fact of the data's existence wouldn't have been known by anyone without Cuccinelli's investigation.

What's at stake? About $500,000 in taxpayer money from grants Dr. Mann and U.Va. secured for fraudulent research. Not to mention the basis for an entire movement that seeks government rule over almost every aspect of our lives. Other than that, not much. Go 'hoos!

Virginia News Stand: May 29, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Expanded Holiday Weekend Edition

We hope everyone has a long, relaxing and safe holiday weekend, while remembering to give appropriate pause and reflection to those, throughout the decades, who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defence of America. To bide over you news junkies, some who may have an even longer weekend than others, we have an expanded edition of the News Stand (including links to audio and video) to bide you over the rest of the weekend. We hope you enjoy your holiday reading.


U.Va. challenges Cuccinelli demand for research (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Cuccinelli’s office says it will reply to U.Va. in court (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

U.Va. seeks to block Cuccinelli’s probe of climate researcher (Richmond Times-Dispatch

Dominion CEO will lead Va. panel on higher education (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Dominion chief heads McDonnell’s higher-ed panel (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

State education board allows Richmond charter school to open before traditional schools (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Halt in offshore drilling cuts funds for Virginia's transportation projects (Washington Post)

Mixed response from Virginia as Obama cancels oil lease sale (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell says Va. oil lease sales shouldn’t be canceled (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Most state workers will be on furlough Friday (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Va. won't seek Race to the Top education funds (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Virginia declines to compete for U.S. education grant funding (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell may seek roads czar (Roanoke Times)

McDonnell to put private road projects on the fast track (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Democrats continue to criticize McDonnell’s choice of Malek (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

McDonnell says his vetting is fine, Malek's past a 'non-issue' (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

McDonnell defends governmental reform appointee (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Staffer: Cuccinelli made no pledge to Navy Vets (Roanoke Times)

Virginia gun rights leader blasts Cuccinelli over GMU campus gun ban (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

GOP, Tea Party split on candidate endorsement (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Political novice Jeffrey Clark could turn Va. congressional race on its head (Washington Post)

Richmond lobbyist heads national GOP election effort (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

O'Brien expected to get out of state Senate race (Woodbridge/Manassas News & Messenger)


Wall of Honor a tribute to Virginia’s war dead (3:16) (TimesDispatch.com)


Ask The Governor (38:59) (WRVA-AM/WRVA.com)

Ask The Governor (43:23) (WTOP-AM/WTOP.com)

National News

House approves repeal of law banning openly gay military service (Politico/Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Congress moves to end ban on gays in military (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Four Moral Issues Sharply Divide Americans (Gallup.com)

Decision to halt offshore drilling stirs debate (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Obama admin asks Supreme Court to stop AZ from enforcing illegal alien law (AP/GOPUSA.com)

WH had Clinton try to ease Sestak out of Pa. race (AP/GOPUSA.com)

New $23B for teacher subsidies falters in House (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Senate OKs war funding; House to cut spending bill (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Report: Two dozen terror leaders among detainees (AP/GOPUSA.com)


Why Obama's Sinking in the Polls(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann/GOPUSA.com)

CBS: the Toilet Network(Brent Bozell/GOPUSA.com)


Greek Disease in the House (Larry Kudlow/GOPUSA.com)


That Blood of Heroes Never Dies (Richard Olivastro/GOPUSA.com)

It Should Be Our Honor to Honor (Frank Salvato/GOPUSA.com)

Memorial Day 2010 (Oliver North/GOPUSA.com)

Just how much is someone's 'fair share?' (Bobby Eberle/GOPUSA.com)

Barack Obama in Crisis: Zzzz (Michelle Malkin/GOPUSA.com)


The Politics of the Gulf Oil Spill (Michael Reagan/GOPUSA.com)

Obama To America: I Am Not Accountable (Christopher G. Adamo/GOPUSA.com)

Virginia News Stand: May 8, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Weekend Edition

Wow! It looks like there was public prayer in Fredericksburg and the city is still standing. Amazing! Who would've thought? In other news sure to frighten liberals, the feds asked for and received more time to respond to Virginia's defense of its Health Care Freedom Act. Hmmm. Haven't all the experts said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli doesn't have a chance? So, then, why do the G-men need more time? 

