VIDEO: Pelosi Says Obamacare Is "Beautiful," Wants To Go To Single Payer, Public Option

It's rare when a politician candidly, even joyfully, admits his or her real intentions about a policy, especially when he or she wants to extend a massively unpopular policy. But U. S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is a bundle of unbridled joy when asked about Obamacare. She not only thinks the law that has forced millions out of their health insurance, to lose their doctors and/or pay drastically higher premiums is good, she thinks it's working, and that it's "beautiful." She adds that it needs to be improved. How? Go all the way with it! Single payer, public option, fully funded government provided socialized medicine! Hear it in her own words in these two brief videos from American Commitment.

First, she thinks it's a winning issue for Democrats, but that it needs to be "improved:"

Then, she calls it "Beautiful:"

The one good thing about this is that for those who refused to listen to the Left's intentions in 2008 and 2009, when some were just as forthcoming, there is no mistaking its true aims now. The American Left wants to own your health care and, therefore, your health care decisions, and ration your care. It seems the only time the Left cares about "choice" in "health care" is to allow for the abortion of unborn babies, although death is not "health care" (love how it controls the language, too). At least it is consistent. Rationing health care starts by rationing people.

Tell us what you think. Is Obamacare "beautiful"? Can it be fixed? If so, how? By a complete government takeover? Ms. Pelosi is known for saying outrageous things. Do you think Democrats really will campaign on Obamacare? If so, will they have more success than Republicans campaigning for its repeal, which she emphatically rules out?

Ethics In The Lab: Family Foundation Releases New Policy Paper

Stem cell research has been at the center of one of the hottest debates in the 21st century where science and ethics have clashed. Additionally, many lab procedures flirt with the bounds of ethics and morality — cloning, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis to name just a few. Some scientists see new lab procedures as holding the answer to many of medicine's most difficult challenges. They see a future with the ability to clone, cure the most noxious of diseases — perhaps, even, the ability to achieve genetic perfection. But such a utopian vision dismisses the spiritual side of the equation, overriding it with the "absolutes" of science. This vision ignores the moral and ethical questions surrounding medical research:

What are the potential human costs of these so-called "advances in medicine and technology?"

Are some humans "disposable" if their destruction leads to medical advances?

As science moves into uncharted territory, Americans are caught between the hope it provides and the quickly fading morals that guard against sacrificing human life. Responding to these challenges, The Family Foundation has produced, Do No Harm: Ethics in the Laboratory, a new policy paper. In this paper, we address the oft-asked questions of

When does life begin?

Is embryonic stem cell research ethical?

Is in vitro fertilization a choice that respects life?

I encourage you to read Do No Harm as I believe you will find it instructive and enlightening. Click here to read the report in its entirety.

The Family Foundation has worked with pro-life allies for several years to educate the public and legislators on this important topic. We have successfully amended legislation that attempted to funnel your tax dollars into unethical research to ensure that Virginians are not forced to subsidize these questionable programs. There is still work to be done and too many politicians in Richmond are willing to waste our money on unethical and unproductive research. Our hope is that this paper will provide information to citizens, the media and elected officials they may not otherwise know.

To help us continue to produce research that produces policy papers such as Do No Harm and our previous papers, and to help us disseminate it to legislators, policy makers and the media, click here.

Obama Advisor Donald Berwick Freely Admits Socialist Agenda: "We Must, MUST Redistribute Wealth!"

The video below is making the rounds, primarily because the man speaking in it, Donald Berwick, President Barack Obama's choice to head the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid, said to a crowd of true believers in Britain that socialized medicine is the way to go. People speak from the heart when with fellow ideologues, so there is no misunderstanding here, and when one is so infamously outspoken, it's near impossible for the president not to know this man's philosophy. So, what does that tell you? Exactly! (See David Limbaugh.) But his adamant insistence that health care "by definition" means, "we must, must redistribute wealth!" has obfuscated his three other extraordinarily extremist statements — no easy feat in a sound bite a little more than two minutes long:

1. "tough choices and planning supply" (a government planning supply = rationing); 

2. "darkness of private enterprise" (a definitive condemnation of free markets and choice, and an embrace of government control over commerce); and

3. "single route of finance" (an unapologetic plea for "single payer" or government-run health care).

