Wayne Newton

Moldy Oldy Wayne Newton

Last week, on February 2, old-school crooner Wayne Newton made his way to the General Assembly to testify on behalf of a bill to recognize a Virginia Native American tribe (see Washington Post article and video), to which the Virginia native belongs, in the House Rules Committee. Women staff and lobbyists alike swooned and several got pics and pecs with and by him. Three days later, however, reports the Detroit Free Press, "Mr. Las Vegas" got stuck with a $61,000 bill for abandoning his plane more than three years ago at an area airport and leaving it to rot and gather mold. Ewwwwwwwwww . . . and they kissed him!

Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Henry, Randolph and a host of legends once met in Richmond to discuss the great issues of the day. But, hey: These days we'll take our celebrity witnesses where we can get them. We're just glad Mr. Newton left his plane in Detroit to rot, and saved for that city something more than just a little symbolic given that area's rapid decline and near 20 percent unemployment.