A Very Barry Christmas: Mao, Transvestite Featured On White House Christmas Tree

"Barry from D.C." truly has brought change to the White House. First, it was advisers and "czars" who professed admiration for communist murderers, such as Mao, and a general affinity for Marxism. Now, despite the administration's admonitions of conservative hyperbole and the left-wing mainstream media's apologies for conservative over reaction to such appointments, we have the "anointed one" himself glorifying such scoundrels on the White House Christmas tree. Not only that, but ornaments glorifying himself. broke the news yesterday, that the White House Christmas Tree has ornaments of Chinese communist dictator Mao, "legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce" (that she autographed!), and even a bulb with Barry himself superimposed on Mount Rushmore. The White House had Simon Doonan, the noted designer of Barney's of New York, do up the decorations, but the First Lady's office says "community groups" were chosen to decorate the tree (see Special Report's Political Grapevine on Community groups? As in community organizers? No doubt! What next? ACORN staffing the Situation Room?

It all makes for a very Barry Christmas. Obama style. As the debasing of our country's traditions and values continues.