a woma's right to choose

The Right To "Choose" What?

Liberals and pro-abortionists have as much a right to express their opinions as anyone, that much we can agree (although it's not always the courtesy extended to conservative on college campuses, for one of many examples). So, liberals and pro-abortionists: Please! Please, do express yourselves! Reading my colleague Chris' post about Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor Jody Wagner, reminded me of a question I've wanted to post here for a long time:

Why don't liberals and pro-abortionists finish their sentences when claiming abortion should be available on demand?

You know what I mean: I heard Democrat candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds say it recently and often, too. Chris quoted Wagner. Are you there yet?

They never finish their sentence about choosing. Choose what? An abortion, that's what! So, say it! What are you afraid of?

Here's Wagner's sentence, for example:

“I strongly support a woman’s right to choose, and I would have voted to allow the funding. ..."

Again, choose what? Schools? No, we know liberals are against choice there. Pension options other than Social Security? No, absolutely not, we know that, too. Choose adoption? Come on, you're kidding, right? Certainly, not for choice for medical professionals, Catholic hospitals, private and religious schools, in union elections, in how we use our energy supplies, in teaching homosexuality or Obama indoctrination, or in ramming down our throat a government-run health plan (that would pay for abortions).

Seriously, why don't liberals ever finish that sentence? Are they afraid of their own "A-word"? Could it be there are embarrassed and only want to speak in code to their radical fringe? They must know the semantics of "choosing abortion" sends shivers down the spine of most rank and file voters.

So, liberals and pro-abortionists, we're trying to help. Please, finish your sentences. So, the next time you say with such pride and self-importance, "A woman's right to choose," if, for only grammar's sake, say abortion.