Virginia News Stand: September 15, 2009

Annotations & Elucidations NRA Splits From Deeds, Deeds Re-Unites With Kaine

Interesting headlines from across the commonwealth today. The news is that tax revenues this quarter again are far below projections. Ahem! Jody Wagner. Also, the Post's Virginia Politics Blog has a counterintuitive take on the Northern Virginia electorate. Could it be that the GOP takes three Dem House seats up NoVa way? Four years ago, the NRA endorsed Creigh Deeds over Bob McDonnell in their campaign for attorney general. It's one reason given for the closeness of the race. This time McDonnell holds serve. Impact to be determined, but it won't hurt (i.e., 120,000 gun owners who vote). Advantage McDonnell.

Speaking of switches, for the last few weeks it was as if Deeds didn't know the governor's name, distancing himself from Tim Kaine's troubles stemming from the budget, Northrup Grumman/VITA and his DNC moonlighting. His ads, instead, featured U.S. Senator Mark Warner. Now, Deeds is back on the Kaine horse, according to the Post. Per our usual, the rest of the News Stand is packed with an all-star line-up, including a personal favorite, Dr. Thomas Sowell; Dick Morris counter attacks the Obama administration attack on his analysis of the administration's health care takeover, homosexual activists continue their assault on DOMA, and Internet expert Rachel Alexander examines how conservatives can better use social networking and marketing tools. Hmmm. Hitting close to home there, Rachel!


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National News:

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Curious About Values

The fringe left loves to mock values voters and the Mainstream Media thinks we've gone away or, at the least, of little relevance to the electoral process. Our influence is on the wane so they say. So they hope. So they believe? Maybe that's why Mark Warner and Barack Obama made their infamous comments about pro-lifers, Christians, home-schoolers and gun owners (see videos and transcripts, here). Maybe that's why U.S. Representative Jack Murtha (D-Pa.) made these comments about his own constituents:

"There's no question western Pennsylvania is a racist area."

After he apologized for that, Murtha then said this his district was "really redneck" (read  Amanda Hall at Town Maybe they say these things because they are at ease doing so; it's exactly what they think and they're going to say it because they think there will be no electoral repercussion. Values voters are flakes, fringe and of no consequence, in their mind. 

Then again, it is interesting to hear liberal candidates do their best to pretend they are for Second Amendment rights. Virginia was saturated for a while with radio ads featuring a front-group's spokesman saying Barack Obama was all for Second Amendment protections, despite a legislative career to the contrary in the Illinois legislature. The front-group was exposed and mysteriously the ads stopped.

Now Senator Obama is running radio ads with Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Democrat-turned Republican-turned-Democrat Virginia U.S. Senator Jim Webb vouching for Obama's Second Amendment credentials and quickly changing the subject to the economy (as did the front-group ad). 

Senator Webb says in the ad that Obama's opponents are misleading the public on his stands on such issues as the Second Amendment. If that's true, it's only because Obama said it about himself first.

Speaking Of Warner Quotes, Who Is The Real Partisan?

(This post was updated on October 9 to include the actual audio on this thread rather than the link to its Web page. - The admin) We posted the transcript of this quote a while ago, but it comes back to our attention since now it is available on YouTube. At least the audio of it is. Unless you doubt someone's real attitude, despite what he says about being "bipartisan," listen to his actual rhetoric. For example, below is the audio of an infamous quote from former Governor Mark Warner, now the Democrat nominee for the U.S. Senate in Virginia. Former Governor Jim Gilmore is his Republican opponent. The transcript is below the audio box and is more complete than the one provided in the box. Read it as you listen: It is Mark Warner telling a group of Democrat partisans what he really thinks of Christians, gun owners, pro-lifers, home-schoolers and others.

One of the things you are going to see is a coalition that is just about completely taken over the Republican Party in this state and if they have their way it's going to take over state government. It is made up of the Christian Coalition, but not just them. It is made up of the right-to-lifers, but not just them. It's made up of the NRA, but not just them. It is made up of the home-schoolers, but not just them. It's made up of a whole coalition of people that have all sorts of differing views that I think most of us in this room would find threatening to what it means to be an American.

Funny how he said this to a particular group when he thought rural voters, Christians and others whose votes he courts posing as a "moderate" weren't listening. Remind anyone of where and under what circumstances someone else's "bitter and clinging to their guns and religion" comment was made?

Angry Left Hate Speech Quote Of The Day Starring Alcee Hastings

It doesn't seem possible, but the the Angry Left gets more hysterical and despicable each day. Not even Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt is this prolific at topping themselves. We can't keep up. (See last Friday's post about the vile from so-called comedienne Sandra Bernhard.) So, today, we start trying to keep pace by beginning an Angry Left Hate Speech Quote Of The Day, not to be confused with our ever popular Capitol Square Diary QOD. Not that we're even going to make this an official category, but with the Mount Everest high amount of material available by the hour, we hold out that option. So, without further ado, our inaugural ALHSQOD quote comes from disgraced impeached and convicted (for perjury and corruption) former federal judge, now-U.S. Representative Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.). (See Fox News article here). Yesterday, in Florida, at a panel discussion hosted by the National Jewish Democrat Council, he said:

If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention. Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.

As reported by the blog, the room erupted in laughter and applause. Classy. However, according to the Fox News report, a fellow member of the Congressional Black Caucus, U.S. Representative Arthur Davis (D-Ala.), rebuked Hastings in a written statement:

I didn't like his comments when I heard them and they don't sound any better reading them in print. ...

(I)t is a great mistake for Democrats to ridicule (Palin's) cultural roots. I don't know how many Americans strip moose, but a lot of the ones I know tote guns and the Democratic Party had better win enough of those gun toters if we are to be successful.

Finally, some commonsense. They can start by reigning in the hate speech by an increasing number of party officials and left wing fringe groups which claim to do their bidding.