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Open Questions To Senator Deeds

On the day after his blowout Democrat primary victory, Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25, Bath) said one of the differences between himself and Republican opponent, former Attorney General Bob McDonnell, is embryonic stem cell research: Deeds is for it, McDonnell is against it. Fair enough, senator. If you are for it, we invite you to reply, here, to this question:

If embryonic stem cell research is worthy of state funding, or any funding, it should produce results: Can you name just one successful medical/scientific breakthrough from embryonic stem cell research?

Furthermore, can you give a ballpark number on the actual, successful number of such breakthroughs from adult stem cell research?

Can you name two of the biggest, most prominent diseases that have perplexed scientists that now have been broken through because of adult stem cell research?

Finally, if you are going to "invest" our hard-earned tax money into something, shouldn't it be proven to work? And if it has proven not to work, how does that make you a good steward of our Commonwealth?

(Answers here.)

BREAKING: Senate Finance Approves Spending Transparency Bill!

It's been one heck of a day at The Family Foundation: Pastors Lobby Day, Virtual Lobby Day, a live blog interview with Attorney General Bob McDonnell, losing as expected on pro-life measures in Senate Ed & Health (as expected, and video to come on the incomprehensible arguments), but also a big win there, on Family Life Education. But a loooooooooooooooong day and week was capped off by a big win in Senate Finance usually a grave yard of bills. On a unanimous voice vote, the committee approved Senator Ken Cuccinelli's SB 936. Admittedly not the ideal language as first drafted, the bill will make improvements to the current system.

Think of it this way: If proponents stuck the original and lost just to have an issue, the issue risked becoming a GA perennial that gets tuned out every year, as so many repeat bills are. Getting it passed and getting a start on complete and easy access to spending information means we can continually improve it over time. While the cynic might reply, "Like other other government agencies?" an examination of the substitute shows real progress.

On to House Appropriatons sub-committee tomorrow afternoon and HB 2285! It's not too late to contact those sub-committee members. Click here to do so.

Virtual Lobby Day This Thursday And Live Blog Interview With AG Bob McDonnell!

As you know by visiting our blog, The Family Foundation has taken seriously our pledge to not only use the "New Media" to communicate our traditional values message, but to lead the way in it (click here to read what we've done with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). As an example, we now take our own video and place it on YouTube and on our blog. More exciting is the power of the Internet to involve grassroots activists directly and increase our effectiveness at influencing policy, especially during the incredibly fast pace of the General Assembly — where legislators read their constituents' concerns over specific bills on their laptops at their desks on the House and Senate floor! 

With that in mind, we are going full force with our annual Virtual Lobby Day on February 5. If you have ever been to Richmond for our "in-person lobby day" you know face-to-face contact with your legislator is important. But you can leverage that by staying in touch with him or her throughout session. So on February 5 we are modeling our Virtual Lobby Day as we would a conventional one.

First, instead of meeting with your delegate and senator on a given topic, we will provide a topic for you to e-mail them about. Hint: February 5 is Planned Parenthood's lobby day here, so that gives you an idea of what our topic will be. Imagine the power of several thousand e-mails arriving in legislators' e-mail boxes as Planned Parenthood activists meet with them! Although in-person meetings such as our lobby day and Pastors Day (also on February 5) always will be important, new technology creates a whopping impact as well; one that can't be ignored.

Also, instead of hearing speakers, you will be able to follow two interviews on our blog with two very interesting lawmakers, one from each party. Names forthcoming. Additionally, you can watch or listen to both the House and Senate proceedings from the Internet every day. (See link on the blogroll.)

But we are especially excited to have Attorney General Bob McDonnell participate for the second straight year in a live blog interview. All you have to do is leave a question on this thread or our original thread (click here and see who's already asked what). He will then answer the questions posted on that thread live at 2:00 on February 5. You can read his answers as he posts them or read them later at your convenience. 

While we thank everyone who attended our Lobby Day in January, we look forward to your just-as-important participation in Virtual Lobby Day on February 5! Look for our e-mail alerts with more specifics and check back here as well throughout this important week at the General Assembly.

We also encourage you to forward this link to friends and family who you think are interested in issues affecting traditional family values and encourage them to sign up for alerts at the link at the upper left corner.

BREAKING NEWS: AG Bob McDonnell To Do Live Blog Interview Here On Virtual Lobby Day, February 5!

We just confirmed with the Attorney General's office that Bob McDonnell will participate in a live blog interview here, on February 5, for one hour, at 2:00 p.m., as part of our Virtual Lobby Day. We are very excited Attorney General McDonnell has graciously agreed to take time out of his busy schedule, especially with the General Assembly in full swing. You may begin to post your questions for him on this thread, and we will continue to bump up this thread over the next several days. So, please, fire away with your thoughts, questions and comments to the attorney general.

We also will announce, soon, interviews with a Democrat and a Republican member of the General Assembly. We hope you look forward to getting information directly from the Commonwealth's decision makers.

Partial Birth Apologists

The Roanoke Times editorial page has been kind enough to weigh in on this week's decision by two judges on the Fourth Circuit to strike down Virginia's ban on partial-birth infanticide. Big shock — they agree with the ruling. One short line in the editorial is striking: "women still have the right to choose a pre-viability abortion."

In fact, women have the right to a pre- or post-viability abortion in Virginia, right up until the day the baby is born. Wonder why the Times didn't talk about that?

The law the court struck down didn't change that "right." Two judges with predetermined opinions on this law "decided" that the law goes too far. The judge who dissented disagreed.

Interestingly, the Roanoke editors argue that Attorney General Bob McDonnell shouldn't appeal the decision, and if he does they argue it will be only to "serve his political ambitions."

Last time I checked its the AG's job to defend Virginia law. Not appealing would be to not fulfil his Constitutional duty. Then again, misreading the law and the Constitution is the one thing the Roanoke Times editors seem to do very well.