On the other hand, U.Va. snapped in line quickly, promising to turn over all documents the AG has requested in the case of former university professor Michael Mann, one of the main characters in the "Climate-gate" scandal, in which "global warming" scientists admitted they made up facts and concealed others to manipulate date and public perception — and, more importantly — public policy (i.e., job-killing taxes and cumbersome regulations). Meanwhile, Governor Bob McDonnell announced that transportation meetings now will be streamed online as well as members of a commission to recommend streamlining government. That should be news only when the recommendations, if any, are put into effect, as we've seen governor after governor put commissions in place. Nothing much ever results from them.

Nationally, Dems are worried stiff over two long-held House seats in which there are special elections this month. Many think they could be bellwethers for November.  


Prayers are shared with no complaints (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

Online-schools firm hires former lawmaker as lobbyist (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

State has teeth but rarely bites schools suspected of cheating (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Bedford student sues after suspension over 'sexting' (Lynchburg News & Advance)

Feds given more time to respond to Virginia health care suit (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

U.Va. plans to comply with Cuccinelli subpoena (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Cuccinelli plans to propose legal changes in wake of U.Va. lacrosse killing (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

McDonnell names commission to reshape, shrink government (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Gingrich to join McDonnell in Richmond to talk about health care (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

McDonnell announces transportation meetings will be streamed online (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

National News

Dems may abandon House race in Hawaii (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Dems fear losing four-decade grip on Pa. seat (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Graham prays at Pentagon, says 'Islam got a pass' (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Palin endorses Fiorina in California Senate race (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Ariz. governor rejects delay of immigration law (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Lawmakers: Revoke citizenship of terrorists (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Wall Street regulations stagger ahead (AP/GOPUSA.com)


Debt-Deflation-Contagion Panic: It's a Bloody Mess (Larry Kudlow/GOPUSA.com)

Leftist Turnout is what Motivates Obama (Dick Morris/GOPUSA.com)

Misperceptions and Media Bungles (Matt Towery/GOPUSA.com)

Fox Entertainment's Dung Pile (Brent Bozell/GOPUSA.com)

The Problem With the NFL (Oliver North/GOPUSA.com)

The Go-Fly List for Terrorists (Michelle Malkin/GOPUSA.com)

How Dare Arizonans Try To Protect Themselves? (David Limbaugh/GOPUSA.com)

Arizona: Been There, Done That (Harris Sherline/GOPUSA.com)

Virginia News Stand: May 4, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Ashcroft Envy?

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has reminded us of a move by then-U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2002, who had the topless female Spirit of Justice statue covered in the Great Hall of the Department of Justice. In Mr. Cuccinelli's case, he wanted to issue a new lapel pin with a modified Seal of the Commonwealth, which features an exposed breast of the Roman goddess Virtus, that would be fully clothed. He said it is a replica of an old version of the seal. Knowing the AG's love of history, that must be true. Yet, the ensuing media racket persuaded him to revert to the standard issue. Unsurprisingly, the same people who have created this disproportionate distraction over this incredibly minor deal are the same ones hammering him for "distracting and frivolous" actions fighting the EPA and ObamaCare, though that is what he is sworn to do — uphold Virginia law. But blowing up minutia to cover for a lack of substance is never a consideration for the left.

In the News: The prayer State Police Chaplain prayer policy continues to make news, even nationally, and we're along for the ride in the three of the first four links below. The AG makes headlines for other reasons, as well. He has a 100-day review in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (where you'll find more Family Foundation quotes) and he's made more national headlines requesting — under Virginia law — documents from a former U.Va. professor who may have been involved in deceptive "science" and defrauded the commonwealth out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money.

In Analysis, Erica Werner of the AP may not have a job tomorrow after the White House reads her piece documenting what it says about its actions on the Gulf oil spill aren't exactly the truth. Also, according to the AP, as many as 80 Dem Congressional seats now are in play; and Marc Thiessen reports that Senator Jim Demint (R-S.C.) is leading a conservative revolution in GOP Senate primaries. In Commentary, it's Larry Kudlow on money and Star Parker on Life. If that doesn't sum it up, nothing does.


