Educationist Establishment Redefines "Personal" To Punish Teacher-Of-The-Year For Supporting Traditional Marriage

A recurring theme here is how The Left redefines what they want when they want to advance their extremist agenda. How else can it sell policies in contravention to the commonsense, traditional, natural and foundational — a way of life counter to all that is intuitive and instinctive? More than that, it will take opponents' statements or positions, as straightforward as they may be, and literally (ironically) repurpose the statement or position into something utterly not what it is. If a conservative says he's for a balanced budget without raising taxes, leftists will excoriate him for saying he favors starving the poor, and no amount of facts will set the record straight in the Left's collective mind. To the Left, its what it wants you to have said so it can demagogue you. Here's the latest case. A teacher in Florida, Jerry Buell, a veteran American history teacher at Mount Dora High School in Lake County, and a former Teacher of the Year Award winner, expressed his disgust with New York's new same-sex marriage law on his Facebook page. It got noticed by the county's school district administration and it promptly removed him from his job, charging him with an ethics code violation (see Todd Starnes at Never mind that the comments were his personal opinion, on his personal site, written on his personal computer, on his personal time, in his personal home and having nothing to do with teaching or his professional duties. Never mind the First Amendment, either (see Ed Morrissey at

Wait a minute! Back up! Did you say "personal"?

In steps the school district's communications officer, Chris Patton. Not only was what Mr. Buell wrote "disturbing" (his opinion is disturbing but two men kissing on television is not?), but none of what he wrote is "personal." According to the Minister of Information Mr. Patton:

He has (more than) 700 friends. How private is that — really? Social media can be troubling if you don’t respect it and know that just because you think you are in a private realm — it’s not private.

First, it was his personal opinion. Of course, once he wrote it, it was no longer something he held to himself. All opinions are personal and we know each others' personal opinions because we tell each other! If it was private he'd never have announced it. Facebook is a place where you choose your friends and share what you want. Is Mr. Buell's time on the social media giant relegated to clicking "likes' on sports contests and posting updates on the lines at the grocery store?

Second, one's personal Facebook account is not a school district maintained site. That might be different given whatever rules it might establish. Third, do Lake County employees forsake their rights to have opinions? Especially given his occupation — academic freedom anyone? The same Left defends to the death professors who demagogue outrageous and preposterous assertions and promulgate the most offensive theories on faith and country . . . but a Facebook status update? Call in the thought police and Big Brother! (See Kashmir Hill at

So, the Left has redefined another one, converting "private" to "on-duty, attempting-to-officially-speak-for-the-school-district-as-de-facto-king" and elevating Facebook to something its founders in their wildest dreams could not conceive. For the record, here are the offending comments:

I’m watching the news, eating dinner when the story about New York okaying same-sex unions came on and I almost threw up. And now they showed two guys kissing after their announcement. If they want to call it a union, go ahead. But don’t insult a man and woman’s marriage by throwing it in the same cesspool of whatever. God will not be mocked. When did this sin become acceptable?

By the way, if one doesn't like the most recently posted opinion based on biblical principles and God’s laws, then go ahead and unfriend me. ... And I will never accept it because God will never accept it. Romans chapter one.

Congressman Stark: The Federal Government Can Do Anything It Wants, New Rasmussen Poll Shows Americans Vehemently Disagree

U.S. Representative Fortney "Pete" Stark (D-Calif.) has been in Congress close to 40 years and is one of the most hardcore leftists in the House (see Michael Tennant at The New American). He also is known for outrageous and derogatory comments that, were he a conservative, rightly would hound him out of office (see Elisabeth Meinecke at Human Events). Last year, at a town hall meeting, he told a constituent that, "I wouldn't dignify you by peeing on your leg." (See YouTube.) In June, he mocked those who want the federal government to do something it is supposed to do — secure the border — by asking, "Who are you going to kill today?" (See YouTube.) Those examples only scratch the surface. He's been known to yell at and threaten colleagues, as well. Suffice it to say, he's an arrogant bully, who does not care about anyone but himself, his radical left-wing idealogue colleagues and far left special interest power brokers.

