A King-Sized Interview In The Big Apple

I am very excited to be in New York City to participate in The King's College Distinguished Visitor Series. I will be interviewed today by The King's College provost and World Magazine editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky in front of a crowd of the college's students. The King's College is a liberal arts school located in the Empire State Building. This year's Distinguished Visitor Series includes the likes of George Gilder, Dick Armey, Chuck Colson and and many other familiar names from academia, business, journalism, public policy, economics and culture. Past participants include U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Grover Norquist, John Stossel and Ken Blackwell. Click here to see the complete list of this year's distinguished speakers and click here to see the list from the last three years of speakers up to August 30, and download the podcasts of those who interest you most. It's a terrific roster of intelligent and thought-provoking men and women. We will post the podcast of my interview here when it becomes available on The King's College Web site. Video will be available at the college's YouTube channel.

This year, the series added another element to its speakers' profile. According to Mr. Olasky:

The Distinguished Visitors Series allows students to learn from and interact with some of our nation’s top leaders. And this year we're complementing our established invitees with some younger Americans who will talk about ideas but also about discerning callings and starting careers (see Style Weekly).

I am honored to be a part of this series. I know it is possible only because of the good work by thousands of Virginians who share the common cause of defending our traditional values in the culture at large, and who work hard every day to bring reason and truth in the public square.

Fimian Receives Cuccinelli Endorsement For 11th District GOP Nomination

There was more big new in the increasingly high profile Virginia Republican 11th Congressional District nomination campaign. Overshadowed by the Tea Party dominated 5th and 2nd district races, Republicans Keith Fimian and Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity have methodically raised the decibel level over charges and counter charges of who has raised taxes and who's more electable in the general election against first-term incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly. Today, Fimian made more news: Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli endorsed him. His endorsement statement reads:

Today, I am proud to endorse Keith Fimian for Congress. Keith's experience and record of creating jobs here in Northern Virginia makes him an ideal candidate to face off against Gerry Connolly this fall.

Keith is staking out the same conservative positions now as he did in 2008, and his steadfast support of the Constitution is an asset we could use on Capitol Hill. And unlike Gerry Connolly, Keith has shown that he will not change his tune to win votes. He will stand up to the Washington insiders and fight for what is right, no matter what.

As an entrepreneur, small businessman and job creator, Keith Fimian is exactly the kind of leader we need in Congress right now to turn this economy around. He will focus on creating jobs, cutting spending and he'll work hard to get government out of the way of businesses doing business. Keith Fimian is 100% pro-life — he's someone we can trust to always vote to defend our traditional values and stand up for families.

If Republicans are going to make a meaningful comeback in 2010, we need candidates like Keith who will carry their conservative principles to Congress — not return to the business-as-usual politics that lost us the majority in the first place.

Keith Fimian has the qualities and experience we need to win in November. We need Keith Fimian in Congress, and that's why he's earned my endorsement. ...

The endorsement by Cuccinelli, the most popular statewide official among conservative and libertarian activists, and a rare pol not afraid to jump in where principle matters, should be a real asset to Fimian among primary voters. Fimian, who started and runs U.S. Inspect, the nation’s largest provider of residential and commercial property inspection services, ran a spirited campaign but lost the Northern Virginia swing district to Connolly in 2008, a poisoned year for Republicans. The seat was open due to the retirement of former moderate GOP Congressman Tom Davis. It is targeted by state and national Republicans.

President Genius

From the man who tells those who disagree with him to "shut-up" and that they spread "lies," and worshipped by those who adulate him as the world's smartest man, let's look at one of his many, shall we say, nonsensical statements last night:

(But first, have we ever had a president who relentlessly hammers job creators, as if they are the enemy?)

This man said government run health care (which he said wouldn't be government run health care) would lower costs for everyone, but then had the audacity to lecture (i.e., threaten) insurance companies that under this "reform" they would be mandated to cover the entirety of a policy holder's medical costs. Hmmm. How does he expect insurers' to come up with that funding (absent the authority to tax and print, as he has, of course)? Ummm, perhaps by raising premiums? But do that enough and — ooops! — no more customers and the business goes under. 

