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One Step Toward Making A Difference

The Christian life is a calling to make a difference. This is true during placid times. It is especially true during challenging days. We live during an age when our culture needs revitalization. As we have traveled the commonwealth in recent weeks, speaking to groups of pastors all across Virginia, there has been one point on which everyone has agreed — people in our churches do not have a strong Biblical worldview. In other words, not enough of those attending church are grounded in God's Word enough that it makes a difference in their lives. God principles are not being applied in every area, including political decisions. 

For real change to take place in our culture, real change has to take place in the church — one transformed life at a time. Unfortunately, because most members of evangelical churches are not well versed in God's truth principles, many are easily misled by charismatic leaders — whether religious or political. The impact on our culture is devastating, and the church is complicit. In a postmodern culture where moral absolutes are scoffed at and dismissed, defending God's truth is a full-time battle. The issues we work on at The Family Foundation — sacredness of human life, marriage, religious liberty and the rest — cannot be understood without a comprehensive Biblical worldview.      

Into that void has come "The Truth Project" from Focus on the Family. This incredible 12 week DVD small-group study is sweeping the nation and providing foundational truth principles in an interactive, enjoyable, educational format. People who have experienced this series testify to its life changing power. Now, Focus on the Family is trying to make it easier for people to become trained so they can teach this great program in their community. It has scheduled a live Truth Project simulcast training event for Saturday, September 27. Normally, training seminars require travel and an entire weekend. Through the simulcast, however, you can find a local church that is carrying the feed and participate close to home in only one day. Or, perhaps, ask your church if it would be willing to host a simulcast.

We urge attendence at this training; the more who do, the more who can teach The Truth Project in homes and churches. This truly is a program that can transform lives — and thereby change our culture for the better.

Here is a list of the numerous churches in Virginia that are hosting the simulcast. You can click on the links in each box for more information about those specific workshops as well as click here for more general information:

Abingdon: Abingdon Bible Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Abingdon Bible Church
Chesterfield: Southside Nazarene Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Southside Nazarene Church
Glen Allen: Mt. Vernon Baptist Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Mt. Vernon Baptist
Manassas: Manassas St. Thomas Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Manassas St. Thomas
Richmond: Grove Avenue Baptist Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Grove Avenue Baptist Church
Stafford: Ebenezer United Methodist Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Ebenezer United Methodist Church
Stafford: Stafford County Christian Church Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Stafford County Christian Church
Virginia Beach: New Life Providence Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 New Life Providence
Williamsburg: Williamsburg Community Chapel Find Tickets Now!
Saturday, 9/27/2008 Williamsburg Community Chapel