former Senator Brandon Bell

Deeds Desperate? Accepts "2-Percent" Potts' Endorsement

On the heels of what surely was a shocking setback to his campaign Monday — Democrat activist billionaire Sheila Johnson's endorsement of Republican Bob McDonnell for governor — Democrat gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds announced his own predictable list of former-Republican-legislator supporters. The lone somewhat surprise is former Senator Brandon Bell, but considering his record of voting for tax increases, perhaps not. The leader of the group is John Chichester, the former-Democrat-turned- Republican-who-endorses-Democrats. His lackey, independent Russ "2-percent" Potts, also is among Deeds' supporters. (Is Deeds' that desperate?)

But the news here is that the endorsement and Deeds' embrace is more twisted, more convoluted, more hypocritical and more disingenuous than anything politic in Virginia since Mark Warner promised not to raise taxes (or since Governor Tim Kaine said he wouldn't, or since he said his DNC work wouldn't interfere with his gubernatorial duties — take your pick):

From today's Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star:

The legislators will help form "Virginians for Deeds" and according to a press release, support "Deeds' efforts to carry on the tradition of keeping Virginia a low-tax state and the ‘best state for business'."

Then . . .

Chichester, who retired in 2007 after nearly 30 years in office, said in a telephone interview that he's backing Deeds over his own party's candidate, Republican Bob McDonnell, because of Deeds' support for Chichester's budget plans during tough fiscal times earlier this decade.

Those "budget plans" were? . . .

In 2003 and 2004, Chichester — the powerful leader of the Senate Finance Committee — was a key player in the passage of a package of tax increases. ...

Not just any tax increases. They were the largest in Virginia history and during a time when the budget was in robust surplus! So, Deeds wants to keep Virginia a "low tax state" but embraces Chichester, Potts and a host of the largest taxers and spenders in Virginia history? Huh????????????

Now, let's not forget the second part of that equation. It's not only the tax increase. It was the spending of it! Virginia was in a surplus, then raked in $1.4 billion more in taxes. Then those same men — Chichester, Potts, Bell, Marty Williams and others in this disgruntled group, as well as Deeds — spent it all and then some, raiding the Rainy Day fund to its lowest level ever!

Others in the group include pro-abortion, pro-homosexual "marriage," and tax-and-spend liberal Republicans such as Warren Barry, Panny Rhodes, and Jim Dillard, and liberal independent Katherine Waddell.

These former office holders are discontented former Republicans who lost primaries to conservatives or retired when they saw primary defeat coming, and haven't supported Republicans in years. They call themselves "Republicans" to give their predictable endorsements of liberals a lame attempt at relevance. But the only people they are relevent to are the liberal Mainstream Media who play up the ideological lovefest as if it's extraordinary. It will be interesting to compare the media coverage this gets as compared to the media coverage Sheila Johnson's endorsement of McDonnell received.