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So, It's A Little Chilly Outside. But Lila Rose Will Fire You Up (For Life)!

Don't forget that this Wednesday, January 8, is our 2nd Annual Prayer Walk and Virginia Stands for Life Gathering at the State Capitol. It looks like the weather will be good — sunny and around 41 degrees — and only a 10 percent chance of rain. So put on your warm clothes, some comfortable shoes and join us as we pray and proclaim the value of life, from conception until natural death. Making the event especially worth your attendance is our keynote speaker, Lila Rose. The founder of LiveAction.org, and one of America's most dynamic pro-life leaders, will make her first public appearance in Virginia at the Virginia Stands for Life Gathering. Since age 15, when she founded Live Action, she has dedicated herself to building a culture of life and ending abortion — and has had the abortion industry on the run ever since.

Through its undercover investigations, videos, films and social media expertise exposing corruption and illegal activity at Planned Parenthood — such as concealing statutory rape in order to perform abortions on teenagers — Lila Rose and Live Action has changed the perception of the abortion industry to an entirely new generation, helping shift large percentages of young people into the pro-life camp. Even more established institutions, such as the mainstream media can no longer ignore the inglorious activities of the abortion industry, such as the Kermit Gosnell trial.

Before Live Action, Planned Parenthood was viewed as a non-profit "women's health care provider." Now, it is viewed more and more as a mega-profit-making, taxpayer-subsidized, abortion-as-first-option-at-any-cost behemoth. LiveAction.org's undercover videos, which document abortion providers as they truly conduct their practices, merit headlines on major media outlets and Lila Rose is a frequent guest on news programs, such as The O'Reilly Factor.

We believe her boldness, passion for life, and her willingness — even as a teenager — to take on such a powerful industry, will inspire and encourage you to stand for truth in a culture that is losing its way. We guarantee that no matter how cold it may get outside Wednesday, Lila Rose and our program will fire you up . . . for Life!

Lila Rose

Pro-life heroine Lila Rose, the 2014 Virginia Stands For Life Gathering keynote speaker.

Here is the schedule for the Virginia Stands for Life Gathering (#VAStands4Life14):

9:00 a.m.:  2nd Annual Prayer Walk, starting at both the Greater Richmond Convention Center (Room B15a) and inside the State Capitol Building (House Room 1). Select the location that best suits your parking preference (here is a link to directions and a parking map).

10:00 a.m.: Virginia Stands for Life Gathering starts. Join with hundreds of pro-life Virginians as we declare our stand for life to the legislators in the General Assembly as well as to the principalities and powers that St. Paul refers to in Ephesians 6. After the gathering, visit your legislators' offices and leave a provided pre-printed card encouraging them to support life from conception to natural death. Please consider staying after that and visiting either the Senate or House as they open their sessions at noon. We will have a delegate and senator recognize visitors in the gallery who are here for Virginia Stands for Life Day. We would like to have a good contingent in each chamber to stand during this recognition time.

To register for this important time at our State Capitol, click here.

If you are a pastor, click here instead to register for our Pastors for Family Values complimentary luncheon at the conclusion of the Gathering. If you are not a pastor, but think he would be interested, please forward this link to him.

Abortionist With Ties To Virginia Has Medical License Suspended

They are not "clinics" as they are commonly called. Clinics are places you go to get well. Rather, they are abortion centers. Women do not get well at a Planned Parenthood abortion center. In fact, in Virginia, a woman's health may be in danger at an abortion center, as the commonwealth enforces no safety regulations at such facilities. Recent news out of New Jersey and Maryland confirm the danger women face in these unregulated abortion centers. On Wednesday, New Jersey suspended Dr. Steven Brigham's medical license. Dr. Brigham is an abortionist who owns American Women's Services Inc., headquartered in New Jersey, but also operates abortion centers in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Dr. Brigham's manipulation of the system recently came to light (resulting in the suspension of his license) when the uterus and small intestine of one of his clients ruptured during an abortion.

