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Virginia News Stand: May 8, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Weekend Edition

Wow! It looks like there was public prayer in Fredericksburg and the city is still standing. Amazing! Who would've thought? In other news sure to frighten liberals, the feds asked for and received more time to respond to Virginia's defense of its Health Care Freedom Act. Hmmm. Haven't all the experts said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli doesn't have a chance? So, then, why do the G-men need more time? 

On the other hand, U.Va. snapped in line quickly, promising to turn over all documents the AG has requested in the case of former university professor Michael Mann, one of the main characters in the "Climate-gate" scandal, in which "global warming" scientists admitted they made up facts and concealed others to manipulate date and public perception — and, more importantly — public policy (i.e., job-killing taxes and cumbersome regulations). Meanwhile, Governor Bob McDonnell announced that transportation meetings now will be streamed online as well as members of a commission to recommend streamlining government. That should be news only when the recommendations, if any, are put into effect, as we've seen governor after governor put commissions in place. Nothing much ever results from them.

Nationally, Dems are worried stiff over two long-held House seats in which there are special elections this month. Many think they could be bellwethers for November.  


Prayers are shared with no complaints (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

Online-schools firm hires former lawmaker as lobbyist (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

State has teeth but rarely bites schools suspected of cheating (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

Bedford student sues after suspension over 'sexting' (Lynchburg News & Advance)

Feds given more time to respond to Virginia health care suit (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

U.Va. plans to comply with Cuccinelli subpoena (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Cuccinelli plans to propose legal changes in wake of U.Va. lacrosse killing (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

McDonnell names commission to reshape, shrink government (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

Gingrich to join McDonnell in Richmond to talk about health care (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

McDonnell announces transportation meetings will be streamed online (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog)

National News

Dems may abandon House race in Hawaii (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Dems fear losing four-decade grip on Pa. seat (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Graham prays at Pentagon, says 'Islam got a pass' (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Palin endorses Fiorina in California Senate race (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Ariz. governor rejects delay of immigration law (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Lawmakers: Revoke citizenship of terrorists (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Wall Street regulations stagger ahead (AP/GOPUSA.com)


Debt-Deflation-Contagion Panic: It's a Bloody Mess (Larry Kudlow/GOPUSA.com)

Leftist Turnout is what Motivates Obama (Dick Morris/GOPUSA.com)

Misperceptions and Media Bungles (Matt Towery/GOPUSA.com)

Fox Entertainment's Dung Pile (Brent Bozell/GOPUSA.com)

The Problem With the NFL (Oliver North/GOPUSA.com)

The Go-Fly List for Terrorists (Michelle Malkin/GOPUSA.com)

How Dare Arizonans Try To Protect Themselves? (David Limbaugh/GOPUSA.com)

Arizona: Been There, Done That (Harris Sherline/GOPUSA.com)

Virginia News Stand: April 15, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations The Nuts And Bolts, Tax Day, TEA Party Version

After yesterday's very meaty edition of the News Stand, we've compiled a very basic version today — can't always keep that pace up, you know. Plus, there's other stuff to do. (What good conservative blogger wouldn't be getting ready for the TEA Party tonight?) Still, we have a good variety of reading for you today, especially of state news, of which we play a big part (the first three links).

Something else of interest: The Virginia Supreme Court heard arguments earlier this week on a property dispute between the (liberal) Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and nine more traditional (or orthodox) parishes that broke away and kept their property when the Episcopals appointed an openly homosexual bishop in New Hampshire a few years ago. The diocese wants the land back. At contention is an 1867 Virginia law meant to referee such disputes. 

Nationally, the polls show liberal leaders falling faster than American prestige around the world, and — lo and behold! — TEA Party members are wealthier and better educated than most and not racist! Golly Gee! (This is only news to mainstream media types, but fun to cite.)

Have fun paying your taxes (those who do) and attend a TEA Party!


