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Contact Senator Webb ASAP: Senate May Vote On DADT Today!

The United States Senate is likely to vote later today on a stand-alone bill that would repeal the military's longstanding "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy involving the enlistment of open homosexuals into our country's armed forces.

Please contact Senator Jim Webb immediately and urge him to vote against repeal!

Despite not having yet passed a budget or dealing with the tax code, liberals in Washington are obsessed with the one issue that didn't show up on the American people's list of priorities prior to Election Day. This blatant "in your face" to Americans that voted dozens of liberal out of office needs to be rejected.

Senator Webb, a military veteran, has expressed concern over repeal of DADT. He needs to hear from Virginians this morning on this important vote!

Please contact Senator Webb's office as soon as possible at 202-224-4024 or click here to e-mail him and urge him to vote against the "Don't Ask, Don’t Tell" repeal.

Bolognese Announces For 41st House District Seat; Kaine Shows "Concern For Military" In Scheduling Special Election

As we anticipated, Republican Kerry Bolognese has announced his intention to seek the 41st district House of Delegates seat (see statement), left vacant with the election of Dave Marsden to the Virginia Senate from the 37th Senate district in last Tuesday's special election to fill the seat left vacant by Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. Bolognese ran an aggressive grassroots campaign in the Fairfax County district in the November general election and nearly defeated Marsden, falling short of a major upset by a couple of hundred votes. Because of that campaign, he may be considered the front runner and could give the House GOP a seventh new seat for this election cycle. Nothing says "favorite" louder than the date of the election set by Governor Tim Kaine — March 2. In the statement he released in announcing the election, he said:

It is important that the voters of the 41st district have a voice in the legislative process. Holding the special election on March 2 will not only give voters time to learn about the candidates, but will allow for the distribution and return of ballots from voters overseas, including our men and women in the armed forces.

So, the governor is going out on a humorous note: The election is scheduled just a week or so before the current General Assembly session ends. How much representation is that? It's not as if he hasn't schedule special elections in 30 days or less before, such as last year's vote to replace former Delegate Brian Moran. The difference? The likelihood of a Democrat win.

Perhaps funnier is the altruism of counting the military's ballots. Remember this? The Fairfax County registrar threatened not to count military ballots in 2008. It was then Attorney General Bob McDonnell who issued an opinion to count them while the governor remained silent; this while the same Fairfax registrar was registering inmates to vote.

Christmas Wishes From Home

From our friends The Lee Brothers (Scott and Richard), hosts of Richmond radio station 1140-AM/WRVA's ratings busting Saturday Mornings With The Lee Brothers, comes this: The brothers, who also serve as prime guest hosts for afternoon talker Doc Thompson, will fill in for him on December 23 for their annual Christmas Wishes From Home show, from 3:00-6:00 p.m.

This segment is for families and friends who want to wish our military personnel a Merry Christmas on live radio. The show also will be posted at their site as well as at the WRVA site so that members of our armed forces (and anyone else) can listen at their conveniecne. You can also listen in real time as WRVA streams live.

The pair will read e-mails and letters on the air during the show. For those who can't call in, you can e-mail them at

Spread the word by forwarding this link to any friends and family anywhere in Virginia or elsewhere who you know have loved ones deployed overseas. For more information, check out The Lee Brothers Blog.

This is a special time of year for everyone. However, some among us are offering the highest form of valor, selflessness and sacrifice. It's always easy to forget about them this time of year, as we get caught up in the season's festivities and our own concerns, both light and heavy. It's easy to think others will pick up the slack. But let us always remember to keep in mind and prayer those who defend us, at great cost to themselves, for love of country.

There is not a better time to show our troops, Marines, sailors and airmen that we are thinking of them during this special and holy Christmas season.