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Twisted Sisters: NARAL Celebrates Abortion Providers Appreciation Day During Lent

It's a safe assumption that most of you knew that last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and Sunday morning marked the start of Daylight Savings Time. But are you aware there was another day last week that some consider noteworthy and worth celebrating? Don't feel bad if you are not. No one here was either until we were appalled to learn, thanks to the NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia blog, that Friday was the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

We wish this was a joke. Sadly it's not. The pro-abortion group Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice even produced a video to to promote this "holiday:" 

What? You didn't know? Friday was thank your abortion provider day! What's next, abortion gift certificates during Christmas? Wait, Planned Parenthood has that covered, too.

This is a twisted "celebration" — the sacrifice of innocent life — especially during the 40 Day Season of Lent, when people of faith are reminded of our Savior's sacrifice. Instead, NARAL is urging its supporters to send a note of thanks to those who staff these life-depriving centers and perform abortions. (It's not the first time a pro-abortion group has mocked a holy season. Remember this from Planned Parenthood?)

This reminder of our culture's disrespect for Life makes us especially grateful for your stand for Life in the face of such depravity. So, during Lent, we encourage you to consider a more appropriate note of thanks — a note of thanks to those who are on the front lines of protecting innocent life —Virginia's Pregnancy Resource Centers. Here's a testimonial from a couple of years ago by U.S. Representative Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) on his local PRC, but it could apply to any PRC in the country. Hensarling is the fourth ranking member of the House Republican majority


Rep. Hensarling paints the life affirming contrast between PRCs and pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood.

Or, participate in the 40 Days for Life campaign

Stand up for life and the real ideals of the season. 

The General Assembly's recent passage of a bill requiring the Board of Health to create regulations for Virginia's abortion centers is a great first step in our attempt to return a respect for Life to Virginia. While others uplift a celebration of abortion in the name of "freedom" and "choice," we hope you will be encouraged by this recent win and remain committed to the cause of Life.

Why We Vote 2010, Part 1: Don't Gamble With Your Vote Tuesday!

In 2008, created one of the most powerful campaign videos in this new Internet age we live in. In music and video, it dramatically showed why we needed to vote (see here) and it has been viewed by 3 million people. It also produced a broader, ecumenical companion video, every bit as vividly thought provoking (see here). This year, as our friends at show us, has produced two more dynamite videos. Although geared toward Catholics, the themes of the videos are universal — especially the ideas of not trusting demagoguery and vague rhetoric, such as "hope" and "change" ("High Stakes," below), as well as the paramount issue of protecting innocent life, especially the unborn (see John Mallon at's blog). They should appeal to all people who believe in and/or respect our Judeo-Christian, traditional values. We highly recommend them and encourage you to distribute this link to anyone you think needs encouragement to vote tomorrow.

Satisfied with your change?

More Statements Coming

The next several posts will be statements from the major players who had significant roles in crafting the legislation that became Virginia's law banning partial birth abortion/infanticide; in defending its constitutionality in the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals; and other organizations that play a leading role in defending unborn, innocent life in Virginia public policy.

Just In Time For Christmas: Give The Gift Of Death!

That's right! Come one, come all, to Planned Parenthood of Indiana, step right up and get that gift for that special something for that special someone who has everything! Just in time for the "holiday" season — that most novel of gifts — the Planned Parenthood Gift Certificate! (See article, here.) Sound as bad as a carnival barker trying to sucker you into seeing the bearded lady? It is. But, sadly, this is real — and pretty sick: Planned Parenthood of Indiana is selling gift certificates for the Christmas gift-giving season. (See an editorial from The Washington Times).

The so-called not for profit organization which makes millions of dollars selling its abortion services as the nation's leading abortionists, which takes millions more in your state and federal tax money, now is in the gift certificate business.

For years the Christmas season has been hijacked and demeaned by commercialization and materialism; and a constant campaign to secularize the holiday (i.e. "holy day," per the word's origin) to strip any religious significance from it and our country's Christian heritage. This, however, is a low that flaunts Planned Parenthood's flagrant contempt for innocent life and Christianity itself. WorldNetDaily calls Planned Parenthood, "this generation's King Herod" (read here). Nothing says celebrate the birth of our Lord better than Get your discounted abortion here!

Even more crass is the organization's outright disingenuousness: Its spokeswoman says financial aid toward abortions isn't the purpose of the sale. Why, she says, even men can use them for prostate cancer check-ups. (Perfect for the newly unemployed!) Still . . . "We decided not to put restrictions" on their use, she said. Translation: They can be used for anything, but by the way, for your abortion convenience . . . . Know a woman you thing should abort her child? Buy a Planned Parenthood gift certificate. It makes the perfect gift!

Not only that, but the reporter at the conclusion of the video below reports that Planned Parenthood flat out hopes people buy them, then return them so the certificates can be applied to those "who need reproductive healthcare but can't pay for it."

Beyond poor taste even for Planned Parenthood, that translation is easy enough to discern: Buy an abortion for Christmas and give the gift of death.

True Story: Angry Left Logic Admits Abortion Is Murder

This is a true story. This guy I know of, but not formally met, saw me at the Richmond Folk Music Festival yesterday. A mutual friend mentioned that I was attending the Sarah Palin rally today. His first response was, "Oh, good. Are you going to shoot her?" He repeated it as I ignored him. The hate speech is bad enough, but believe me, that's not the point. Read on. After another repetition of his question, I told him that I liked her. He spat out that he could never like someone like her, said something about hating her, then gave his reason: She shoots and "kills moose" but is against abortion. I'm not making this up, but this isn't news anyway. We hear this type of twisted ideology all the time. 

Of course it's ridiculously sad — more concern for animals than babies. But that's still not the point.

Here's the point: He admitted by inference and equation something pro-abortionists  never admit — abortion is murder! To be clear, when I said we ought not to talk about it because I support protecting innocent life, he raged on about the killing in Iraq. So, he meant what he said: in his mind, and those of pro-abortionists, abortion is murder and it is okay by them and always should be legal.

In a peculiar way, I wanted to thank him for revealing the true sentiments of the pro-abortionist movement. I only wish he would testify for us at the General Assembly.