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Alarming Gallup Study: Federal Government, Despite Debt, Is Adding Jobs Faster Than Private Sector!

Apparently, the liberal regime in Washington, D.C. — the one waging war on the American economy — is not getting the message, either from the public nor from common sense economics: You can't balance the budget when the government unconsciously borrows and prints money with no end in sight. It's not how healthy economies are created. It's how economic turmoil and chaos are created. Still, despite the misrepresentation by the administration about an "economic recovery" and job growth, the fact is, most new job creation over the last few months comes from new hiring by the federal government! The source is none other than Gallup's Job Creation Index:

Gallup's Job Creation Index clearly indicates that state and local governments are in the midst of significant downsizing, no doubt reflecting budgetary issues resulting from recessionary pressures on the tax (and other) revenue that funds these governments.

Hiring at the federal level has apparently to date escaped these same fiscal pressures. Indeed, the federal government appears to be significantly outpacing the private sector in terms of the relative number of jobs created.

This when the federal government is running annual deficit the size of many countries' entire economic output, estimated at an inconceivable $1.3 trillion this year (Wall Street Journal). For a president whose supporters claim is the smartest man alive, not spending more than you take in doesn't seem to be a hard concept to comprehend. The states are doing so. But, in the Age of Obama, we'll all end up working for the government — doctors, automobile manufacturers, insurance agents, bankers. If you don't have a government job yet, be patient. Your time is coming.

Virginia News Stand: April 13, 2010

Annotations & Elucidations Calling Mr. Ripley 

It's more Tea Party mania as Tax Day fast approaches. Groups are seeking Tea Party support in potential opposition to President Obama's next choice to the U.S. Supreme Court; liberal activists are trying to infiltrate Tea Parties with the purpose of embarrassing them (as we've known all along, and which the mainstream media finally has picked up on, see Aleksandra Kulczuga at The Daily Caller as well as the AP); and in Virginia, Tea Party activists have won two western GOP unit chair elections in recent days.

Meanwhile, nationally, and speaking of Tea Parties, support for the health care law is plummeting faster than a Soprano victim in the Elizabeth River, and more Americans than pay income tax think we're over taxed! That should tell you something, and Scott Rasmussen and Richard Olivastro do in Analysis and Commentary, respectively.

Think the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act is nervy, standing up to the big, bad federales? William Green of the Tenth Amendment Center has an idea that will knock your boots off. Also in that vein, and speaking of New Jersey (The Soprano's), many here patted themselves on the back after Governor McDonnell and the General Assembly balanced our budget without a general tax increase and reduced spending to $70 billion (over two years), a figure last seen in 2006. Very nice. But, as Norman Leahy notes at Tertium Quids, the other new governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, is fighting for, and winning, real reforms, not to mention that even though it is larger than Virginia, it's annual budget is $29.3 billion. Even more impressive: The N.J. deficit is $10 billion; our two-year deficit was $4 billion. New Jersey more frugal than Virginia? Call Mr. Ripley.


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Selfish Tim Kaine: He Has Two Jobs When Many Have None

That was the the gist of a comment left on TimesDispatch.com today by a wit named Dave. I was going to blog on Governor Kaine's whine in today's T-D about the stress of taking on the DNC chairman job (here) when I saw Dave's hilarious take on it. It's priceless, really, calling out the liberal do-gooding spirit. My take is more standard: Remember when Governor Kaine said it was no big deal doing both jobs? From the T-D on January 28:

"The governor again defended accepting the DNC position given the demands of his current job in a state facing hard economic times and wrestling with a budget deficit of at least $3 billion.

"'How do they do it? They have great staff,' Kaine said. 'Being involved in politics is a good thing, not a bad thing. We need national unity right now.

"'. ... trying to be involved in a way, at the president's request, to help him promote his agenda and have him be successful is something that I consider very important.'"

He would be governor at day, DNC chair at night and on weekends, keeping tabs as need be, and letting the staff run it day-to-day until his term expired. Now, it turns out, it's much more than that. From today's T-D:

"He thanked them (the DNC executive committee) for their support and patience as he tries to tend to both tasks during a difficult time. 'I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs,' he said. 'It's not an easy time to be a governor.'"

When is it ever easy, even in good times? The recession started last fall, and he still took the DNC chairman job in January. Is Governor Kaine saying he did not realize the difficulties and conflicts involved then? Perhaps it's no wonder he has missed each one of his budget projections — even with the so-called "stimulus" money — since his extracurricular activity started.

Since early 2008, the governor denied he was shirking his responsibilities here to campaign across the country for Barack Obama. Even with the state deficit rising and missing his revenue forecasts (despite General Assembly warnings), he kept campaigning. Now it's getting worse according to the latest figures, creating the need for still more spending cuts — or more printed (inflated) bailout money from his boss in D.C.

What gives, governor — Virginia or the DNC? As Dave said, you're multi-tasking, which means doing nothing well. So, perhaps, in such a crisis, maybe it's time to help out a Democrat down on his luck  . . . and give him a job — your spare one.

Virginia CD-11

One of the most interesting congressional campaigns in Virginia in several years is in Northern Virginia's 11th congressional district. Democrat Gerry Connolly and Republican Keith Fimian are waging a competitive race which, according to the pundits, was not supposed to happen. The seat currently is held by retiring U.S. Representative Tom Davis, a so-called "moderate" Republican. Because of Northern Virginia's changing political climate, this was supposed to be a slam dunk for the ultra-liberal Connolly, a career Washington bureaucrat turned Fairfax career politician. The conservative Fimian, on the other hand, has only spent his  career as a successful CPA for the respected international firm KPMG before starting his own business out of his garage — U.S. Inspect — which has grown into the largest provider of residential and commercial  property inspection services in America.

There's one problem with the campaign, however. While Mr. Fimian is out door-to-door, at festivals, addressing groups and campaigning hard, Mr. Connolly is nowhere to be seen — except on television "approving" his character-assassin advertisements that even The Washington Post says are false (see here). There's no wonder why he's hiding behind such unscrupulous ads. You see, Mr. Connolly has for some time now been the chairman of Fairfax County's board of supervisors. He is presiding over a whopping $430 million budget deficit. That's a $430 million deficit for a single county — big money even by Tim Kaine standards. What truly is incredible about the deficit, however  — in the literal sense of the word — is that the deficit came after Mr. Connolly raised property tax rates on top of increased house assessments! (By the way, let this budget debacle be a microcosmic warning to those who also think raising taxes will balance the federal budget.) Now, the county is in trouble because of declining home values, despite the fact that it is ranked as one of the five most prosperous counties in the nation. (Why does a wealthy county need to spend so much on government?)

Is there no end to the liberal lust for more and more of the hard-earned money from hard-working, play-by-the-rules, Virginia families, especially in economic times like these? This is why, despite the slanderous attack ads by Connolly, the race is in a statistical dead heat — also despite the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee making it one of its highest profile target races. While millions of dollars are spent trying to ruin a good man's reputation, for doing nothing more than working in the real world and creating hundreds of jobs, the voters know the real story. See this news report by local station WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate:

A tax-increaser who still has left his county in financial ruin (not to mention his extremist positions on life issues), Connolly not surprisingly has failed to address the deficit or take a stand on solutions to our pressing energy problems and repeatedly has blown off  joint speaking appearances. Connolly has twisted the old expression, "You can run but you can't hide." He isrunning (for Congress) by hiding from his out-of-touch liberal record.