Wall Street executives

Does Obama Really Want To Cut Execs' Pay?

On the one hand, the Wall Street executives who are going to have their salaries cut from millions of dollars a year to no more than $200k should be happy. After all, Barack Obama promised no tax increases for those earning less than $250,000 a year, right? Sure! On the other hand, the president may want to reconsider. With tax revenue dropping like an offed mafioso's car a river, he may need that revenue. Better idea, Mr. President: Instead of cutting their pay 90 percent, let them keep them million-dollar salaries — then tax it at 90 percent. After all, you have to fund health care, right? Plus, the stimulus and free college education and end global warming and green jobs and  . . . .

But before you do, Mr. President, would you please find out if it's constitutional for the federal government to fire and set salaries of people in private business? If it is, then watch out students on federal loans. Next, you'll be told where you can go to college and what classes to take.

Christmas Dinner On Wall Street

Per the last post, we're experimenting here and are looking forward to bringing you some exciting changes here. However, as we go along, some things we took for granted before, we have to discover how to do all over again. Such as post pictures. Sorry this isn't embedded into the post, but worth an extra click anyway. It's the heartwarming tale of how a bunch of down and out Wall Street executives, after their companies' collapse, revived their spirits to enjoy the real meaning of Christmas, in the classic tale:

Christmas Dinner On Wall Street!  *


* Special thanks to reader Mike Smith for this link.