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Enough Said

From the Heritage Foundation comes this little tidbit:

Ramesh Ponnuru had the best applause line of the Thursday night roundtable when he observed that the passage of Obamacare demonstrates that liberals are willing to risk losing in order to enact something they believe in, and he asked: When was the last time a conservative politician took any risks for something he believed in?

An excellent point. True leadership requires risk, and there are too few true conservative leaders in America.

That said, great leaders do something that is lacking among all the political camps in America — they persuade. There is a lot of yelling among the political class, but when was the last time you heard a politician of any kind try to persuade someone of something they truly believe in? Of course, persuasion requires that politicians have intellects that can handle more than sound bites, and it requires an audience that has an attention span something beyond a cantaloupe, neither of which seem in vogue today.

But a guy can dream . . . .

Conservatives Make A Statement With The Mount Vernon Statement

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council issued the letter below yesterday inviting conservatives to sign the Mount Vernon Statement, a proclamation in which the conservative movement reaffirms itself to America's founding principles (see FRCBlog). A host of conservative leaders signed it in a ceremony yesterday (see FRC news release). Many are saying conservatives have tied themselves too closely with the Republican Party. Which may be true, but was that statement possible before the Tea Party movement? Now, there are options. Conservative movement stalwart Richard Viguerie offers his thoughts on his Conservative HQ Blog (here) while OneNewsNow covers the story here.

More than 100 conservative leaders joined together today to celebrate the release of the Mount Vernon Statement — a document in which the conservative movement has reaffirmed its commitment to Constitutional Conservatism and the principles of the Declaration of Independence: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is a significant moment as social, fiscal, and national security conservatives joined together to declare the importance of working in partnership to defend our nation's founding principles.

You can become part of history as well by signing the Mount Vernon Statement today.

Sign the Mount Vernon Statement today to stand with us on the historic principles of Constitutional Conservatism


Tony Perkins