*McDonnell strikes a balance, conservatives rethink support (Washington Post)

*Virginia's new policy on prayer policy (Newsweek/Washington Post)

*Va. governor lifts ban on police chaplains’ sectarian prayers (Associated Baptist Press)

*Cuccinelli draws praise, derision (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

State attorney general demands ex-professor's files from University of Virginia (Washington Post)

Cuccinelli goes for a more modest version of the state seal (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

AG Cuccinelli drops new lapel pin to get away from distractions . . . (The Shad Plank Blog)

Cuccinelli ditches lapel pin with altered Virginia seal (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Cuccinelli yanks lapel pin with breast-plate-covered goddess (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Franklin County activist to head 5th District GOP (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Independent says he would run if Hurt on ballot in 5th District (Lynchburg News & Advance)

National News

Attorneys agree to block on Oklahoma abortion law (Washington Post)

Union: Va. Firm's Ads chiding Ark. Senate candidate 'racist' (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Report: Congress makes too many vague laws (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Dobson changes mind, endorses Paul for Ky. Senate (AP/GOPUSA.com)


Virginia Attorney General goes after Mann and UVA (Anthony Watts/Watts Up With That? Blog)

Leading the charge for GOP insurgents (Marc A. Thiessen/Washington Post)

SPIN METER: There since Day One? Maybe not (Erica Werner/AP/GOPUSA.com)

GOP expands political playing field; Dems slipping (Liz Sidoti/AP/GOPUSA.com)


The Left Loses Its Way by Abandoning 'Third Way' (Michael Barone/GOPUSA.com)

The NAACP and Abortion Politics (Star Parker/TownHall.com)

Race and Resentment (Thomas Sowell/GOPUSA.com)

Obamacon Doves vs. Hard-Money Heartland Hawks (Larry Kudlow/GOPUSA.com)

'Government is Us' (Richard Olivastro/GOPUSA.com)

Virginia News Stand: April 19, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations The Mostly All Virginia Edition

Today's News Stand is all Virginia, for the most part. Even The Weekly Standard'sMary Katherine Ham's feature on the use of the Internet by GOP campaigns has a lengthy portion devoted to the expertise in which Governor Bob McDonnell's campaign used new technology to find and target voters. We have a round-up of Tea Party Day across the commonwealth. Commentary also has a Virginia ledger today, with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's opinion piece making National Review Online.


Va. public broadcasting funds in peril (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Roxann Robinson to run for Nixon’s delegate seat (BearingDrift.com)

At UVa, Justice Scalia warns of scholars’ agendas, biases (Charlottesville Daily Progress)

How do LGBT people fare in the area? (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Think tank says Virginia budget raises taxes on poor (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Black Baptist pastors criticize McDonnell’s policies (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Tea-party supporters rally in Richmond (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Hundreds of Tea Party activists rally in downtown Norfolk (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Election plans brewing for Roanoke Tea Party (Roanoke Times)

Tea Party activists sh0w frustration at local rally (Charlottesville Daily Progress

Lynchburg tea partiers sound off on Tax Day (Lynchburg News & Advance)

Cuccinelli: I’m fighting for Constitution (Lynchburg News & Advance)

Cuccinelli opines that taxes and fees can be embedded in the state budget (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Will Marshall run for U.S. Senate in Va. again? (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

National News

Obama extends hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners of gays (Washington Post)

No hooking up, no sex for some coeds (CNN.com)


Tea-party influence could cut two ways (Tyler Whitley/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Tea partiers in two camps: Palin vs. Paul (Politico.com/Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Techno-GOP (Mary Katherine Ham/The Weekly Standard)


Unconstitutional Mandate: Virginia’s Obamacare lawsuit is about more than just health care(Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, III/National Review Online)

McDonnell is tarred by missteps (Jeff Schapiro/Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Sabato's Crystal Ball In The Poll Vault

