bidens' press plane empty

In Their Own Words

There's been a lot of debate about the qualifications of the candidates for national office this campaign season. Then again, every four years we hear the same thing from both sides. However, we rarely hear candid admissions from the candidates themselves about their own lack of qualifications for office, and even about their running mates' lack of experience. Although some of these comments were made at events covered by the Mainstream Media, not surprisingly, these admissions have been muted by the lack of reporting by the MSM now that they have evolved into serious campaign issues. For example, here's a YouTube clip of Democrat vice presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden (D-Del.) candidly admitting he may not have been the best V.P. choice (click here). But after that statement on the same clip is Biden one upping himself, saying, during a primary debate, that his now running mate, Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.), is not experienced enough to be president. (Maybe Biden knew something like this would happen, where Obama, not yet president, added states to the union, click here to see; or saw this Obama gaffe about Memorial Day coming, click here to read; neither of which the national media gave extensive comment.)

One reason we might not hear of some of these campaign goofs is because the national media has desserted Biden's campaign. According to an unusually honest report from ABC News' Jake Tapper, at his Political Punch blog, the seats are empty on Biden's press plane (click here). Maybe the media doesn't feel comfortable reporting incidents like this awkward Biden moment (click here to read) though they didn't mind reporting with glee former Vice President Dan Quayle's gaffes.

Then there are the words from Senator Obama himself, about himself, where he says he's not ready to run for president (click here). Who better to quote — even if the MSM will not?