Of course, in the age of Obama, that's good! It's just one more evil industry disposed of, driving millions into the much more welcoming and loving arms of government care — run, by his own admission, like the post office! I can't fathom this man's genius!

Putting the private sector out of business and driving taxpayers into the incompetent arms of the government. It only sounds better with the teleprompter, but the truth of its nonsense comes out with or without one.

About Credibility (Or Lack Thereof)

I love scouring the newspaper. I never know when something completely off the wall will be reported to make my day or at least provide some fun topic of conversation. Other times I'll find an article that on the surface seems non-germane to anything I'm concerned about, but, in fact, proves to be Exhibit A in proving a point. Such was the case this morning in the venerable Richmond Times-Dispatch. Its business section reported a feature article on a new trend of people contracting to buy houses together for various reasons: Older, widowed women who don't want to rent, or recent college grads who want to invest in home ownership but can't get a mortgage on their own. (According to the article, Time dubbed young co-owners "communal homeowners" or "co-hos.")

Right, right . . . I know this isn't a real estate blog . . . getting to the point. Let's go back to 2006 and the Marriage Amendment campaign. What was the biggest — of the endless —scare tactics used by the homosexual lobby and liberal politicians, and brainlessly repeated by the lofties at numerous editorial pages and Mainstream Media types?  

Unintended consequences. That's right. If the marriage amendment passed all sorts of evil unimagined things would happen: unrelated people would not be able to enter into contracts, go into business, or buy real estate together, to name but a few of the here-to-Alaska list.

The article (read it here) is about two Richmond-area women who have been best friends for 30 years. One is a widow, one is divorced and both are empty-nesters for the most part. They rented homes but spent so much time on the phone talking to each other, it made great sense to buy a house together. More than that, according to the article:

Grady and McAbee consulted an attorney and had a contract prepared that addresses such issues as what happens when one of them dies — each has a lifetime right to the house as long as they can afford it — and who inherits the proceeds from the eventual sale of the property.

So much for not being able to enter into contracts with non-spouses. They got a lawyer and everything! They got all legaled up with inheritance rights and all of that stuff even though the best and brightest lefties said it couldn't happen. Hysteria, indeed. But let's see the left prove their point. Let them file suit to make people who've bought houses together dissolve their contracts and sell off their assets. (Here's another story we reported on in June which also proves our point.)

If this isn't an example of the misdirection and untruth that constantly comes from the hysterical left, we don't know what it is. In fact, it should serve as a warning to any fair minded person to take with an entire Morton's Salt container anything that comes from their mouths.

We're waiting for the homosexual lobby and their liberal politician allies to apologize for spending millions of dollars misrepresenting the truth to Virginians — and even their donors — who expect much better. We also wait for the dozens of know-it-all editorial page editors and Mainstream Media types to admit they were wrong. Of course, all the above mentioned could prove us wrong. Let them file a law suit against those who have bought homes together.

Right. Sure they will. There is an important lesson here, for all great issues that affect us: Policy discourse is about who you can believe. It's about the truth. It's about who has credibility — and who has a lack of it. 

Still #1

This afternoon Governor Tim Kaine proudly touted in a press release Forbes Magazine's ranking of Virginia for the third straight year as the "Best State for Business." Interestingly, the Commonwealth maintained this rather impressive position despite:

1) What we have been told is a crumbling infrastructure and transportation system that is in desperate need of massive tax hikes and

2) Our marriage amendment.

Huh? Explain, you ask.

Well, I hate to bring up the lovely memories of 2006, but that fall Governor Kaine and opponents to the marriage amendment claimed that if Virginians voted in favor of protecting the definition of marriage it would surely make Virginia less attractive to business (among the other ridiculous claims of "unintended consequences"), bringing about sure economic ruin. 

Such talk was nonsense, and we told everyone that. Of course, 57 percent of voters listened and the rest his history. But, every once in a while it's nice to be able to say well, we told you so. 

Oh, and what of the states that have legalized same-sex marriage or civil unions and their Forbes rankings? New Jersey is 34th; Massachusetts and Vermont, tied for 36th; and California is 40th.