Mike Pence Update

U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the keynote speaker at our 25th Anniversary Celebration Gala October 9, spoke Friday to the RightOnLine convention, the conservative counter punch to the leftist "NetRoots" online activists. Both conventions were held in Las Vegas over the weekend. Take the time to hear why he is considered one of the leading and most principled conservatives in America today, and a potential presidential candidate. Here is Representative Pence's speech:

A conservative comeback this November? Rep. Mike Pence at RightOnline thinks so. (From AFPhq on Vimeo.)

Hunt Attends Fairfax Candidate Forum, Marsden Blows It Off

Video became available over the weekend of Thursday night's Fairfax Family Forum candidate forum, held at Fair Oaks Church, for the candidates in the 37th Senate district special election. But an peculiar thing happened on the way to the forum. Only one candidate showed up — Republican Stephen Hunt. Democrat Dave Marsden apparently had another agenda and couldn't find time to talk to voters about family and traditional values. An interesting tactic coming from any candidate who wants to represent "all the people." It's one thing to respectfully disagree, and at least hear where certain constituents come from on their views. It's another to blow them off entirely. Even Barack Obama took questions from Pastor Rick Warren at his Saddleback Church. We'll see if this serves to further motivate values voters to turn out to the polls.

The election is tomorrow, January 12. The district is in Fairfax County and polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The election is necessary because of the vacancy in the seat due to the election of Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. Here is a portion of the forum as provided by the Fairfax Family Forum via Viemo:

Republican Steve Hunt attended the Fairfax Family Forum candidate forum for the candidates in the 37th Senate district special election. His opponent, Democrat Dave Marsden, must have had something else to do, rather than discuss with voters issues regarding family and traditional values.