This isn't the first time Dr. Brigham's license has been suspended or revoked. He was cited in two botched abortions in New York — resulting in the revocation of his New York license — and has shady standing in other states.

It was Dr. Brigham's routine to begin third trimester abortions in New Jersey (where third trimester abortions must be done in a hospital) and then caravan with his clients to Maryland (where they can be done in so-called "clinics") where he finished the procedure. In New Jersey, Dr. Brigham had no hospital admitting privileges, no OB/GYN training, and no medical permission to perform third trimester abortions (hence the get-away to Maryland).

However, Dr. Brigham was barred from practicing medicine in Maryland as the result of another botched procedure in the mid-1990s. But never mind about that. It wasn't going to stop him. He simply listed George Shepard, Jr., an 88-year-old disabled physician, as the physician of record to cover for his proceedings in Maryland — a move that is a felony under Maryland law.

Dr. Brigham rationalized his actions, stating that he believed Dr. Shepard was in the office at the time of the abortions. However, Dr. Shepard suffered a stroke some time ago, leaving him incapable of assisting in case of an emergency during Dr. Brigham's risky third trimester abortions. Medically responsible? Not at all.

According to records, Dr. Brigham's clients were not even aware that they would have to travel to Maryland for the completion of their abortions. The abortion industry has proven to be quite profitable for people who, like Dr. Brigham, routinely perform abortions, which likely explains his "creativity."

Is Dr. Brigham the only disreputable abortionist operating in Virginia and neighboring states? It's hard to tell. However, since abortion center reporting and inspections are not required here, unlike at other surgical facilities, it's virtually impossible to know for sure.

If Dr. Brigham had caravanned to Virginia instead of Maryland on this particular occasion, the chances that his client's complications would have been linked to a botched abortion are slim to none. Additionally, no emergency equipment (defibrillator, hemorrhage equipment, etc.) is required at Virginia abortion centers and therefore a Virginia facility may not have had the ability to even save the woman's life.

The health and safety of women demands the arraignment of men like Steven Brigham. Virginians must demand a higher level of professionalism and medical aptitude from abortion providers and facilities. To address this critical issue, The Family Foundation will continue to advocate for increased safety and regulation of abortion centers in Virginia in future General Assembly sessions.

When It Comes To NARAL's Report Card, Failure IS An Option For Virginia!

In some bright news amidst the regular drumbeat of negative national and state reports, Virginia earned a coveted grade from NARAL Pro-Choice America last week — an "F" in protecting abortion on demand! My message to them: You ain’t seen nothing yet!

However, just a quick glance at NARAL’s criteria for Virginia’s stellar grade conveys just how out of the mainstream NARAL actually is when it comes to abortion. For example, one strike against us is that we "ban a safe abortion procedure." That procedure is the brutal act of partial birth infanticide!

Another strike? We require "biased-counseling requirements and mandatory delays" prior to abortion. That would be the vastly popular and reasonable Informed Consent law. The bias-counseling? A pamphlet that describes the gestational development of an unborn child!

It gets better. Virginia also "restricts young women’s access to abortion services by mandating parental consent." Imagine that, requiring a parent be involved in a medical procedure when a teenager is the patient!

They also claim that Virginia law "subjects abortion providers to burdensome restrictions." What would that be? We don’t allow women to be subjected to second and third trimester abortions inside unregulated and uninspected abortion centers, but instead require that they be done in hospitals.

All that before we even get to the lies. In one place they claim Virginia restricts low income women’s access to abortion when, in fact, Virginia is one of only 17 states that goes beyond federal requirements and pays for low income abortions that are "elective."

While we can all be somewhat proud of this failing grade, to me, we have a long way to go to restore a respect for human life in Virginia. That will happen when we finally require Virginia’s abortion centers to be regulated and inspected; when we no longer force taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood and low income abortions; when we bring our Informed Consent laws into the 21st century by requiring an ultrasound prior to an abortion.

So, although we don't think we truly deserve an "F," we hope you celebrate it for a moment. Then, let's all get back to work to truly earn that grade next year.