Over the last 24 hours two more polls were released, one by Democrat pollsters Public Policy Polling and the other by SurveyUSA for Roanoke television station WDBJ. Neither typically are considered top tier polls — not necessarily in the same league as Mason-Dixon and Rasmussen. But they have shown interesting, sometimes contradictory, results this campaign season. But now both show Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell with commanding double digit leads (14 and 19 points, respectively). Each also has the other two Republican candidates, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling and attorney general nominee Senator Ken Cuccinelli (Fairfax), up by healthy double digit margins. Does the fact that these two newer polls to Virginia politics both show the same trend (though different margins) verify a trend? One who pretty much said so today was U.Va. political soothsayer Larry Sabato. On WRVA radio's Richmond's Morning News With Jimmy Barrett, he wouldn't go that far — yet. But he crept up to to the line, which, for Dr. Sabato, is saying a great deal. He said he would release his Crystal Ball's predictions next week.

Listen to Larry Sabato's interview (6:55) with Jimmy Barrett by clicking here.

Here is the analysis (including methodology) and internal numbers from the two polls, including from the polling organizations themselves:

Public Policy Polling 

McDonnell starting to pull away (PublicPolicyPolling.com)

Another Poll Suggests McDonnell Pulling Away From Deeds (CQPolitics Blog)

McDonnell up 12 pts. in new poll (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)


McDonnell Opens Double-Digit Lead Over Deeds in Virginia (Politics Daily Poll Watch Blog)


Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #15927 (SurveyUSA.com)

SurveyUSA Shows McDonnell Clinging to a 59–40 Lead (National Review Online's The Campaign Spot Blog)

News7 Poll: Republicans hold comfortable leads in statewide contests (WDBJ7.com)

Now U.Va. And Tech Are Joining The Fun

First it was William & Mary with its "Sex Workers Show," followed by George Mason with its transvestite "homecoming queen." Then W&M upped the ante with child porn photography. "Hold on!" says U.Va. and Virginia Tech. We want in, too! So a certain pornographic magazine is planning its annual "Girls of the ACC" photo shoot. It is visiting U.Va. today and tomorrow in search of just the right girl (or girls) with all those endearing, wholesome qualities — yeah, right! — to pose nude in its publication. But Tech fans, don't despair. Said magazine (which is losing its tail financially, by the way, and pun intended) will peruse your campus on Thursday and Friday, hoping to find qualified Hokie girls.

On campuses with not-quite-big-dance-worthy-basketball-teams, I guess this is what passes as March Madness. How much longer will Virginia's colleges remain out of control?

Virginia News Stand: March 18, 2009

The News Stand is back after a St. Patrick's Day absence. We hope the all Irish, and Irish-philes for that matter, had a wonderful day. Today's News Stand is, in part, dominated by the RPV chairman fight. This will likely dominate the political headlines until it's resolved, but there's no guarantee as to when that will be. But there is more, a lot more. In particular, I highly suggest reading the opinion piece culled from the Wall Street Journal, by Dr. Brad Wilcox. Dr. Wilcox is a professor at U.Va. and a member of The Family Foundation's marriage commission. This past General Assembly session, he testified on behalf of our Family Life Education bill. Monday, our president, Victoria Cobb, offered a review of the article (here).

Also of note is the national news article, from the Kansas City Star, about the trial of the abortionist George Tiller, whose prosecution was begun by our Annual Gala speaker this year, Phill Kline. For background on the case, see and hear Mr. Kline, now a law professor at Liberty University, yourself, here and here.


Republican Party chairman fights back against those seeking his ouster (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Embattled party chief assails GOP 'insiders' (Washington Times)

GOP Chairman Fires Back as Party Leaders Seek His Ouster (Washington Post)

Making a Living in Governor's Race (Washington Post

Cantor endorses Cox in race for 55th seat (Richmond Times-Dispatch

O'Bannon seeks another term; Democrat begins challenge (Richmond Times-Dispatch

Obenshain: Some VDOT Videos A Waste Of Money (Harrisonburg Daily News-Record)

Justice Thomas says youth self-indulgent (Washington Times)

National News:

Jury selection for Tiller trial starts today (Kansas City Star)


God Will Provide -- Unless the Government Gets There First (Wall Street Journal

The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off (New York Times)