Then, occasionally, he speaks the truth. At least the truth as he wants it. Which is instructive in that it reveals what the Leftist Ruling Class in Washington has in store, should they continue to go unchecked. You can hear for yourself what this senior member of the House thinks about unlimited federal power, an attitude likely to mean the far-left leadership of the House is likely to continue overreaching. It also demonstrates that there's only one way to curb this power — November is coming — as a new Rasmussen poll showed only 9 percent of Americans share Mr. Stark's view of American governance (see Ed Morrissey at 

In the video below, from a town hall meeting two weeks ago, Congressman Stark dismissed a constituent's concern over the health care law's expansive reach into personal lives by telling her Congress is not limited by the U.S Constitution:

Congressman Stark: We have unlimited power to do whatever we want, except that which we are supposed to do.

But Mr. Stark isn't alone. According to the poll (see Rasmussen Reports), 54 percent of the political class align themselves with him (see Mark Tapscott of the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog, here). Steve Watson of adds that the disconnect extends to the Health Care law, too, with 83 percent of the political class supporting it and 72 percent of voters opposing it.

Make No Mistake: Abortion Coverage IS IN The Government Run Health Care Bill

Courtesy of our friends at the Family Research Council, below are eight documented facts about the inclusion of abortion funding or mandates in the so-called health care "reform" bill. You can click here, as well, to get them in a PDF document.

Eight Reasons Abortion Is in the Health Care Overhaul

1. The legislation specifically includes it. The President’s bill to amend the Senate bill leaves several abortion provisions in place. In Section 1303 it allows tax credit subsidies for plans that include abortion and leaves the abortion surcharge in place. It maintains the proposal to create a multi-state plan that includes abortion in Sec. 1334. Even worse, it would increase the Senate bill funding from $7 billion to $11 billion for community health centers in Sec. 10503 without any abortion funding restrictions. (H.R. 3590, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.)

2. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has said it is. "And I would say that the Senate language, which was negotiated by Senators Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray, who are very strong defenders of women’s health services and choices for women, take a big step forward from where the House left it with the Stupak amendment, and I think do a good job making sure there are choices for women. ... That would be an accounting procedure, but everybody in the exchange would do the same thing, whether you’re male or female, whether you’re 75 or 25, you would all set aside a portion of your premium that would go into a fund." ( "Sebelius: Everyone will pay into abortion-coverage fund".)

3. Senate Democrats refused to ban it. Instead of allowing for an up or down vote on a Senate amendment similar to the Stupak Amendment in the House which bans federal funding of abortion, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) "tabled" the amendment, effectively killing it. This was the only amendment dealt with in this way. (Vote No. 369 S.Amdt. 2962 to S.Amdt. 2786 to H.R. 3590.)

4. House Pro-life Democrats, who support a government takeover, say it is. "The Senate language is a significant departure from current law and is unacceptable." (U.S. Representative Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), February 23, 2010, CBS News) … "I think abortion’s wrong. The problem is that I’ve lived too long. When they say they can keep this money separate, I just don’t believe it." (U.S. Representative Marion Berry (D-Ark.), March 6, 2010, Arkansas News.)

5. House Pro-abortion Democrats say it is. "The good news is that the Senate bill does allow [abortion coverage]," (Chairwoman of the House pro-abortion caucus, Dianne DeGette (D-Colo.), March 5, 2010, Washington Post.)

6. The Abortion industry has sent out alerts in favor of it. The abortion giant Planned Parenthood sent out alerts on March 6, 2010: "President Obama’s health care reform proposal would make a real difference for the women and families who rely on Planned Parenthood. . . . and [the bill] significantly increase access to reproductive health care." (Planned Parenthood alert, March 6, 2010.)

7. Candidate Obama said it would be included, and the Obama administration includes it in its definition of reproductive health care. Presidential candidate Barack Obama stated he "believes that reproductive health care is basic health care." ( questionnaire, 2008.) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed up on this in 2009: "Reproductive health care includes access to abortion." (The Cloakroom Blog: "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, April 22, House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing.")

