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Audio: From The NPR Archives

Just sitting here minding my own business yesterday, doing some research for yet another critically acclaimed post and blogging away when the phone rings. None other than a reporter or producer from National Public Radio. She is working on a story and wanted Family Foundation input. Very interesting, I thought, and then got her in touch with someone with some real authority around here. But it got me thinking. I know NPR has mentioned us before. Nice to know our federal tax dollars have contributed to such a nice, easy-to-navigate, and comprehensive Web site. A quick search and I uncovered two stories it did in 2006 during the Marriage Amendment campaign. They now are archived in the blog's Online Newsroom along with some television and radio interviews, as well as all the blog mentions about us as we can reasonably take time to search (we occupy a lot of people's minds). Check it out sometime.

Here are the two NPR stories we found. Take a trip down memory lane by clicking on each link below. It will take you to a synopsis or transcript of the story, but also an audio icon is at the top of the page. Click on it to listen to the story as it was reported. You decide: Fair and balanced?

From NPR Weekend Edition on June 10, 2006: "States Take Variety of Stances on Gay Marriage," reported by Kathy Schalch (3:39).

From NPR Morning Edition February 15, 2006: "Marriage Plays Starring Role in Politics . . . Again," reported by Barbara Bradley Hagerty (7:43)