Combined with the president's own words ("spread the wealth around" and "I do think at some point you've made enough money," among an inexhaustibly list), it no longer is a question of the president's philosophy, and not even of whether what to expect of him (he told us he wanted to "fundamentally transform America," while giving lip service to centrism).

Rather, it's a matter of himself and his government, admitting it clearly and plainly, and why he thinks government control of industry is preferable to the system of free commerce that created the highest standard of living and largest economy known to man. (Nancy Pelosi's lame rationalization is a symptom, not a cause, so to speak, and doesn't come close.) After all, the Soviet Union would be thriving still today if the government-run system was equal or superior to the "darkness of private enterprise" (a shameful remark that slaps at the core of American ingenuity that has given so much to the world).

Not that the president is alone in this. Even Republicans, with the rare exception of some such as Newt Gingrich, won't call it what it is (see Bobby Eberle). But, in the meantime, here is Mr. Berwick, praising socialist Britain and slamming America for the evil that it is.

Donald Berwick at home in England while hammering America the awful.

No Choice At Planned Parenthood: An "Abortion First Mentality"

Planned Parenthood talks a lot about "choice." However, undercover video after undercover video has exposed the nation's leading abortion provider as anything but an organization concerned with providing options, women's health or even upholding the law, covering up potential sexual abuse (see video here) and statutory rape cases (see video here) rather than notify law enforcement, all to procure paying customers. Now, another shocking undercover video recently released by Live Action shows — as if we didn't already know — that Planned Parenthood personnel will lie about health and medical issues, straight to a woman's face, in order to suck in another check. To do that, Planned Parenthood "counselors" and abortionists attempt to dehumanize babies through manipulative word play. It's an attempt to sever all cognitive, rational and loving connection between the mother and her baby, specifically by refusing to use the word "baby," even correcting the "patient" (i.e., victim) when she says "baby." Instead, they euphemistically call the baby a "pregnancy" or "fetus" and say it's not a baby "until it's born."

Planned Parenthood even lies about heart beats, instead saying the the unborn baby has "heart tones" up to a certain point, whatever that might mean. But perhaps the most apalling lies come from the abortionist himself, when he tells the "patient" that abortions are "very safe. Safer than having a baby, actually." Which doesn't exactly explain why a New Jersey woman went into a coma after a botched abortion and recently won $1.9 million in a settlement (see  

Perhaps more disturbing, and something to look into for an enterprising Wisconsin attorney (where the undercover video was taken), is that the abortionist admits to performing abortions for 40 years, which means he started four years before Roe v. Wade legalized it. Jeremy Wiggins adds his comments on the video and the New Jersey case at Rightly Concerned. (You can see all of Live Action's Planned Parenthood undercover videos at its YouTube channel, here.) 

It all points to Planned Parenthood's reason for being, succinctly stated by Lila Rose, Live Action's president:

Planned Parenthood, while claiming to support patient self-determination, operates with an 'abortion-first mentality.'

Nothing proves it more shockingly and vividly than this video:

Disconnecting the mother from her baby rhetorically and emotionally by dehumanizing the baby: Remember, it's "heart tones," NOT "heart beats;" it's a "pregnancy," NOT a "baby." Not to mention an abortionist who says he's performed abortions longer than they've been legal.

The Right To "Choose" What?

Liberals and pro-abortionists have as much a right to express their opinions as anyone, that much we can agree (although it's not always the courtesy extended to conservative on college campuses, for one of many examples). So, liberals and pro-abortionists: Please! Please, do express yourselves! Reading my colleague Chris' post about Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor Jody Wagner, reminded me of a question I've wanted to post here for a long time:

Why don't liberals and pro-abortionists finish their sentences when claiming abortion should be available on demand?

You know what I mean: I heard Democrat candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds say it recently and often, too. Chris quoted Wagner. Are you there yet?

They never finish their sentence about choosing. Choose what? An abortion, that's what! So, say it! What are you afraid of?

Here's Wagner's sentence, for example:

“I strongly support a woman’s right to choose, and I would have voted to allow the funding. ..."