8. House Democratic Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) has indicated he wants to "fix" the abortion coverage problem in the Senate bill. "House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Thursday that lawmakers could draft separate pieces of legislation with abortion language to earn the support of anti-abortion rights Democrats on healthcare reform legislation." (March 4, 2010: The Briefing Room, The Hill's blog.)

But if those eight facts aren't enough to convince your "pro-life" friends who are convinced that anything out of "the annointed one's" mouth is truth, or just can't bring themselves to doubt such "moderate" and "Blue Dog Democrats" such as U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) or our own Mark Warner, here's 12 more facts and reasons, courtesy of The Cloakroom.

Still not sure? Then check out FRC Action’s resource page: "Standing Against the Government Takeover of Health Care," as well as why the Hyde Amendment does not apply to the current bill: "Q and A: Government Health Care and Abortion." Please disseminate this information by using the share program, e-mailing this link to friends and/or posting it to your own social networking sites.

Join Americans For Prosperity, Rep. Mike Pence Tonight In Health Care Takeover Tele-Town Hall

With President Obama urgently working on a last-gasp push to ram his government-run health care bill through Congress, and Americans — including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — not knowing all that is contained in the 2,600 page behemoth, it is important that we all get as involved as possible to stop this monstrosity. Getting informed is the first step and tonight offers a high level source of information: Americans for Prosperity is hosting a tele-town hall meeting tonight which features U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.). Congressman Pence is the third highest ranking Republican in the House and a leading free-market reformer. He has turned down a run for the open Indiana Senate seat this year because, some suggest, he is considering a presidential run in 2012. Among the topics on the agenda are: The key undecided House members, the likely timeline to be used by Speaker Pelosi, and conservative alternatives along with Rep. Pence's exchanges in recent weeks with President Obama. It starts at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and you can join in toll-free by calling (888) 356-3090 Ext.14326#.

As AFP President Tim Phillips penned in a letter to AFP members:

(Washington liberals have) put everything on the line for their ideology, as flawed as it is.

The question for us is: will we do the same for our values, our freedoms and our nation?

Speaking of getting informed, has a post on the latest Rasmussen Poll, which shows 57 percent of Americans oppose ObamaCare. In addition, a majority disapproves of the president's job on the economy. One normally follows the other when you try takeover one-sixth of the economy.

Angry Left Hate Speech Quote Of The Day Starring Alcee Hastings

It doesn't seem possible, but the the Angry Left gets more hysterical and despicable each day. Not even Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt is this prolific at topping themselves. We can't keep up. (See last Friday's post about the vile from so-called comedienne Sandra Bernhard.) So, today, we start trying to keep pace by beginning an Angry Left Hate Speech Quote Of The Day, not to be confused with our ever popular Capitol Square Diary QOD. Not that we're even going to make this an official category, but with the Mount Everest high amount of material available by the hour, we hold out that option. So, without further ado, our inaugural ALHSQOD quote comes from disgraced impeached and convicted (for perjury and corruption) former federal judge, now-U.S. Representative Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.). (See Fox News article here). Yesterday, in Florida, at a panel discussion hosted by the National Jewish Democrat Council, he said:

If Sarah Palin isn't enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention. Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.

As reported by the blog, the room erupted in laughter and applause. Classy. However, according to the Fox News report, a fellow member of the Congressional Black Caucus, U.S. Representative Arthur Davis (D-Ala.), rebuked Hastings in a written statement:

I didn't like his comments when I heard them and they don't sound any better reading them in print. ...

(I)t is a great mistake for Democrats to ridicule (Palin's) cultural roots. I don't know how many Americans strip moose, but a lot of the ones I know tote guns and the Democratic Party had better win enough of those gun toters if we are to be successful.

Finally, some commonsense. They can start by reigning in the hate speech by an increasing number of party officials and left wing fringe groups which claim to do their bidding.