U-Va- game

"The Lieutenant Governor's Mansion"

This has been around has been around a few weeks, but if you haven't seen it, it's pretty funny, if not surprising, considering the source. Democrat Lieutenant Governor hopeful Jody Wagner, party to former Governor Mark Warner's underestimating tax revenues (creating the pretense for the largest tax increase in Virginia history) and to current Governor Tim Kaine's overestimating tax revenues (causing complete budgetary havoc and the reason for the largest Rainy Day Fund raid in Virginia history), thinks Virginia owns a Lieutenant Governor's mansion. (H/T Virginia Virtucon.) Perhaps the construction and maintenence costs are what threw off her budget projections. Thinking about it further, she'd make the ideal running mate for Terry McAuliffe, who wore Carolina blue to a U.Va. game and who has a proven interest in The Family Foundation (yuk).