*McDonnell proposes adding to Va. budget to attract commerce (Washington Post)

*Pro-choice plate avoids McDonnell veto pen (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot)

*Governor McDonnell Targets Abortion Funding (Video 2:16) (CBS6/WTVR.com)

McDonnell makes no vetoes to legislation (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Going fast more costly (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

McDonnell amends 122 bills (Roanoke Times)

19 Baptist pastors criticize McDonnell (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Va. Episcopal hierarchy fights to keep church property (Richmond Times-Dispatch)


Tea Party Supporters Richer, More Educated Than Most, Poll Finds (FOXNews.com)

AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Poll shows resistance to health care bill rising (AP/GOPUSA.com)

National News

Tea Party leaders on alert for infiltrators (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Bunning endorses outsider Paul in Kentucky US Senate race (AP/GOPUSA.com)

RNC chairman: GOP wants to help black community (AP/GOPUSA.com)

Fla. governor Crist might run for Senate as independent (AP/GOPUSA.com)


Establishment Terrified by Tea Party Movement (Matt Towery/GOPUSA.com)

GOP Should Push Tough Regulation of Wall Street (Michael Barone/GOPUSA.com)

William Ayers' Wyoming Debacle Highlights Leftist Weaknesses (Christopher G. Adamo/GOPUSA.com)

The Individual Mandate: We're All Amish Now (Jon N. Hall/GOPUSA.com)

TFF's Lobby Day: Committing People To Action

Monday, more than 200 Family Foundation supporters descended on Richmond for Family Foundation Day at the Capitol to make their voices heard as the new session of the General Assembly hit full stride. Attendees heard from several legislators including Senator Steve Newman (R-23, Lynchburg), Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg), Delegate Kathy Byron (R-22, Lynchburg) and Delegate John O’Bannon (R-73, Richmond). Lt. Governor Bill Bolling delivered the headline speech. Afterward, these pro-family Virginians met with their elected officials, taking with them The Family Foundation’s Legislative Priority list, reminding legislators that people back home are watching their votes. While legislators are primarily focused on their self-created $4 billion spending surplus and the continued impact of the recession, we must make sure that they also act on the values issues that are important to many Virginians — such as those we've outlined on this site over the past week. Our grassroots activists brought these issues and principles to their legislators' attention.

While economic issues are critical, we cannot ignore the values issues that underpin our economic strength. While many try to dismiss values issues as irrelevant or "divisive," the fact is that our economy and culture are crumbling around us because of a lack of values. Values  such as honesty, integrity and character that clearly have been missing in recent years from Wall Street to Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

America has the greatest economic system in the world. Our free market system is the most efficient way to prosper. But a free market cannot survive without morality. Our culture cannot survive without the values we work to protect.

As the General Assembly begins, we face a serious uphill battle to make sure the issues we care about receive a fair hearing. As many elected officials, both Republican and Democrat, seek to hide from values issues, we need to make sure that they know these issues matter. That’s why it is vital those who believe in traditional values commit to action during the 2010 General Assembly. We have to make sure that the voice of those Virginians who care about values is heard loud and clear in the halls of the General Assembly. Lawmakers must know on a day-to-day basis that they are being watched and that they will be held accountable for their votes.

This is how you can make a difference during this year's General Assembly:

1. Read! Read this blog and the action alerts we send during the session (sign up for our alerts here).

2. Respond! Write and e-mail your representatives to show support or disapproval of legislation that TFF has informed you about. Our e-mail alerts make it easy to educate your specific delegate and senator. In fact, you don’t even need to know who they are — the system will tell you! You just need to be ready to respond when we ask.

3. Recruit! Find 5 more people to do the same by forwarding this link to friends and family and encouraging them to join you in this effort.

4. Rejoice! Together, we can celebrate our victories!

We need your voice to echo in the halls of the General Assembly. Please commit today by e-mailing familyfoundation@familyfoundation.org with "I commit" in the subject line. Together, we can build a better, more family friendly Virginia.