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The RINO Double Standard: People Watching At Eric Cantor's Advisory Committee Meeting

Last night 7th District U.S. Representative Eric Cantor had one of his quarterly Advisory Committee Meetings. These events are a lot of fun and you get to meet people from all over the 7th Congressional District and talk about all issues political and otherwise. But mostly political.  At political events, one thing that always astounds me is that a member of the General Assembly, who has unsuspectingly reamed you out in his office a few months ago, can shake your hand and backslap you as if he either doesn't remember or doesn't care. That happened to me last night. Not that I care. In fact, I initiated the greeting just to see how he would handle it, knowing that no matter how he reacted it would give me something to talk about. Ha!

Later, I also noticed this RINO senior member of the Virginia Senate, applaud most of what Congressman Cantor said during his presentation except, coincidentally or not, when Congressman Cantorcalled for tax reductions for all taxpayers. Senator RINO's arms stayed folded. However, perhaps it wasn't a coincidence: I also noticed a man approach him with a Jim Gilmore for Senate lapel sticker. The man said, "I've been asked to give this to you." Senator RINO said, while pushing the sticker back at the man, "You can tell them you did," and they both laughed out loud while the congressman was still speaking. Real funny.

That's the RINO double standard. You see, it's divisive when you don't fall in line with them, but when they break away to support the other party or issues anathema to conservatism, it's all about unity or good government, no matter how ill-advised the policy is. Needless to say, this RINO fought Governor Gilmore on his budget and walked lockstep with Mark Warner in slamming us with the largest tax increase in Virginia history despite record budget surpluses.