Again, choose what? Schools? No, we know liberals are against choice there. Pension options other than Social Security? No, absolutely not, we know that, too. Choose adoption? Come on, you're kidding, right? Certainly, not for choice for medical professionals, Catholic hospitals, private and religious schools, in union elections, in how we use our energy supplies, in teaching homosexuality or Obama indoctrination, or in ramming down our throat a government-run health plan (that would pay for abortions).

Seriously, why don't liberals ever finish that sentence? Are they afraid of their own "A-word"? Could it be there are embarrassed and only want to speak in code to their radical fringe? They must know the semantics of "choosing abortion" sends shivers down the spine of most rank and file voters.

So, liberals and pro-abortionists, we're trying to help. Please, finish your sentences. So, the next time you say with such pride and self-importance, "A woman's right to choose," if, for only grammar's sake, say abortion.

Before Visiting Your Doctor, Consult Your Government Run Health Care Chart

Health care charts have come a long way since just last week, when doctors had to go to all the trouble of flipping open a clip board to take a look at your status. The Obama-Reid-Pelosi proposed government run health care scheme gives a radically different meaning to "your chart" (as made famous in a Seinfeld episode, see script dialogue here). Instead, your chart would look more like the one below: It is the chart that Speaker Pelosi is censoring House Republicans from mailing to constituents via Congressional mail. It describes the colossal maze Americans would need to navigate to understand what doctors we see, what type and how much (or how little) insurance we want, how much interference government bureaucrats in Washington will provide, what fines we pay, and how much treatment and medicines we are allowed to get from the rationed supplies. (Why does the president talk about the elderly needing to make "other choices" if medical care isn't going to be rationed?)


Your medical freedom is at stake with ObamaCare, and all this time we thought liberals were for "choice."

Your chart: Not just for doctors anymore under ObamaCare. What will the government know about you that it won't let you know?

Choose Life License Plates Go On Sale Tomorrow!

As mentioned in the News Stand today, bills passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Tim Kaine earlier this year now are in effect. Many generate headlines, some well out of proportion to their importance. Others are given little attention despite their worthiness. That's the media, after all, especially during the slowwww weeks of summer. However, there are three new, significant, pro-family laws we take pride in bringing to the public's attention, all of which The Family Foundation diligently supported during the General Assembly. The most visible of the three (see recap), and the one that received the most attention in the legislature (see Senate debate video), is the Choose Life license plates law. Techincally, it's a law. But, really, it's a great and much needed tool.

It allows for a portion of the proceeds of the sale of these new specialty plates to be distributed to pregnancy resource centers — and they go on sale tomorrow! The pre-sale of the Choose Life plates are by far the most popular of the six new plates created this past General Assembly.

Click here for the Choose Life Virginia Web site for more information. Click here for the DMV site where you can order your plates.

Once 1,000 Choose Life license plate registrations are received, $15 of the $25-plate-fees will be given to qualifying pregnancy resource centers, which offer medical, spiritual and physical support to women and families in crisis pregnancies. This funding is a way to provide tangible support for the mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancies.

The Choose Life license plates are a common sense, practical, problem-solving tool to help deal with society's most devastating problem. It should serve as an opportunity for those who support "choice" to find common ground in supporting women who choose to have their babies.


Virginia News Stand: May 19, 2009

Whadaya know? We lead off the news with two articles and a radio interview about TFF Action's General Assembly Report Card (click here to order, download or print). The WRVA interview marks the News Stand's first radio audio. The Charlottesville Daily Progress article is via the AP and is a little misleading when it says banning funding for embryonic stem cell research failed. It was not banned in a budget amendment, which is the vote recorded for the Report Card. But separate language, as part of another bill, did ban it. (To see more about the Report Card, click the following links for TFF Action's news release, statement and video.) In national news, California's Marriage Amendment ("Prop. 8") is under attack while a study shows abstinence education does better than so-called "comprehensive sex education," contrary to the liberal spin. Medical professionals conscience protections remain under assault by those who claim to promote "choice" and David Limbaugh offers his insights on the importance of understanding the role of abortion semantics in the public debate (we had our own take yesterday).

Finally, check out an interesting cultural item from Christianity may have a role in American Idol voting.


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