conservatism in Virginia

A Big Thank You!

A big thank you to each and every one of the 600-plus who attended our Annual Gala last night: attendees, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, perfomers . . . everyone. You all have our sincerest, most heartfelt gratitude for all that you did to make last night a great success! We made it known that Phill Kline was not to be missed and he did not disappoint. There wasn't one person in the Greater Richmond Convention Center last night who wasn't genuinely inspired with his message of putting principle over politics, of what true leadership is, of allowing ourselves to be intolerant of injustice, especially injustice to the innocent-unborn; and the real characteristics of the in-fashion word "hope" (hint: you can't have hope without faith because hope is an expectation of something good yet to come, which is . . . faith).

For those not able to attend as well as who did and want to re-live the event, please return here next week and beyond: We hope to post pictures from the Gala and video of Mr. Kline's speech. We also hope to have more on yesterday's news conference at which Mr. Kline also attended.

Despite what many consider down times in Virginia (and America) for conservatism and traditional, Christian values in the public realm, last night's overwhelming outpouring of support, enthusiam and dedication to cause proves that our philosophy of limited government, liberty and protection of the family still resonates and thrives.

We sincerely cannot thank adequately enough all of you great Virginians who continue to support The Family Foundation of Virginia throughout the year with your time, financial contributions, counsel, steadfast encouragement in good times and bad, and for all manners of support you provide. Most of all, we deeply appreciate your constant prayers for us and our mission. Please know we reciprocate those prayers to all of you.